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08/01/2018 - 3:37pm Definitely need that 2018…

Definitely need that 2018 one once it's ready to roll

10/09/2014 - 12:08am I just wish students at

I just wish students at Michigan were smart enough to form their own opinions.

10/09/2014 - 12:06am Thats not business

Business is not buying tickets to a crappy team. If you bought the tickets, as far as business goes, you lost.

04/08/2014 - 1:11pm No love for Nebrasketball?

They clearly aren't the best, but I'd put them ahead of Ohio.


MSU-Won the tourney and went further in the dance






03/28/2014 - 1:08pm Kind of OT but

I've never attended a Spring Game, and I'll be there picking up my race packet, can you just get tickets at the door?

03/28/2014 - 1:07pm I've never been

to a Spring Game. How do you get tickets? Just show up and get them at the door or what? I couldn't find them on MGoBlue

10/22/2013 - 7:05pm So I'm sitting in class

So I'm sitting in class looking at MGoBlog and I come across this. I click on it and this kid is sitting right in front of me in the library and I lost it

10/22/2013 - 10:20am I can't wait for this game,

I can't wait for this game, seeing how I was just called last night to be one of the refs. Soo pumped to ref in Michigan Stadium only in my second year of being a ref.

08/10/2013 - 1:18pm +1 Interesting

+1 Interesting

08/09/2013 - 1:42pm Wow so I come on here and see

Wow so I come on here and see one post saying that he decommits from PSU and the next one says he commits here. Spectacular

08/09/2013 - 11:17am Life Leasons Learned

Never accept oral from a 14 year old

08/07/2013 - 11:03am COCKFIGHTS!
Or better yet,



Or better yet, dogfighting. Winner gets first pick, but he has to pick Michael Vick as his first pick.

Too soon?

08/07/2013 - 10:57am We've had a few successful

We've had a few successful ones in the past

1. Poker game

2. NCAA Tourney

3. Worst team last year of fantasy gets first pick and so on, like the real thing

4. Putting guesses on the final showcases added up on Price is Right

08/07/2013 - 10:49am Got mine two weeks ago

I got the chills when I opened them. Too busy last year, so this was my first ever season's tickets. 24 days is gonna feel like 24 months

08/06/2013 - 12:50pm Yeah,

but did you see Lewan's 'stache??

08/06/2013 - 12:48pm Pretty exciting stuff

It's great to see him in the pros. Being on the Jazz, I am confident that he can have a shot at starting, and I hope for the best.

08/06/2013 - 12:44pm Way to get my hopes up for

Way to get my hopes up for nothing asshole

08/06/2013 - 12:42pm The awesome thing is the fact

The awesome thing is the fact that we have two DG's that are gonna be great

08/05/2013 - 12:23pm Interested

[email protected]

08/05/2013 - 12:13pm He only pitched in a handful

He only pitched in a handful of games in Seattle and one of those games was a 7 or 8 inning game where he gave up no runs and three hits. That doesn't sound bad to me

08/05/2013 - 12:07pm A couple years ago, we sent

A couple years ago, we sent Max down to Toledo. After some work down there, he came back up and threw a 10+ strikeout game. And now we see where he is, so obviously sending him down worked very well

07/31/2013 - 8:58am Your avatar

Your avatar

07/31/2013 - 8:57am Double Post

Just further proving how hot Kate is

07/31/2013 - 8:52am Whoa whoa whoa

Not that hot, Mr. Norris

07/31/2013 - 8:42am Repost

Videos of Kate Upton could be allowed too

07/31/2013 - 8:42am I would love a section where

I would love a section where there is nothing but videos. Highlight videos of recruits, old games, old highlights, etc. Whenever one goes up, I am thrilled since it gives me something to do at work. If there was a whole section, I would be thrilled

07/31/2013 - 8:24am Ban the people who go out of

Ban the people who go out of their way to click on a forum topic that they don't like so they can downvote it and post a comment like "no one cares about (enter topic here)"

If you don't like it, don't click on it jackass

07/31/2013 - 8:21am You're right

They just bitch instead

07/31/2013 - 8:08am The fact that Peavy is

The fact that Peavy is leaving the Central only makes this deal sweeter and I love that, but that does leave the possibility of seeing him in the playoffs.

07/31/2013 - 8:01am It's different being utility

It's different being utility and then having to play every day. Tui was batting .380 off the bench, but with more playing time, his averaged quickly fell below .300. If (and unfortunately I probably have to say, WHEN) Peralta is suspended, Iglacias will most likely start, and we could see the same issue.

