OT - Terms that can go away.

Submitted by Cold War on July 28th, 2013 at 8:36 PM

Idea is from another thread. Some starters...butthurt, man cave, pick six, score the ball...    



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3 for 3. Pick six stays. I won't ask the same question again (but I am interested to see what the proposed problem with pick six is). I actually don't mind man cave either. Honestly, I would love to have one to get away every once in a while. 


Edit: At the time I started writing, there were only two other posts. Got up, checked on my son in the tub, and this thread just blew up. Kind of surprising actually.


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It is overused. I don't have a problem with "insider" jargon, but when every idiot announcer in the free world uses it, the term gets old. Mind you, I have no problem with Michigan intercepting a lot of balls and running them back for TDs. In fact, I'd give the announcer a pass in that case.


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Or complaining about the unpredictability or general unpleasentness of the weather in [whatever locale you happen to hail from]. No, you don't have it worse than everyone else. Except Mt. Washington. If you're one of the sixish people who happen to live on top, you're totally entitled.



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I watched the Colts versus Saints SuperBowl in my man cave and was super butthurt when Peyton threw the pick six to Tracey Porter; I knew he was going to score the ball.


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I hear what your saying, but often coach speak does not make sense grammatically. I hear other coaches constantly throw terms at me that are not even real words. I do not mind this one just based off the context. Does it make him look a little blue collar to the average fan, of course. It fits his personality well though, for the better of course.

Fire Up Blue

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Nothing wrong with that. Got a better way of easily defining an interception that gets returned for a TD? Instead of eliminating terms we need to be making new ones, specifically one for stupid posters who create even stupider threads.


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Drinking the kool-aid. I can't be the only one who thinks of tragedy, victimization, exploitation, and unspeakable evil when I hear that. I can't imagine what would convince somebody that would be a funny or cool thing to say. I'm looking at you, Wilbon.


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As in [High School kid's name] is a stud (or going to be a stud). It strikes me as quite creepy. Fortunately I don't see that here too often. It's more of "a balls-dangling-from-a-trailer-hitch thing"...that is to say, Ohio.


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scUM (Directed at Sparty .....)

kid (when used to describe a 6'6" 260# 19-year-old)

hella (And no, I do *not* care that it "originated in the SF Bay area.")


team speed