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12/17/2012 - 9:37pm I got deferred as well, and I

I got deferred as well, and I have not been able to handle myself.  I have the stats to get me in, however the competition of the applicant pool is ridiculous.  If only they had interviews in the application process... then I'd be a shoe-in.  I cannot imagine going anywhere else and would literally do anything for admittance.  I love Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan SO much, but I also know that I cannot become a wal-mart wolverine.  It is a very stressful time, please pray for me and hope the admissions representatives decide to let me in to the greatest university in the world.

11/18/2012 - 1:29am Mizzou, not Rutgers

Maryland does not fit the mold of a B1G campus, but their academics are solid and they are an AAU member. I definitely think Mizzou would flip to the B1G in a heartbeat. The big ten was originally the number 1 choice, and it offers more money through than the SEC, and Mizzou would be more successful here athletically. Plus, they have rivalries with Illinois and Nebraska already. Like Maryland, they are also an AAU member. These would be the two I would go for first to make 14. If Delaney wants 16, he has a load of mediocre options:

- Kansas - PROS: AAU member, outstanding basketball, good geographical fit. CONS: Awful football, not a great market, and no way they bolt for the B1G without K State.

- Iowa State - PROS: AAU member (how, I dont know), rivalry with Iowa, good geographical fit. CONS: Its Iowa State.

- Pitt - PROS: AAU member, rivalry with PSU, great basketball, good geographical fit. CONS: They dont have a campus stadium, and they only have ahout 20k people show up to their games at Heinz Field, very average football team.

- Rutgers - PROS: AAU member, could potentially bring in NY market and increase B1G's revenue, and also NJ is a good state to recruit in. CONS: Its Rutgers.

- Syracuse - PROS: Outstanding basketball, somewhat of a B1G type university. CONS: Im unsure if NYC watches them, because the 'Cuse is upstate. They arent an AAU member, and they play in a dome.

10/28/2012 - 12:24am Worst Sports Night Ever

This night could not be any worse. Loss to Nebraska, Tigers down 3-0, Sparty wins in OT, and Notre Dame beats Oklahoma and is now a real threat for a national title. These are the types of days I crave Zingermans to cheer me up. At least I have the mighty Lions to look forward to tomorrow....

10/14/2012 - 8:04pm I hate the yellow piping on

I hate the yellow piping on the jersey.  If we completely got rid of the piping and kept the away uniform simple, white with navy numbers and a yellow outline, we would look much better IMO.  And it's just pathetic how we can't all have the same uniform on every game, it's almost like we are trotting out a grade school team who uses the jerseys from the prior season because they don't have enough of the new ones.  I know the differences in the uniforms are petty, but they really do bother me and should bother any real Michigan fan.  It's unacceptable and I cannot wait for our contract with Adidas to be up.

10/14/2012 - 7:56pm What are our chances with

What are our chances with Pocic? Did he have legitimate interest in us before we got Dawson in the fold?  And also wasn't he a tackle, not a guard? I would be totally fine closing out this class with McQuay, Treadwell, and Green, and then bringing in 4-5 OL in next year.  It seems like we are in good shape with a lot of 2014 OLine prospects too.

09/29/2012 - 10:54pm Uniform Analysis

   Nebrasksa and Wisconsin's new Adidas uniforms are really something to talk about. Last year, when watching this game, it was difficult to tell each team apart. Both featured strictly red and white in their uniforms, a boring combination IMO. In addition, they both featured two stripes along side the pants and shoulder pads. Even the letters on the helmets looked similar to each other.

In order to solve this aesthetic crisis, Adidas deccided to incorporate black into Nebraska's unis, and gave Wisconsin red above the shoulder pads and a different W. Nebraska's black helmet looks sharp; however, it clashes with the red pants and jerseys. A black pant would compliment the black helmet well. Having too much black though could upset the Nebraska tradidtionalists who are used to seeing the regular red and white on Saturdays. 

     In Wisconsin's case the jersey looks nice, with the exception that the W is oversied and unintimidating. The block W, like the block M, brings more to the table and looks less elementary. In conclusion, I applaud Adidas's attempt to eliminate the homogenous apperances of these two teams and give them more of an identity. A few adjustments here and there can go a long way in improving these teams normally below average uniforms. 

