New aOSU bracelets. "W.W.U.D.?"

Submitted by uofmdds96 on July 30th, 2013 at 9:59 AM

Obviously, the giant painting in the locker room has not been enough of a reminder for buckeye players to behave like productive members of society, so Urban has created these bracelets.  Event + Response = Outcome.  SO, if you feel like doing something shady, you should look at your wrist and snap your 33 cent bracelet.  Which makes you remember that not "Everybody murders."

  I guess that these are the equivalent of a "W.W.U.D.?" ( What Would Urban Do?) model.…




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There are many clues in the books that, if looked closely enough, does lead to L + R = J.  I think there is only one charecter left that may know the truth.  Someone that was with E when he found L, and that's H R.

The chapter in SoS where Myra told the story of the Harrenhal Tournement was huge in clues of the basis of the entire series.  Very important chapter.


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Event - Head Coach of Florida meets attractive grad school coed

Response - Head Coach of Florida bangs attractive grad school coed

Outcome - Head Coach of Florida resigns position under false pretense of "health issues"

I guess, Urban could've used some of his own advice back in Gainsville.


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Everything about this - from the bracelet to the 11W description - is a perfect example of why Ohio is Ohio. 

BONUS bonus: the comments are fantastic. 


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I like how it's just a description of causality and not any actual prescriptive suggestion to behave properly.

"Too drunk at bar" + "Fight whoever is within arm's reach" = "Get to continue not thinking about the Buffalo football team"


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So it's basically acceptance by OSU that they've got a lot of shady characters on board. You shouldn't really need to paint murals and hand out bracelets to remind guys of this stuff.


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Urban Meyer has an obsession with leadership

Not displaying or otherwise possessing it, certainly. But he definitely is obsessed with making other people believe he can.


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Guy really is a factory of gimicks.  Pre-emptive T-shirt idea for Urbz!  NOsu means NOsu.  Maybe this will remind his players not to rape and would fit in well with their moral checklist. 


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It would not have occurred to me that Urban Meyer or Ohio State football would be that into anything by self-help author and success coach Jack Canfield, who incidentally co-created the famous "Chicken Soup" series of self-help books. If I am not mistaken, E+R=O was a mental model that he devised to discuss his theory that outcomes are correlated to actions regardless of the event. 


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With the disclaimer that Urban Meyer (or any D1 coach) has forgotten more about coaching than any of us will ever learn...

This sounds pretty lame.  Reading the story, it seems like Urbie retained team-building consultants to come up with the bracelets.  Most of us have worked in some kind of office so we all know that these guys are about as useful as the efficiency experts lampooned in Office Space or any motivational speaker who is pretty much famous only for being a motivational speaker.  And I'm betting that even most of their players know this as well.

Sure, we sent our guys to the Navy Seals as a motivational team-building exercise, but answer me this - who are you more inclined to listen to:  corporate branding experts or the guys who ganked bin Laden?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  If a rival school does something cool, I'll give credit - MSU having a hoops game on an aircraft carrier was pretty damn awesome - but an office motivational seminar with the 2013 equivalent of Livestrong bracelets?



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the bracelets. This is standard logic for guidance for anyone, especially youth who like to wear these sorts of bracelets. Putting that 'equation' on a bracelet, particularly given their recent 'legal' issues, is not worth criticizing in my opinion. (Otherwise, there are plenty of things to lampoon about Ohio and Meyer.)