OT: The Lions/Replacing Jim Schwartz/Would a Big Ten coach make sense?

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on December 17th, 2013 at 9:05 AM
I guess the first question to this post is whether or not there is any real chance the Detroit Lions keep Jim Schwartz after completely flopping out of a playoff spot/blowing to division title? Part two, if the Lions do make a change, does it make sense to go after a college head coach as opposed to following their usual course of action which has been hiring an assistant coach from somewhere else in the NFL. Further is there a potential candidate or two hiding out in the Big Ten, most notably Bill O' Brien at Penn State. Further, if not BOB, do you make a move on Dantonio/Narduzzi? Truth be told would those two be worse than what they have? Needless to say it would be a nice PR move considering the number of State grads that stay in Michigan. What do you all think?



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Little giants wont fly in the NFL and Narduzzi would be an epic downgrade in terms of discipline. The only good PR move is winning. Lions fans could care less if the coach is from Michigan.


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Like on the field?  MSU has a basket full of roses that say they were disciplined on the field.  I have a feeling Texas is going to think they were disciplined enough to give him a serious look.  I can't say that he is right for the Lions but don't kid yourself about how impressive Narduzzi has been.


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You are right. That said, the secondary is not getting takeaways, either. WIth as much pressure as they get and the forced bad throws, I don't get how they didn't have at least 2 picks last night. 


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Stat Padford? Really? 

Aside from that I somewhat agree, he's starting to remind me of Romo. Talented but turnover-prone. I can only hope a change to the offensive system might improve things. I don't think he's going anywhere any time soon so here's to hoping we can make it work and fast. So much talent...


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So true. He sure does run a lot of crossing routes where he finds the zone under the safeties in the middle of the field and Stafford throws it up where only we can get it. The problem is, he takes quite a beating on a majority of the catches. I think after a while that would wear on you and make you concentrate less on finishing the catch and more on taking the hit.


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I do wonder about how catchable some of Stafford's throws are. The screen play to Joique was a good example. I know other recievers in the league will talk about how a QB throws a very catchable ball. With Stafford throwing a lot of fastballs, at all kinds of arm angles, I think it makes it harder for recievers to catch the ball. I think his inconsistency may effect the psyche of some of the recievers.


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The most drops Calvin has ever had in an entire year is 9. That was set last night with 3 drops. So maybe if you want to talk about things that the Lions don't do well, at least try to come up with something better. 9 drops in an entire year being his most in a career? Yeah, he sure has butter fingers. 


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Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly and Pete Carroll.  They're having huge successes with their current team.

I wouldn't mind Bill O'Brien. He has been the coach at pro level as a OC and knows the in and outs of NFL.  Had success at PSU despite the sanctions.  Would be a good fit for the Lions IMO.


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know, man, he is sitting in a pretty comfy chair right now.  The Penn State gig with absolutely no expectations and the opportunity to build it ground up how he sees fit.  If I were O'Brien right now I would be laying in bed drinking a chocolate milkshake and ruminating about owning the world is not so bad. 


December 17th, 2013 at 10:25 AM ^

I wasn't advocating one course of action or another...I agree he should just stay where he is.  If he can make something of that team with one hand tied behind his back like its been, then imagine how good they could be once they're clear of sanctions?  Unless some pro team throws ridiculous amounts of money at him, he should stay put, imo.

MI Expat NY

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You know what also fails more often than not?  Hiring NFL coaches.  I'd have to search for it, but plenty of people have looked into it and found that former college coaches perform at the same levels as NFL coaches.  You notice college coach failures more because of confirmation bias and because a college coach is more likely to be hired into a bad situation.  


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Find the best guy available and move on. This franchise is going to somehow have one of the best RBs and one of the best WRs in history and have maybe two-three playoff wins to show for it.


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I would prefer they just keep Schwartz unless they can get Cowher or Gruden. Aside from those two guys, I think they would be better off standing pat, at least for next year.


December 17th, 2013 at 9:56 AM ^

Both aren't coming back to coach especially Cowher.  He's retired for good.  Gruden has a nice cushy job at ESPN and isn't looking to leave anytime soon.  He's the greatest tire kicker on every coaching vacany in college and pro.  He wasn't a great HC in the pro anyway and won SB with Dungy's players.


December 17th, 2013 at 11:43 AM ^

he's 56 but he has said he won't back into coaching unless it's near where he lives (READ: NOT DETROIT).

Gruden has a nice paying job at ESPN booth where the pressure is low.  He has been mentioned in literally every coaching vacancies and was never a serious candidate at the same time.  He won SB with Dungy's player.  Any coach would've take over TB and won SB that way.  TB was an uber talented team.


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I put this is the Schwartz thread last night that was deleted, but I want the board's objective opinions.  Who has been more disappointing this season- Lions or Michigan?

My vote is with the Lions due to emphasis on the bad season last year, good years before that, and the need to perform this year based on that.  Add in all of the talent on the roster and they would be my choice.  They really are not stepping up this year organization wide.

James Burrill Angell

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Lions easily based purely on the fact that they more players at the top of their game and Michigan is still too young. Lions have several players that are playing at least above average ranging to high end at their position in the NFL. Can you honestly say that about Michigan at this point. Maybe once some of these kids get more experience but right now, how many starters can you say are at the high end of the Big Ten much less the NCAA. Back in the 90's we would put 10 guys a year on the All Big Ten team and often another five as honorable mention. Not happening any more. Not saying we may be there again and maybe in another two or three years but right now, not happening. Lions have the best receiver in football and several players who are just below Pro Bowl status/arguably top quartile of their position (Suh, Bush, Stafford) and a few more that aren't far off that have been held back either by their youth or injuries. Truth be told, other than at corner and #2 receiver, how many position groups on the Lions desperately need an upgrade?


December 17th, 2013 at 12:53 PM ^

are right, they have lots of pieces but for some reason the peices do not come together well in terms of a coherent finished product.  I have no idea what the Lions are on offense.  They have a complete absence of identity.  "Throw it up to Calvin" is not a philosophy but it is the only discernable game plan that I take away from Lions games.  I watch their games and I have no idea what they want their theme to be.  Are we going to beat them this way?  Are we going to attack this part?  I don't feel like those questions have been thoroughly explored when I watch Lions games.  It is a complete grab bag.


December 17th, 2013 at 9:48 AM ^

Michigan was faltering and clearly on the wrong track for over half the season. Additionally, it seemed like Michigan's biggest problems were youth and somewhat of a lack of talent.

Detroit was gifted the division title, was in position to reluctantly take it all year, and has shat the bed harder and harder every game.