On a side note, Nebraska and Wisconsin need to returf their fields. Their paint is so worn down that the red has turned into a purplish brown. I understand not every program has the luxuries that Michigan has, but these turfs are brutal IMHO.

09/13/2012 - 5:53pm Just awful news to hear, my

Just awful news to hear, my prayers will be with Manti and his family in this very difficult time. Stay strong, big fella.

09/08/2012 - 5:36pm Good number choice. 90 is a

Good number choice. 90 is a solid number, but its not a true linebacker number. 47 fits the bill

09/06/2012 - 5:32pm I know I will be ridiculed

I know I will be ridiculed for saying this, but Shane Morris truly isnt all he's cracked up to be. Let me state my case.

I attend a school in the same league as De La Salle and have watched him play all four years. I have friends on the De La Salle football team that have seen him play everyday. He is a good High School quarterback with immense talents, but poor decision making and high ranking plagues him. Many Michigan homers on this board believe that Morris has no Wide Receiver talent around him, which is very false. I have seen the Wangler brothers play, they run crisp routes and are very polished. The running back is not stellar, but very capable. Morris DID NOT THROW A TOUCHDOWN IN CATHOLIC LEAGUE PLAY. He dis not have off-the-chart passing yards to atone for this either. De La Salle is a good MHSAA squad, I dont know why everybody knocks them so often.

Now to Morris' decision making. I have seen Shane try to aim and force balls into an area filled with 3 defenders. I have seen him look at one receiver only and fail to fool the safety or corner. He often gets too excited in the pocket and makes poor decisions. Does this mean he will translate into a bust or bad college quarterback? No. I just believe that Morris should be a 4 star at best, he has a cannon of an arm, which is great in a camp setting, but he does not play exceptionally well in games. He is far too overhyped. That is my rational opinion.

09/02/2012 - 4:43pm Open with a MAC team, not an

Open with a MAC team, not an FCS squad

Then schedule a lower-level but respectable major conference team (such as Baylor, Texas Tech, Mississippi, North Carolina, or Oregon State) and try to avoid a home-and-home if possible

Then Notre Dame obviously (but in the 2 year hiatus schedule Texas, Georgia, Florida State, Oregon, or maybe Oklahoma for a home-and-home)

Then close out the nonconference with an average Mountain West team (SDSU, UNLV, Air Force, etc.)

But thats a dream, not a reality

08/26/2012 - 1:29am I'm going to go out on a limb

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't think Coach Hoke played any QB in his football career. I know, I know, risky statement, feel free to disagree.

08/26/2012 - 1:17am Extremely well done, thats

Extremely well done, thats good enough to be put on the scoreboards before games. My favorite part is the final play to Roundtree from the UTL game. Needless to say I'm really pumped and can't wait for Saturday to come. Go Blue beat Bama!

08/22/2012 - 7:10pm These really aren't too

These really aren't too drastically different from last year's.  The green ones were worn in this past season's Rose Bowl against Wiscy. But the numbers on the white jersey make me sick. I don't like the shine and/or color in the slightest, they would be hard to watch on TV. This isn't a fashion show with glittery tops, fergodsakes.  This is football.

08/22/2012 - 7:02pm Tennessee is a real solid

Tennessee is a real solid sleeper pick.  Justin Hunter, a definite top-10 receiver in the country, returns from an ACL injury suffered last season against Florida.  Da'Rick Rogers had around 70 catches last year for the Vols as well.  Tennessee's defense is more stout that people give them credit for, and i really like what Dooley's doing down there.  Not to mention that Tyler Bray is on the path towards being a top ten pick in the 2014 draft.  The only question I have is if they can replace Tauren Poole at RB. In a rather weak SEC east, (outside of Georgia) 8 or 9 wins isn't out of the question IMO.

08/22/2012 - 6:53pm I think that it's hard to

I think that it's hard to sign a RB to a long-term deal when he's 27, but what depth can the Jags lean back on if they trade MJD or don't offer him a deal? MJD is the face of the franchise and a huge help to the already abysmal offense run by Blaine Gabbert.  The Jags must try to resign him, they're quickly approaching 0-16 Lions territory.