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Craig James is the face of ESPN's policy of MAKINGS SPORTS NEWS rather than reporting it.  His actions regarding Texas Tech and other incidences were deplorable and it incomprehensible that he was allowed to keep his job.

He's also often cited as one of the worst announcers of college football by his peers in the world of sports journalism.

In addition to alledgedly KILLING FIVE HOOKERS while at SMU, it strains credibility to believe that he was not involved in the series of player payments and kickbacks that brought the death penalty down on SMU, yet he has steadfastly refused to admit to anything.

And, while we're at it, since he started his Senate campaign he has revealed himself to be the sort of redicious, jingoistic republican candidate that any sane person of any political leanings detests.


Hypocrit, liar, phoney, (alledged) murderer.  Craig James.


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First - people have hated Craig James well before he decided to run for office.  Him running for office is a new thing, him killing five hookers and being hated (for non-hooker-killing-related items) is not new at all.

Second - Encouraging ruining his campaign has nothing to do with his political leanings.  It's not like slandering Craig James will get a democrat elected to that seat, and it's not as if the slandering would be any less if he were left wing. 

In summation, if Person X is an asshole, then decides to run for office, saying "Person X is an asshole" is not a political statement. 


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Anyone else notice this on Craig James website by Ramzy from 11W? (spoiler alert, its an acrostic)


Ramzy Nasrallah wrote:

9 days ago

However virtuous the intentions 
Or noble the cause 
Out of Texas rises a Phoenix 
Keeping America prosperous 
Even in times of strife 
Remembering what made us great 
Keeping a promise for our children 
Instead of taking their future away 
Liberals need a challenger 
Living for today and fighting for us 
ESPN has given Texas back its son 
Republican Craig James for Senate!


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First of all, it's not like MgoBlog is the only place where it has been reported that, allegedly, Craig James Killed Five Hookers While at SMU.  I have seen this meme in pretty much every national or regional story that mentions his name.  Since he is accusing people of "google-bombing" him, it would be nice if someone actually did it.

When googling him, after simply typing in his name, the 3rd suggestion is " Craig James hooker'  the 7th is "Craig James prostitutes" and the 9th is "Craig James sucks."  Since he apparently admitted to receiving "insignificant gifts" while at SMU earlier today, the "killed five hookers while at SMU" meme has been temporarily erased.  

Hopefully, it will come back soon, or someone will do a real "google bomb" on him.


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artistic license being taken with the drawing?  do we really know if Craig James used the handle portion of an iron to skull fuck a hooker?  now those clubs will need to be regriped.  honestly, if he really used a chain saw, there would have been more blood on him.  those things are messy.  shooting the blonde in the head with an arrow?  wtf.  where did he get the sword for the last hooker.