OT- Lennay Kekau

Submitted by TheGhostofYost on January 17th, 2013 at 1:12 AM

Treating the double n as one m, we get:


Hang on folks, we're about to find out who killed Kennedy.



January 17th, 2013 at 1:29 AM ^

This whole story is going to provide hilarious ND jokes for years and years.  By the time it stops being funny, scientists will have figured out a way to bring Lennay back to life.  I f-ing love it!


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he kept lying in the lead up to the NC game in order to cover up his previous lies. considering that ND had stepped in at that point, it's reasonable to specualate that ND ordered the cover up not to cause a distraction before the NC game. from the school that refused to properly investigate rape by football players, this is truly disgusting.



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I dont know if I'm being stupid, but can someone explain to me how you get Lukkemeyaa out of Lenny Kekau by changing the two n's to one m. I'm confused by the post. Can someone explain it?


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Just had surgery and have pain meds in me, not as sharp as I should be right now. Salutatorian of my graduating class so I'm on full scholarship here being in state. Guarantee you I'm smarter than you are. Also we're a top 20 national public school so its better than you think. 


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Ya figure you put that little box under your pillow at night, the Guarantee Fairy might come by and leave a quarter, am I right?


How do you know the fairy isn't a crazy glue sniffer? "Building model airplanes" says the little fairy; well, we're not buying it. The next thing you know, there's money missing off the dresser, and your daughter's knocked up. I seen it a hundred times.


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Everyone I'm sorry the post from before was very douchey. I'm sorry I said it but in my defense I just had a pretty serious knee surgery yesterday that essentially ended my collegiate lacrosse career and everything has been setting me off lately. I really am not that big of a douche in person.


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I'm also on pain meds for knee surgery, although yours is definitely worse than mine. Keep your head up, this place can be great for distracting/providing some kind of support network at times.

Also, you'll probably never convince DreisbachTurnerOverdrive that anything UConn is good. Take a look at his avatar and you'll get where his first reply to you was coming from.


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That means a lot to me. I didnt realize he was a Syracuse guy, that makes sense now. I tore my ACL MCL PCL and meniscus with it being the second time I tore my ACL in the same knee. This board means a lot to me because I would more than half of my  time on the internet is spent reading mgoblog and following michigan football recruiting, I'm here everyday. I've been an avid reader for over five years but only recently created an account.


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Hang in there man.  I did the same thing when I was a youngin'  back in '02.  I was a Junior in college and quit the lacrosse team after the surgery.  It killed me.  All I can recommend is to stay active with extracurricular activities.  I just partied and feel like I lost out on some good "memorable" times.