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My apologies to those of you who think women's sports suck, or soccer sucks, you can kindly go back to a different thread. 

After one of the most amazing, remarkable, unbelievable games in any World Cup ever, the USA advances to the World Cup Semifinals over Brazil, in Penalty Kicks.

USA! USA! USA! America > Referees



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anyone know of an online replay - youtube / torren/t / stream link?

Would love to watch this (in Korea and missed the game at work)

ESPN's replay won't work if you live outside the USA.  damn, damn, damn.  Or alternatively, anyone know the best way to safely hide or change my IP address?



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Unbelievable what this team overcame today.  From bad officiating, to being down a player, to not getting an offsides call on a goal against.  To score in the final seconds of overtime to winning in PK's.  WHAT A STORY!


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My apologies to those of you who think women's sports is entertaining, or soccer doesn't sucks, you can kindly go back to Europe or Central America.



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Women's team makes an amazing comeback after nearly getting robbed, and Michigan snags a 5* from that school down south? Epic win.
<br>Just wish I could have been watching on TV instead of driving cross country. Thank goodness for YouTube.


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go in too much for women's team sports, but that was awesome. Brazil cheated and flopped, the refs sucked, and we played a woman down most of the game. But we overcame it fabulously. As Ian Darke called it, "that was a moment of magic."


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Just outstanding, the heart these women showed today could be unmatchable. Regardless mens or womens sports that was one of the best sports games ive ever watched. Truely amazing to watch, you missed out if you didnt see this today. Proud of these ladies. USA!!!

One Inch Woody…

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 Ahhhh! That was amazing!! One of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen in a soccer match! I wanted them to show the expression on tv of that asshole that collapsed partway through overtime just to take up extra time... I hope the entire Brazillian team has that in the back of their minds tonight... maybe if that asshole didn't try and fake an injury, they would have had enough time to come back and win in overtime. What amazing play by our strikers! AND down a player? Wtf.. that's America for you right there! USA!

(Hmm, Kyle Kalis + USA winning? ... Coincidence? I think not...)


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That was an incredible end to a frustrating game.  Wambach is a helluva player.  

Sports is sports is sports.  Gotta love this stuff.


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If I had enough points I would +1 both from your double-post because after watching the women celebrate after that game just made me proud to be an American! Everything about the way our woment played was American.  Heart, Determination, Hustle, HOPE (Who played her heart out! Same with Wambach) and Perserverence all come to mind.  Beautiful Ladies Beautiful!


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I couldnt agree more. This is the most amazing soccer game I ever had the privledge of watching. I think I might of felt ever emotion while watching this game. Go USA, bring on those smelly french!


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I didnt watch any of the game. Im not a fan of soccer but it looked exciting following peoples facebook statuses.

Either way I want the US to win in all sports. USA!


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This is one of the most exciting endings to any game I have ever watched, I'm only 21 so I don't remember a lot of the excitement around the mid 90s and earlier.