Ondre Pipkins is upset with Josh Garnett

Submitted by MGoCooper on January 26th, 2012 at 6:58 PM

According to Ondre Pipkins Twitter, he's pretty upset with Josh Garnett this evening. He feels he was lied to, and that is pretty much a direct quote. Obviously we don't know what was said to Ondre, but we can guess he thought it meant Garnett was definitely blue.



Note: I thought this deserved a thread of its own, because the Garnett thread was getting quite long.



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Based on losing Luck, I'm guessing they are on the decline. 

I think the Pac-12 North is going to look quite different at the top in the coming years.  If Washington can get any kind of defense they should be able to challenge Oregon for the north title. 


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Chase Thomas, OLB, RS Jr (1st team)

Stepfan Taylor, RB, Jr (2nd)

Ben Gardner, DE, Soph (2nd)

Jordan Williamson, K, Fr (2nd)

Cameron Fleming, OT, Fr  (Hon)

David Yankey, OT, Fr (Hon)

Drew Terrell, Returner, JR (Hon)

Ty Montgomery, ST, Fr (Hon)

Levine Toilolo, TE, So. (Hon)

Ryan Hewitt, FB/TE/H-Back, So. (Hon)

If you count Honorable Mention, Stanford's got the second-most returning all-conference players. Also three or four freshmen all-americans. You'd guess Chase Thomas is the preseason defensive player of the year for the Pac-12, and the team is getting a number of players back from injury. 



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In the Big Ten this year, there were 96 players on 1st team, 2nd team, and honorable mention as selected by the coaches.  Spread out across 12 teams, that's an average of 8 players per team.  It's pretty misleading to include players outside those top two teams, because that means roughly 33% of the league's starters are "all-conference."


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Well, they should sell out... they only have to find 50,000 people. It's not really very impressive.

I don't give a damn about Garnett choosing Stanford; I don't wish him any ill will, nor will I follow his career. He made a calculated gamble that David Shaw is going to keep the program at the level that Jimmy Hairballs had gotten it to; based on Shaw's decision-making at the end of the Fiesta Bowl, I wouldn't have made that judgement myself. My hunch is that Stanford is going to decline over the next three seasons. I would actually like that, since I still have a grudge against Stanford for the 1972 Rose Bowl.

I don't get the anger directed toward him, but then I don't know why people believed his feel-good statements about UM in the first place. A certain percentage of recruits lie through their teeth and talk out of both sides of their mouth every year, and I've been watching that go on for so many years that I basically don't believe anything a recruit says until he commits and then signs on NSD.


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Just my two cents, but I think Luck will be a detrimental loss to their team, and they don't have Harbaugh.

When Jim Caldwell stepped in at Indianapolis, he had Peyton for two years.  Their win loss went from 14-2, to 10-6, to 2-14.

That 14-2 kind of reminds me of Stanford's season this year.  They have a different head coach, but still had a stellar quarterback, and they did well because of it.  But then, after Caldwell lost his stellar quarterback, his team flopped.  So, maybe the success of their team was really on their quarterback more than the coach.

Harbaugh steps in to a 6-10 team, takes them to 13-3 and makes it to the NFC championship game, with essentially the SAME TEAM.  Now, that SAME TEAM had 1 pro bowler during their 6-10 season, but in their 13-3 season, they had 9 pro bowlers.  Is it that those players got so much better during an NFL off season that now they're pro bowlers?  No.  You make the pro bowl based off the season you have.  So, those 10 all conference players returning doesn't mean a ton to me.  Without Harbaugh and Luck, I don't see Stanford being great.

Before I start to ramble, the point I'm trying to get at is head coaches and star quarterbacks matter.  Who knows, maybe David Shaw is going to be a phenominal coach, and as soon as I see it I'll eat my words, but I don't know how bright the future in Palo Alto is.

Either way, best of luck to Garnett.  


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For Josh Garnett, I hope he's successful there, and has a great college experience. But I love how passionate Ondre is, and how much he cares about Michigan's tradition.


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I'm actually glad Garnett picked the "Cardinal".  I grew tired of his comments like...i don't know where I'm going, or  I don't have a leader. 

I can only speak for myself when i say that I am excited to hear guys like Ondre, Mags, Morris and how passionate they are for Michigan. These are the young men we should celebrate. The guys who stood up and made a man's decision. Good bye and have fun sliding back down to the bottom of the Pac-12, Cardinal.


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Not everyone who turns into a good player is passionately in love with Michigan from the get-go.  Denard Robinson didn't decide until the last minute, and he's one of the most beloved Michigan athletes of the last decade, if not all-time.  Donovan Warren, Jonas Mouton, Steve Schilling, Adrian Arrington, Alan Branch, all of them decided late in the process.

Your viewpoint just isn't realistic.  I'm sorry, but it's not.  You want everyone to be in love with Michigan as much as you are, even though they grew up three time zones away and have offers to get a free college education at any powerhouse school in the country.


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So you are the judge on viewpoints? God bless America. My view point is very valid.

I'm not against a young man taking his time and making a well thoughtout decision.  Additionally, My comments where also in regard to how he "lied" to Ondre. I can not look at that behavior without realizing this entire process could have been the same.

Oh please let me keep my viewpoint, o might judge of all things on MGOBLOG.


January 27th, 2012 at 9:53 AM ^

Yes, I am the judge on viewpoints.  God appointed me to that position.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that if you don't want players who are on the fence about Michigan, then you can subtract Denard Robinson, Steve Schilling, Jonas Mouton, Donovan Warren, etc. from Michigan's history.  Do you like Denard Robinson?  My guess is the answer is yes.  But you apparently don't want him here, since he didn't say "YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES" as soon as he was offered.

So.  Our quarterback last year was a sophomore Devin Gardner.  Did we win the Sugar Bowl?  No.  Our quarterback in 2010 was a freshman Devin Gardner or a sophomore Tate Forcier.  Did we win even 7 games?  Probably not.

If the coach of any school in the entire country had the same viewpoint as you, they would be complete and utter losers...because I don't see any successful coaches who don't have to fight recruiting battles right up until the bitter end.  Mack Brown, Nick Saban, Les Miles, etc. all reel in recruits (or lose recruits) right up until National Signing Day.

So...yeah...in summary, try to be realistic.


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I don't think kids shouldn't take their time and make the right decision for them or their families. I'm realistic in understanding that we win some/we lose some. I am not debating this fact. I just didn't like the way Garnett's situation played out. It's my opinion which its obvious if i disagree with "all mighty, Mangass" I get the "flamebait". Much love