OT: Tigers moves: Garcia for Jose Iglasias, per Danny Knobler

Submitted by MightyMatt13 on July 30th, 2013 at 11:03 PM

It appears the Tigs are involved in a 3 way trade, Avi Garcia goes to Chitown, Peavy goes to Boston, and Jose Iglasias comes to Detroit, per Danny Knobler on Twitter (among others). Iglacias can play SS, 2B, 3B and is hitting 330 in 200+ at bats in the Bigs. Locked in for a while, until 2019. 

EDIT: appears Brayan Villarreal is also included, going to Boston


Side note - AP reports Biogenesis suspensions will be announced on Friday, Peralta to accept it.



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Just to be clear, his average may be a little misleading. He's a glove, no power in sight, but his bat should be good enough to sustain him at either SS or 2B


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Just saying it may be, if you look at his minor league numbers, they are closer to .250. Every year young guys come up and hit it up before calming down either in the second half or in their 2nd year. I'm not saying he wont be a good stick, I just don't want people who don't know him to think he's a .300 write in


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Luck plays into batting average more than a lot of stats, more than most other than RBI and runs at least. It's very raw, just looks at how many times someone didn't catch a ball you hit or throw you out at first, and because of that a few seeing eye singles against bad defenses or texas league hits that fall just out of reach of someone can elevate your average, even though the skill set hasn't necessarily changed. To get a better idea at how good a hitter is, you have to include a lot more information, BABIP being a big one, although some players have a higher career BABIP than others, most don't get too extreme, and any big variances from the norm tend to correct themselves. Strike out rate can be pretty big too, sometimes players can drastically improve there, leading to big batting average jumps, which is generally more sustainable than a BABIP jump. If you wanna go even further down the rabbit hole, some places even catagorize hit ball data, so you have how often a player hits a line drive or a pop up, then they can look at how often a league average player reaches on those hits and give you a good idea of a players skill set as a hitter. 

That being said, Iglasias plays pretty good/great defense, and is position flexible. Makes perfect sense for the Red Sox to trade him with Boegarts waiting for call, but he can hit significantly worse than he currently is and still help the tigers in Peralta's absence.


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It's different being utility and then having to play every day. Tui was batting .380 off the bench, but with more playing time, his averaged quickly fell below .300. If (and unfortunately I probably have to say, WHEN) Peralta is suspended, Iglacias will most likely start, and we could see the same issue.


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It actually isn't that hard given the small sample size.  Minus 10 hits from that list, which could be from a couple of seeing-eye singles and the like, and he's a .280 hitter.  

His peripheral stats are okay - http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/i/iglesjo01.shtml.  People say he's a big defensive upgrade, but I'm not sure - he's got about the same dWAR as Peralta, but given his limited playing time I'm assuming that is a sample issue as well.  He's not super-expensive either, and if Peralta really is gone for the season, this makes sense and is a decent pick-up.


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Kid hit .200 in the minors, came up to the big leagues and hit .400, now has slumped big time last 3 weeks.  Sounds like Berry from last year when he caught lightning in a bottle for 6-7 weeks before finding his true level.  I was hoping there was some speed in him, but a pretty low stolen base level as well.  Guess its defense only type of player with not much power - going to create a big hole at bottom of lineup with this guy and Avila.   Not sure why you give up a major league (near) ready prospect for what is essentially Danny Worth but oh well.


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Scouting Report: Elite defensive skills highlighted by extremely fluid hands and soft glove. Excellent instincts and anticipation produces his well above-average range. Will get to balls that most, if not all, will not. Plus, accurate arm. Adept at throwing on the move and has outstanding body control. Future perennial Gold Glove shortstop. Grades as an "80" defensively. Can also play second and third base more than adequately. Major-league ready in the field. Plus bat speed accented by quick wrists. Low maintenance, compact swing. Little lower body in swing mechanics. Pulls ball hard, but struggles driving the ball the other way. Minimal power projection. Can evolve into a solid-average hitter for batting average and show doubles power as he matures. Small frame with not much more room to pack on muscle. Extremely impatient approach. Making strides and improving with understanding of his strike zone, but inexperienced professionally and very age advanced. Neglects to cover outer third of plate with eyes. Struggles staying back against breaking balls. Must improve with handling of off-speed stuff to hit consistently at big-league level. Above-average speed. Projects as #9 hitter in first division team's lineup, with ceiling of #2 hitter as he approaches his late-20s. Due to advanced defensive skills will most likely learn to hit at the major-league level and slowly ramp into becoming more proficient at the plate over the course of big-league career.


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Only thing I have to say is wow. 

Iglesias is a nice get to fill the shortstop need filled by the looming Jhonny suspension, but I don't like the thought of Avisail Garcia in a White Sox uniform. 

I get it though. You have to give up talent to get talent, and this seems like a fair deal. 

Maize.Blue Wagner

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I don't like that Garcia is going to a division rival, and he'll play against us all the time. Otherwise, sounds like a great deal, considering Iglacias is only 23. Long term solution, and even without the suspension, Jhonny isn't getting any younger. 


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but to put it in perspective we just got our SS of the future, Iglesias is a bit of BABIP hero this year so he most likely won't ever be a .300 hitter but his glove is fantastic and his bat can play well at short, he's not arb eligible til 2016 so the Tigers cut some costs in the future, which is a good thing. Fair deal in my opinion.


