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Mike Farrell had a very interesting thought about the two recent additions to the 2015 class, in Campbell and Harris.



#Michigan 2015 double dip of George Campbell and Damien Harris is arguably best pair of early, early commits I can remember. Others?

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What time of year did Dymonte Thomas commit? He and Shane Morris were pretty high in the rankings when he committed, although Shane fell in the final rankings.


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Although Shane and Dymonte were both 4* recruits, they were not ranked nearly s high as George and Damien. I believe Shane topped out at #27 before dropping, and Dymonte was around #90? George is consensus top 10 and Damien averaged out to the 20's.


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Honestly, I'm gonna have to say this is the first time ever. As a few of you have mentioned, Shane Morris and Dymonte Thomas were great obviously, but Campbell and Harris definitely are at the top of that list

Caveman Bob

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South Carolina has the #1 and #2 WDEs from 2015 according to the 247composite. Rankings are pretty similar to the Michigan duo, though I'd of course prefer to have my elite players playing different positions.

Alabama has two 2015 composite 5-stars committed already.  Technically Harris is a 4-star right now, though it sounds like that will change soon since Rivals suggested that he's being considered for their top 5 overall.


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In general, pretty rare for a kid as highly rated as campbell to commit so early in the process.  Especially to a school so far away from home.


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I think pulling these two from SEC country makes it the biggest.  It is not a surprise as much when a 5 star recruit commits to his in state school unless it's to Staee.


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because we're on the skill positions, I'd say '95 w/Woodson who woud be a 5 star and Tom B who was a very highly rated 4 star would be close. '98 with Terrel, Henson and Fargas, all of which would be 5 stars in close. While the '95 class duo are certainly, both in college and in the NFL considered to be worthy of that status, some would think the '98 class was not, w/Fargas going to the D and then USC and Henson to the Yankees.  But both were solide classes and I think 95 was better than 98.     ^With that said, Brady has surpassed everyone within the past 44 years relative to multi-year runs of great recruiting classes, having nailed a top notch class each year consisting of at least two very, very highly recruited players.  I think 14 or 15 yet might prove to the the standard against which all others are measured in terms of cream of the crop nation-wide at the top.


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Another thing that makes the Campbell and Harris commitments more impressive than the Shane and Dymonte commitments is that the latter are from Michigan and Ohio, respectively, whereas the former are from the South. To step outside the Big Ten footprint into SEC country and grab two elite prospects who could have gone anywhere they wanted over a year and a half before signing day, particularly with a policy that prohibits commits from visiting other schools, speaks volumes about Hoke and his staff.