Recruiting director Matt Dudek responds to Twitter trolls...

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   So there is a small, but growing faction of people, who have been voicing their displeasure and concern about the '18 class. They claim that we are getting left in the dust in comparison to OSU's recruiting. When you look at the recruiting rankings and the classes OSU has coming in over the next few years, that may be true. That frustration boiled over in a heated Twitter exchange with recruiting director Matt Dudek. Looks like the trolls have finally gotten to him.

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Personally, I'm not a star gazer or one who puts tremendous stock in recruiting rankings, but there are many in the fanbase that do. True, there is a stark difference in talent that OSU has in the '18 class and what Michigan is getting star-wise. I think it's just a result of some misses on our end and a bad season and I think the '19 class will be as good as any and there's no reason to worry.


For those out there that are worried about the '18 class or the disparity in apparent talent that OSU is bringing in and what Michigan is bringing in, can you explain the rationale of why you're freaking out over one average class?




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Halo Burger is a more of a standard fast-food restaurant with dining rooms and a decent size menu; it's a local chain that I believe started in Flint. Halo Burger is not the same thing as Hot'N'Now, which was basically a drive-thru only place that had pretty much nothing but cheeseburgers, which they sold for like 39 cents.

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one too many.

Just like my double post.

(edit#2: you're correct about the Sturgis Hot n Now being the last one standing:

Benton Harbor used to have one about a quarter mile from Henry's but it's been closed for well over a decade. I tried their burgers a couple of times hoping for a White Castle-type experience. Not even close. Just awful.)

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one too many.

Speaking of local Burger joints, St Joe and Benton Harbor is now down to just one: Henry's Hamburgers in Benton Township. They've carved out a niche among all the national chains surrounding them by offering menu items not found anywhere among the competition AND by having the best cheap and greasy cheeseburgers in the area.

Roxy's (next to St. Joseph High School) recently announced they were shutting down; they also used to have 2 Benton Harbor locations that have long since closed. Roxy's used to make a pretty good Olive Burger, but it's been several years since I've eaten there. I heard that when they changed ownership awhile back that the new owners changed a lot of the menu (and not for the better).

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Good the recruits will like this. Harbaugh knows whats goin down, everyone today has a fuckin opinion, doesnt mean we need to listen to shit. Some old ass hat today ranted on and on about how Harbaugh should be fired cause he doesnt know how to coach anymore.


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Well there is a huge recruiting dropoff between us and MSU and they seem to always beat us, so recruiting rank shouldn’t be an excuse on why we aren’t beating OSU.

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You know.... you are the 3rd person thats said that to me in the last few days. Ive been letting it go, but i gotta say as an off and on reader to MgoBlog i believe you are referring to the Hatchett character who was around these parts alot last month, am i correct? I had an account a long time ago, been overseas alot the past 4-5 years so created a new one, so to put your conspiracy theory to rest nope not him. Is it cause my avatar is black? Im guessing im 10-15 years younger than that guy, judging by the way he talked. He reminded me of my fat gambling addict uncle honestly.

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Haha whatever. I dont care if you call me that, i actually think its funny cause i cant prove shit either way. Neither can you, but all the sudden you act hard cause i respond to someone calling me a name repeatedly thats not associated with me. Maybe the mods can weigh in based on my posts compared to his?

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These past two years from the bucnuts have been good teams When it comes to their recruiting rankings. They weren’t anything special on the field. Michigan beat themselves. Oh and the refs royally fucked them over by helping The cheaters back in the game and getting them the lead but I’m just complaining here right?


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The only ranking I've seen with MSU ahead of rivals, which seems to base that off the fact Michigan has 16 commits while MSU has 20, since the average ranking for UM commits is 3.44 while MSU is 3.2. UM's average ranking is equal to ND, LSU, and Washington. MSU is equal to Miss St. and South Carolina and below teams like Vandy and Arkansas.