07/30/2013 - 5:16pm I know we won't play them

Double post, that's how much I like the idea

07/30/2013 - 5:15pm I know we won't play them

I know we won't play them every year now, but what if we could? I feel like it would be great

07/30/2013 - 10:09am Honestly, I'm gonna have to

Honestly, I'm gonna have to say this is the first time ever. As a few of you have mentioned, Shane Morris and Dymonte Thomas were great obviously, but Campbell and Harris definitely are at the top of that list

07/30/2013 - 10:07am Is Urban Meyer really this

Is Urban Meyer really this much of a douche?

Yes, yes he is.

07/30/2013 - 10:02am Wow

Prayers to everyone involved. Constantly reminded about the reality behind the sports that we love to watch. Unfortunately, no one is invincible

07/30/2013 - 9:05am That's the chick that Iverson

That's the chick that Iverson threw a chair at in the bowling alley. She's been practicing

07/30/2013 - 8:50am Thanks for putting that up

Thanks for putting that up there. I think this is actually a good idea now. We can try out how it is without them, and then listen to them if we hate it without Mario and Rod.

07/30/2013 - 8:47am Stop it,


07/30/2013 - 7:34am Yeah I think you're right.

Yeah I think you're right. And it is interesting, but I definitely see this being horrible. Especially considering it is a better idea with football since you can always hear the QB yelling; with baseball, I'm just gonna fall asleep. Probably gonna just pause the game for a few seconds so my TV is on line with Dickerson and Price and listen to the radio while I watch

07/30/2013 - 7:31am Congrats! My first MGoNephew

Congrats! My first MGoNephew was born a month ago and all he wears is Michigan clothing. Good luck with everything!

07/30/2013 - 7:24am I will start off the day

I will start off the day bright and early by playing some NCAA 14, obviously playing against CMU at The Big House. Next, I'm going to hop in my car and drive to AA to meet up with some old friends, have a few drinks, and play more NCAA and watch Gameday. Finally, I will head up to good ol Michigan Stadium a few hours early to hope for a great seat so I can jump up and down and scream my lungs out like a little kid for a couple hours.


07/29/2013 - 4:39pm Touché

These computers are work are absolutely horrible, but that's what I get for not working at work, +2

07/29/2013 - 4:36pm If anything comes out of this

If anything comes out of this because of one word, I'm gonna... Do nothing because I really have no choice but to put up with the douchey NCAA

07/29/2013 - 4:33pm I'm not sure but the last

I'm not sure but the last time I trusted The Ticket, I told people that Jose Valverde was DFA hours before it was anywhere online (no one believed me until they saw it; downvoted by plenty saying i was just bullshittin lol) so I usually just trust them

07/29/2013 - 4:31pm I can walk and chew gum at

I can walk and chew him at the same time. Multitasking is easy

Edit: Directed at Cali Wolverine

07/29/2013 - 1:53pm Was already excitied, and his

Was already excitied, and his highlight video only excited me even more. Reminds me of Friday Night Lights

" Ya'll doin' all right? 15, Damien, that's my nephew out there. That boy can play some football. He can play left, he can play right, don't make no difference. He can block, tackle, score the touch down, snap the ball, and kick the extra point. Hell, the boy will fill up the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog, and paint your back porch. I'm telling ya, the boy can plain outplay football. ....


07/29/2013 - 1:45pm After reading that whole

After reading that whole thread, I will again say that the setup of the website and content in the website here at MGoBlog is  much better than the other schools' blogs.

07/29/2013 - 1:03pm I definitely agree about a

I definitely agree about a tech late in the game or penalty for celebrating on third down is ridiculous but honestly, the problem isn't with the rules, it's with the officials. There has to be a way for an official to penalize a team, even in late game situation, if a basketball player gets in the refs face with 30 seconds left in the game and cusses him out, almost being physical. If a football player is over the top and does some crazy and disrespectful or inapproriate celebration, the ref must be able to make this call. However, some refs in the past have T'd up/ejected/thrown the flag for antics that were minor and did not call for the penalty, last night being the prime example. Maybe Fairchild can issue a warning to Cabrera, saying that another F bomb gets him tossed, but he shouldn't toss him that quickly. The rules are good, the refs are not.

07/29/2013 - 12:54pm What may be bush league to

What may be bush league to you is tradition to baseball players. Pitchers have been throwing at batters intentionally to send a message forever. The only problem is that the umps nowadays make a big deal about it. Back in the day, Putkonen wouldn't have gotten thrown out for throwing at Ramirez, and Porcello wouldn't have gotten suspended for throwing at Zobrist.

07/29/2013 - 12:46pm I agree, I already want

I agree, I already want summer to end so football season can begin. I love baseball, but this dead period where baseball is the ONLY major sport on is horrible