OT: SIAP - Emmert and Gee lived together?!

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According to this guy Gee and Emmert were roommates back in the day in Colorado. Unfortunately there is an ad that runs for 30 seconds and then the guy mentions it at the :30 mark of the video titled "What lies ahead for Ohio State?"



I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but it was news to me so I thought I'd share.



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That would certainly explain why THE Ohio State Univesity has cheated with utter impunity for the last ten years until Tressel left a "smoking gun" for the media.


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This was posted in one of the other 3 threads:
<br>"Emmert was the vice chancellor of academic affairs at the University of Colorado from 1985-92 while Gee was UC's president from 1985-90. The two were good friends, leading some to conclude that Emmert will make certain Ohio State and his mentor do not have to pay too steep a penalty."

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sorry, the stupidity and hubris to decide that "NCAA rules are only for schools with real student athletes", and thus do not apply to the scarlet / gray does not make for "big balls".

the beautiful thing about the M-OSU NCAA Investigatioin Challenge is that it justifies our total lack of respect for them as an institution.  Their two big teams both cheat.  They suck.  Nothing new.


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Just because Emmert and Gee lived together, does not mean an automatic advantage for OSU. One women I lived with I married, the other required a restraining order.


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I am willing to say that just because they may have roomed together at one point in their lives doesn't mean that Emmert's judgment is necessary biased or somehow invalidated. Then again, if OSU gets away with a slap on the wrist and their travel expenses politely reimbursed, then it really  might be "Emmert,  Gee and Delaney....together in perfect harmony....side by side in an NCAA mockery...."


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There is such an obvious conflict of interest here.  Here is a quote from an AP article:


Emmert was the vice chancellor of academic affairs at the University of Colorado from 1985-92 while Gee was UC’s president from 1985-90. The two were good friends, leading some to conclude that Emmert will make certain Ohio State and his mentor do not have to pay too steep a penalty.




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I wonder if Gee wore his bow tie in the shower. I can't imagine him standing at the fridge drinking directly from the milk carton.


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The NCAA pres was Miles Brand--a former OSU provost---when the NCAA was supposedly "investigating"  Clarret's allegations vs. OSU (providing free cars and no show jobs, engaging in academic fraud, etc).

At that time, the infractions committee members were all people who had been working on infractions cases with--guess who?---Gene Smith--the newly appointed OSU AD *

The DetNews (wojo) once subtly questioned how long Gene Smith had been talking to OSU about the job while he was working with the infractions committee members.


*incidentallly, the infractions committee that penalized UM for the BB scandal included Gene Smith and an OSU Alum, Gene Marsh.  The magnitude of the penalty they imposed was deemed by an NCAA appeals committee to have been excessive and was reduced.


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I am only a little relieved because the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions states their initial investigation may eventually form a portion of a potion of a foundation for "future charges of LOIC and Failure To Monitor which might result as part of the ongoing investigation, should there be any additional violations". (source: Boston Globe 08/12/2011) This is the committee's cockamamie way of saying the initial allegations are a little bit pregnant with severe violations requiring severe penalties. Call it a partial, possible win. I am unable to convince myself there will be no additional violations. Although I chose not to log-in to the NCAA site to learn who is on the committee, I noticed the penalty to USC was administered by what I surmised was 7 people. This led me to conclude if a majority out of 7 committee members makes the final decision as to imposition of LOIC/FTM penalties against THE Administration of OSU, then one or two people who ought to be disqualified may not hold sway in attempting to pervert committee justice. I do not know who is on the committee at this point; though I believe (re: know) the committee already has done a reprehensible job.

My other questioning hope for some relief comes at the expense of the NCAA committee; which may be, and seems to me to be dissatisfied with the potential of a soon-coming onslaught of criticism against their malapropos character which I believe they perceive could beget a backlash of epic proportions from every category of interested parties who I fully expect to be offended in the event of a weak penalty or penalties which are aimed against only one or two people (Pryor and Tressel, a.k.a. the tip of the iceberg as far as what rationality decided already). THE Administration at OSU will drag the NCAA down if the investigation appears to be Hogwash, Whitewash, Insecurity, Catering to the Privileged, Corruption, Social Prominence, Posturing, Cynicism, Politics and the like.