Post your favorite Michigan photo(s)

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Just a collage thread for Michigan Football, Basketball, Hockey etc. photos.

They can be photos taken by the media and posted on Google, a personal photo from a game by you/featuring you or any Michigan photo.

I'll start.

(The Roundtree/Hemingway photo is from The Game 2011)

Just a personal one of me at Michigan



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who is in the photo in the middle, besides of course Bo on the far right?

and can you imagine if we had a modern day 'biff' mascot?  oh man, let's go find those stupid sparty and buckeye mascots - game on! 

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Head Coaches from 1929-1989.

Harry Kipke, Fritz Crisler, Bennie Oosterbaan, Bump Elliott and Bo (as you mentioned). 

They did another photo like this with Bump, Bo, Moe and Lloyd but I can't seem to find it right now. A damn shame that they won't be able to do another one of these kinds of photos without a coach missing.

That photo was on the cover of the program from The Game in 1969.


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The back story on that pic is funny.  He came rolling by our tailgate seriously big-pimping with a briefcase and a think stoogie in his hand.  He looked exactly like you would envision Greg Mattison to look when he's not on sidelines.

So when I asked him if he minded taking a picture with Jill he set his stuff down and said " problem at all" and you see the pose.  But I got nervous and kept hitting the wrong button on my phone so no picture obviously.  Now a crowd is starting to form around the tailgate, I'm continually hitting the wrong buttong and not getting a pic so I start apologizing to Mattison and ask him to stay just a bit longer until I figured out the phone.  He never moved, kept smiling, and just said "take as long as you like.  I'm just fine here" which cracked up everybody who had gathered.

He's a very cool and funny guy.

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First game back to the Big House since the OSU game in 09 and it fell on my birthday this past season... Even though the outcome of the Nebraska game wasn't favorable, I had a blast with my dad as well as on a campus visit. 


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I have always liked this picture of Tom Harmon. Standing on the field with the ripped 98 jersey looking badass. The note to Fritz Crisler makes it perfect.


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he used to work on the field during football games and helped out around the court at bball games. was a sports management major.

his photos of denard kneeling in the endzone are all amazing and he lucked into the right endzone for some of his most special tds.

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Story behind this photo is interesting-

In 1958, Michigan was slumping through in their longest Big Ten Championship drought in history. Michigan wound up finishing the year 2-6-1 with both of their wins coming by 1-point. The year included a 55-24 loss to Northwestern.

Head coach Bennie Oosterbaan finally decided to call it a career after a rough tenure as head coach. It was a great start to his career going 9-0-0 and becoming the first first year head coach to win an AP National Championship, but he won it with Crisler's players.

His recruiting strategy was that players who want to come to Michigan, will come to Michigan because it's Michigan and there's no reason to go anywhere else. He did get some greats like Rom Kramer and Jim Pace, but never put together a whole team by himself that won a Big Ten title. 

His decision to retire was made public sometime during that 1958 season. Possibly after that loss to Northwestern. 

Michigan went down to play Ohio in their final game of the season. ohio was a heavy favorite and ranked #11. Michigan outplayed them, led them at one point 14-0 but wound up losing the game 20-14. 

Despite not winning the game, Michigan players carried their head coach off the field. It was Oosterbaan's final ride after a 34 year career at Michigan as a player, an assistant coach and a head coach. 

E. Gordon Gee

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My favorite photos include Boren over Devin, Wells running on Michigan defense in 07, Gardner on the ground after the pick in 13, and the look of the Michigan student section when Turner made that dagger in the BTT. Now that the trolling is done, when Trey Burke picked Appling that was amazing. Sparty No.


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Exactly right.

Here I'll help him out so he get's a feel for how it's done around here

Here's pic of an awesome idea the Athletic Department had last year.  Oh what fun this was and it made everybody so happy!

And here's a an awesome pic of me along with some random ex-coach I met around here



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...after the Eastern Michigan game in 2011, and I didn't notice at first that in frame was the dedication stone for Varsity Plaza, which happens to contain a very kind year to the program and my sophomore year at Michigan. Myself and my trusty binoculars - my wife had my notebook with plays, drives and some sundry calculations.


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Just the reactions from everybody, from the players to the students to the cheerleaders describes my exact emotions and actions in that very moment. 


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There was always something about Michigan Stadium when it got dark pre-stadium lights on press boxes that made it feel a little more special vs. what it feels like now with UTL


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This photo of course was used as the cover for "Three and Out.." by John U. Bacon, and if you look to the bottom right of the photo, it's Bacon squating down on the Michigan sideline.