OT: ESPN at Warren DeLaSalle Today

Submitted by razor93 on September 6th, 2012 at 7:41 AM

ESPN will at Warren DeLaSalle today to present Shane Morris with his UA All American Jersey.  I know Shane struggled last week against a nationally ranked St. Ignatius of Cleveland team but it seems from what I read the team is struggling with providing him proper protection to get passes off.  When he does have time he puts the ball where it needs to be.



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Yup, what's more is that the year is cut up into 6 seperate 6ish week report card periods, or at least it was when I was there.  Hard for them to bend the curriculum to get a kid out faster. 

DLS has a plethora of AP courses for kids to work on College credits while they're there.  Also they're very flexible with letting kids take courses at local Colleges, for the super advanced i.e. kids who took BC level AP calc as a junior and wanted to take a math course senior year.

Also, lets face it, should a private college prep school really have a system in place so athletes can graduate early to get in spring football practice?  They still enable you to finish college early, they're just not set up to get you there early.


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I am not worried about Shane Morris' statline. His team just doesn't have the talent to match up with teams like St Ignatius. He has all the tools to be a successful Borges qb. Can't wait to see how he runs that offense.


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As I graduated from DLS 50 years ago, but this kid seems like the real deal in so many ways.  He has a cannon for an arm, seems to take to coaching up very well and has a great personality.

What is not to like about Shane Morris?

I would hope that he will redshirt when he gets to the Mighty Wolverines.

Go Blue!


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I know I will be ridiculed for saying this, but Shane Morris truly isnt all he's cracked up to be. Let me state my case.

I attend a school in the same league as De La Salle and have watched him play all four years. I have friends on the De La Salle football team that have seen him play everyday. He is a good High School quarterback with immense talents, but poor decision making and high ranking plagues him. Many Michigan homers on this board believe that Morris has no Wide Receiver talent around him, which is very false. I have seen the Wangler brothers play, they run crisp routes and are very polished. The running back is not stellar, but very capable. Morris DID NOT THROW A TOUCHDOWN IN CATHOLIC LEAGUE PLAY. He dis not have off-the-chart passing yards to atone for this either. De La Salle is a good MHSAA squad, I dont know why everybody knocks them so often.

Now to Morris' decision making. I have seen Shane try to aim and force balls into an area filled with 3 defenders. I have seen him look at one receiver only and fail to fool the safety or corner. He often gets too excited in the pocket and makes poor decisions. Does this mean he will translate into a bust or bad college quarterback? No. I just believe that Morris should be a 4 star at best, he has a cannon of an arm, which is great in a camp setting, but he does not play exceptionally well in games. He is far too overhyped. That is my rational opinion.


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This site really needs to slow down on this kid...with this kind of air time, if he ends up anything less than Tebow, he will let you down.  Let's focus on this year's Michigan team, or even next year's...if Morris is playing before 2014, then we have more significant problems than his presence will solve.  He's mentioned every single day and people even post, re-post and triple-post his HS ID card...come on.  It's embarrassing.  If you need something to hope for, hope that Borges is building a team around him or laying the tracks for a system in which he can perform.