Robinson next Vick-Mcnabb-Young

Submitted by bluesmash on April 7th, 2010 at 2:10 PM

Can one player completly change the dynamic of a team? Of course.
Most recent example was Dennis Dixon of Oregon,not a great team,
proven by the fact that when Dixon tore his ACL they could not win,but with him in,they were i belive the best team in the nation that year.From reports coming out of spring ball,Robinson could be ready to turn the college football world on its ear.Any QB who has made big strides in throwing accuracy and then can pull the ball down and turn into Usain Bolt will make life hell for any team.



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I'll +1 you for mentioning Dixon. He single-handedly shredded our defense with his Statue of Liberty play followed by the Fake Statue of Liberty. Still gives me nightmares.

That guy took Oregon on his back and was heading to a NC, until he got hurt at which point they fell apart. If that doesn't prove his Heisman worthiness then I'm not sure what does.

Dark Blue

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D-Rob has to prove that he can accurately throw the ball down the field, if and when he does that I will say that he is the next Mcnabb/VYoung/MVick.


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I can see why you bring him into the conversation ... but Vick hasn't really accomplished that much in his football career (no offense to him). He's certainly not the "game changer" you seem to imply.

Manning and Brady are bigger "game changers" than Vick, but I suspect I can see why you didn't mention them.

(Sorry Dark Blue, that wasn't directed at you specifically)


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Is the "Title game" like a national championship or something? Apparently the second half of that game they figured out how to contain him since FSU won an all. Vick's an amazing athlete (pre jail period) but never been a great QB imhe.


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I'm not denying that he's explosive athlete - he obviously is.

Lets compare Vick's 2nd (and last) college season to Tate Forcier's first season:

Passing: 9 TDs, 7 INT, 1439 Yards
Rushing: 9 TDs, 636 Yards
Total: 18 TDs,2075 Yards

Passing: 13 TDs, 10 INT 2050 Yards
Rushing: 3 TDs, 240 yards
Total: 2290 Yards, 16 TDs

So yeah, I don't think Vick stands out particularly. Plenty of QBs put together better stats than his.


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Dude did you watch Va Tech at all that year? I can remember being in high school and being in awe of Vick in the National Championship game.

Va Tech was clearly outmatched (Peter Warrick was on fire), but Vick led his team to that game.

While stats are important, the end result (5-7 for us vs. National Championship loss for Vick) is more important. I mean - are you going to nut your pants this year if Forcier improves on those numbers and we only go 7-5?


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I'm not gonna spend the afternoon bashing Vick. It's just my opinion that people are more in awe of him because of his natural ability.

What's your opinion of Greg McElroy? He got a good end result, but you probably not in awe of him because he doesn't run around and make exciting plays.


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Really - Vick hasn't accomplished much?

I guess if Denard is our QB and he leads us to a national championship game, that wouldn't be much as well.

Also, if he goes on to whoop a team like Green Bay that was led by a QB like Brett Favre in a place like Lambo in a playoff game - that wouldn't mean much either.

I agree that Vick's NFL career has been less than fortunate, but to say he hasn't accomplished that much is slighting him a bit.


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I like Vince VickNabb better, then you get something substantiative from McNabb's name, and it still sounds like McNabb. Just throwing that one out there. 'Mc' just doesn't give him much standing in the name.