OT/ESPN: Expect the shilling to grow still more shameless

Submitted by MGlobules on December 2nd, 2017 at 3:18 PM

Many of us have noted the degree to which ESPN shills for the SEC. But amid the budget and personnel cuts, the profit-seeking, much of the remaining pretense of balance or journalistic integrity is being abandoned at the sports media giant. Very good piece at Deadspin chronicles the continued downdrift of an organization that once struck fear in the hearts of the most powerful people in sports. One tactic being urged for on-air personnel: mention Tim Tebow repeatedly, whether he's doing anything at all: 

"Given that ESPN has deals with nearly every major league—and ignores the ones with which it doesn't have deals—the question has become inescapable: How can the company produce honest journalism when it's in business with, well, everybody?"


EDIT: Mods please delete. I was drawn to a group of articles about the cuts at ESPN and this came up. Having just heard Tebow's rant--echoes of Urban Meyer and UM--about how Wisconsin shouldn't get in the CFP at Alabama's expense, I assumed it was current. 



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I read this article years ago, and it was probably more relevant then. Yes, ESPN is going to promote the leagues they have really close business relationships with. But I don't see how this particular story is relevant anymore.


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I've seen posts linking articles a few days old that I thought were silly cause everybody here obviously saw it and discussed it but five years old?  Now that's something.

MgoBlog HOF worthy IMO.  Not everyday you see a breathless post quoting a aricle written half a decade ago.

Well done OP.....well done.

The Krusty Kra…

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Because Tebow went on First Take and sounded like a raving loon who needed to be restrained by orderly's? I heard that rant listening to LeBatard, he contradicted his own argument claiming Wisconsin didn't play anyone when in fact, Alabama has somehow played a worse schedule than Wisconsin. SEC bias ain't going away, no matter how meh the conference gets. So long as PAWLLL has goddamn Phyllis from Alabama and all of her mouthbreathing bretheren to call in and yell about the Tide, SEC bias lives. Like the many threads about holding not getting called, I question why you are beating a horse that has been dead for five years.


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Talked out of a national championship game by UF's mouth piece, ESPN, Michigan fans can take a little delight in the disruptive forces taking down a biased organization.


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Nothing wrong with bias. It's silly to pretend we don't have bias. I see holding on every successful run against Michigan. It is a little fascinating that ESPN pretends it isn't an SEC mouthpiece.


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Lost subscribers.

Social justice and politics before sports and sportsmanship.

The deserve to fail.

As for bias, nothing shuts up the critics quite like winning all of your football games.

Go Badgers!


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CBS showed the SEC championship game and has a weekly SEC game. I don't understand why ESPN favors them over the other Power 5 conferences.