OT: Jeremy Bonderman to Tigers; Evan Reed to Mudhens

Submitted by TheBlueBaller on August 5th, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Story speaks for itself


How do the MGoPeople feel about this? Can Bonderman be important for us? Or will he flop?

IMO, I think Bondo can be beneficial coming out of the bullpen, but I also don't think we will need to use him that often with Veras, especially considering how well our starters have been. However, if a starter gets in a jam, I could see Bondo coming in and I hope he can get some outs for us.



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My guess is that he'll be used like Reed - no pressure situations, either in a blowout win or loss, to eat an inning or two. 

So to answer your questions, I don't think it's important, and if he flops, it will likely mean an 8 run lead was cut to 4, or a 6 run deficit was upped to 10.  The least stressful job in baseball if my guess is accurate. 


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claim to be an expert - but had heard this AM that various scouts feel Reed is a stronger option now than Bondo - concerns me we are sending down a strong younger arm to bring up a potential "retread" - no matter how much I like Bondo - I don't want to stunt the growth of a younger pitcher - but maybe Bondo can recapture the magic of 2005.


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He's not going to be asked to recapture any magic of '05.  His role will be as the last pitcher out of the pen, ala Reed or Putkonen.  I think it's safe to say we don't know how he'll perform, but it's a nice story and one with very limited to no negative repercussions.  Reed has options so if Bondo fails, there's no issue calling him back up. 


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Kinda the same reason you leave the top hitting prospect down and bring up a slightly more experienced guy, you want them to gain that experience. Reed will be better served in the long run getting quality innings in Toledo and right now Bondo can be a solid long relief guy and the front end. Maybe he's good maybe he isnt, it really isnt much risk.

Space Coyote

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Reed will likely get more work now with the Mudhens while the guy that needs less work (because he pretty much is what he is) will be the last guy in the bullpen or so. When the minors are done, I'd expect Reed to probably come back up if he's the stronger arm.

Naked Bootlegger

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I'm happy to see Bondo back in a Tigers uni.   The guy helped claw this organization out of the abyss in the early to mid-00's.   As long as his arm can help this team, I'm good with it.  Sucks for Reed, though.   It's strange to see a demotion that wasn't preceded by a Villareal-like implosion.




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He was actually half decent for the M's in a starting capacity, but the knock was that he just didn't have the stamina needed.  So as a one or two inning low pressure reliever, I don't see the harm.  He's done everything he could at Toledo - something like 11 scoreless innings - so you give the old vet a chance. 


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He'll be the long reliever, so frankly I hope to not see him pitch very often. That said I might dust off the old Bonderman shirt and continue to reminisce about his game 4 start of the ALDS against the Yanks.


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...is that this is a smart move that will payoff.  That is, until I remember this decision was made by the same people who decided Papa Grande deserved a second chance.  

I think Bonderman is going to be a seldom used guy out the bullpen, but not in a bad way.  I'd imagine he'll come in every so often when a starter gets pulled earlier and Smyly isn't available for one reason or another.  It just may work, and besides, I'd rather Reed get some more work in Toledo so he's ready to go if we call up before the playoffs.