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Chicago is the last place I wanted to send Garcia, but at the same time, we've got Castellanos in Toledo, and Fields, Moya and Collins in Erie right now. Surely two of them can find their way to Detroit and contribute in the near future.....right?


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Collins just had an impressive July in Erie. 

.290 Avg
.320 OBP (not great)
.570 Slugging
6 HRs/22 RBI's 

Fields also seems to be putting it together, although I wish he could have done that at UofM first, but ya he's having a nice season for the Seawolves.





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Well Eastern League is probably some of the best baseball in the minors as a lot of real elite AA guys go straight up to the minors or just make short visits to AAA before going to the bigs.  We'll see how he does next year after using this year to adjust but he is already 23 (24 next year) so relatively "aged" for a prospect already.  I'd rather keep trading prospects for major league caliber players since so many of these guys in the minors never make it.


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that Peralta is accepting the suspension.  From all i had heard he was not in any way guilty of anything other than looking into it.


Hate giving Garcia to a division rival.


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Seems like its unanimous for all of the guys on the list minus ARod...a few guys reported that  MLB would actually seek longer suspensions to guys that appealled, so the PA was proably keen on getting these guys to just take it. Obviously MLB has something on all these guys if they are taking it tho...


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Man I liked the idea of Avi as our RF after Hunter retired, but this is a much needed defensive upgrade and could very well get us a ring this year!


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upgrade part from? Peralta may not have the greatest range, but he is as sure handed as they come. Also Peralta's suspension would only  be 50 games, I doubt that he wouldn't be the starting shortstop again when he returns near the end of the season.

Anyways I am not sure I like this move. Peralta would be back before the playoffs, and I think this team is good enough to hold onto the division lead without him. Really like Garcia's upside, and really hate giving him up to a division rival, for a guy who as people pointed out may not be as good as his numbers would indicate this year. Iglesias is only a career .257 hitter in the minors, with basically no power to speak of.  Having a great glove is nice, but in today's game you also need some offense from the shortstop position Judging by his stolen base numbers it doesn't look like Iglesias has great speed either.


July 31st, 2013 at 12:42 AM ^

is also important. Errors are no less costly than not getting to a ball. So like I said Peralta has below average range (if you bothered to actually read my initial post), but he is also incrediably sure handed on the balls he does get to. I  wasn't disputing that Iglasias was a defensive upgrade, but the Tigers didn't have a dire need at the position to upgrade defensively.

Also like I said regardless of the fact that Iglesias is a defensive upgrade, assuming Peralta's suspension is only 50 games, he will most likely be the starting shortstop if the Tigers reach the playoffs. His bat would not be left on the bench in favor of Iglesias's glove.



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over Peralta. Not because of his range but his hands and ability to make plays at SS.  Peralta is just average defensive SS at best.  With Miggy at 3B, you need SS with great range to cover up his mistakes.  Not having range can cost you because not getting the ball means that there's more opportunities for hitters to extend innings.  No play on the ball is just as bad as error.  Last year, in 193 innings played, Iglesias saved 7 runs for BoSox which is astounding stats and shows that he is an elite defensive player.

Error is not a good measure of how good of a defensive player really is.  Brandon Inge is a great example, if you're talking about his prime with the Tigers. He had the most error out of any 3B in the league but he has the best range and was the best defensive 3B in the league.

Elite defensive SS with weak bat is far more important than average defensive SS with a good bat because elite defensive SS will cover up a lot of mistakes and helps out the pitchers.


July 31st, 2013 at 1:01 AM ^

defense was only about limiting errors. It is a combination of being able getting to balls (range), and limiting mistakes on balls that you do get to (errors). You can't just say range is the only that matters, or that not making errors is the only thing that matters as they are both costly in the course of a game. Peralta is below average on the first part of the equation, but above average at the second part. As you said that makes him average or mediocre  defensively, which is a exactly my point. Average does not equate to some immediate dire need in terms of upgrading defense.

And basically the point is moot anyways if the suspension is only 50 games because unless Iglasias hits extremely well, I don't see the Tigers playing Iglasias over Peralta if they make the playoffs. Some may believe that is what they should do, but I just don't see that happening, particurly when you consider that Jhonny has significantly more playoff experience.

Mr Miggle

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In that case Iglesias is likely to be much, much more useful than Garcia in making sure the Tigers do make the playoffs this season. That's something that's hardly a given at this point. Going forward, he fills a key need. Peralta is not the SS of the future and having a SS with great range adds extra value when playing next to Cabrera. Garcia is obviously a good prospect, but corner outfielder is a less immediate need with more potential candidates down the road,


July 30th, 2013 at 11:51 PM ^

Like everyone else I hate to lose Garcia, but Castellanos and Tuiasosopo probably combined to make him expendable.  Plus Iglesias is like Santiago, but with a bat.  Which is an important distinction.


July 31st, 2013 at 12:34 AM ^

between the two offensively. Regardless of a guy's glove he still needs to be able to at least hit a little bit. A career .257 minor league average doesn't give me much confidence that Iglasias will be able to do that over the long run. His average at MLB level this year is obviously a big improvement on that, but that is a relatively small sample size.