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05/10/2012 - 6:58pm That would be a nice change

from the dreaded hat game.

05/10/2012 - 6:54pm i logged in just to say

those pies are one of my single most favorite things on earth.

04/09/2012 - 2:07am Yes, Sarah made one 


Over at Hokes Mad Magicians sarah does an excellent job with recruiting updates and other things regarding Michigan Athletics. In fact, i wouldn't mind seeing a link to her page over on the sidebar(also for "Tremendous") in place of some of the sites that no longer have new content.

Anyway, this is a list of everyone who is confirmed at this point and who is potentially coming, some interesting names on the list.


03/08/2012 - 2:04pm Don't have the points to post

Don't have the points to post this. It seems Meyer is having himself quite the issue trying to control what his incoming recruiting class is putting out on the web. Article also goes on to share some pretty alarming accusations about improper benefits(without giving any details).

03/07/2012 - 1:19pm Berkley is that you?

What can you tell us about your brother and his anger problems? has he contacted Hoke yet? do you have an offer yet?

03/04/2012 - 1:03pm MSU actually plays

at 4pm ET

03/04/2012 - 1:01pm serious question.

For someone who can evaluate these players better than me who is better out of McCray and Gedeon? I ask this because Sam Webb seems to think that we will take Levenberry and one other linebacker(most likely whoever commits first of O'Daniel, McCray, Gedeon). I personally think we should take 3 if not 4, which seems to be the popular opinion on this baord.

03/01/2012 - 5:27pm One would think that...

he has been gone long enough for me to stop looking down these posts for a TOM VH comment, but i guess not.

02/23/2012 - 8:32pm Oh i completely agree

I would much rather have McGovern now than potentially have Pocic later. I am no scout but my opinion was formed from watching both of their films'. I do think that all 4 of the big time Illinois lineman in the class are plan A recruits though. Just saying it would be a shame not to get Pocic thats all, no disrespect meant to McGovern(seems like a great kid and a great athlete).

02/23/2012 - 5:59pm I love basketball

and i would love for us to win a NC in basketball. Unless that loss comes during a 20 year period where thats our only loss against Ohio then i will take that 1 football game though. Why you might ask? because that isnt just a single regular season game to us.

02/23/2012 - 5:15pm i have to agree

I feel like Pocic may be the best of the bunch.

02/23/2012 - 4:55pm We've all seen his highlights

but no one minds some first hand experience with the recruits. What do you got?

02/23/2012 - 4:49pm If he is supposed to grow a few more inches

than he seems destined for OT. I am guessing that would mean that Bosch and Fox would both slide inside along with Dawson to make room for him. If one of either Bosch or Fox ends up at OT though it seems like the coaches would be persuing another OG/C type instead of someone like McGovern. It's obvious that this kid has loads of talent but it will be interesting to see what they do with the last OL spot. It seems like they are still pushing the hardest for OT types like Mcgovern, Pocic, and Kugler though.

02/23/2012 - 4:26pm Aqua any idea

Which safety, TE, and DT we have the best chance with? i know we have great prospects left at  linebacker, Wide Reciever and Running Back but i haven't seen a lot of strong interest from those other positions with the recruits left on the board.

02/23/2012 - 4:23pm dang

double post fail

02/23/2012 - 4:21pm haha good call

i'm giving you a +1 in my head right now

02/23/2012 - 4:16pm Great problem to have

This year the coaches really got a jump on recruiting and now it allows them to evaluate the rest of this class and the 2014 class more closely to reel in even better players. This staff is absolutely outstanding.

02/23/2012 - 4:14pm Coaches have said they want

1 more TE

02/23/2012 - 3:08pm It's no surprise that other kids

would want to come to Michigan to play with someone like that. He makes everyone around him look so much better, like Aaron Rodgers except faster.

02/23/2012 - 3:05pm Wow

thats all i have to say when i watch this kid... he always seems to have a feel for pressure(maybe because he is always in trouble in his backfield) and knows when to get the ball out. Kid is an absolute talent.

02/21/2012 - 9:08pm way to go hardaway....

has to keep it up all half... he is too athletic for them

02/21/2012 - 8:39pm Seriously think the refs are crazy...

how is this so out of control!?

02/21/2012 - 8:38pm Good take for hardaway

have to keep the pressure on them with the refs calling everything. Good game for Hardaway to get it going

02/21/2012 - 8:37pm Have to take better shots...

get the ball inside and get them in early foul trouble as well

02/21/2012 - 8:35pm I dont mind keeping him around for an extra year though.

that kid has a lot of potential.

02/21/2012 - 8:23pm Why are they calling everything a foul?

man sometimes you just have to let them play a little bit.... ticky tac fouls all night

02/21/2012 - 8:19pm Smot with poor defense again tonight

bigs have to play smart

02/21/2012 - 8:15pm This game is really gonna be a grind

Probably not gonna be exciting til late, just have to be smart with the ball and with our fouls.

02/21/2012 - 5:03pm gotta love the coaches reaction

to that quadruple option though. I don't think anyway saw that one coming, so props to the Nebraska OC.

02/21/2012 - 3:20pm excellent work

i always enjoy it when the people with a higher basketball IQ than me give me my rooting interests.

02/14/2012 - 1:48pm haha

it wasn't so much snarky as it was sarcasm. I can understand how a lot of people on this site have a lot more football knowledge than i do. In cases like these though i always love to speculate as well but it all comes down to the coaches and what they think, because we are pretty consistently wrong as fans.

02/14/2012 - 1:19pm because.....

bluestreak is clearly either a talent evaluator or a Michigan coach.

02/09/2012 - 5:57pm but i like impulse commits!

In all seriousness though you have to respect a kid who takes a visit that he absolutely loves and still goes home to digest everything. It shows a maturity that most 18 year olds don't have, those are the kids that want to make the best choice for their future.

02/09/2012 - 4:39pm is it gonna be a press conference?

or are they just blowing smoke like they usually do?

02/04/2012 - 11:39am It's good seeing him on

It's good seeing him on campus so much, gotta love the chance you have with a kid who spends this much time around the program and coaches. Logan will be a tough pull just because of how many schools are after him and will soon be after him. You certainly can't say Hoke and his staff haven't done an outstanding job of evaluating and offering top talent across the country.

02/02/2012 - 7:49pm Great work as always

Thanks also for all the hard work you have been putting in to keep us all informed. Your gonna be quite the source of information throughout this entire 2013 recruiting cycle.

02/02/2012 - 7:47pm Caught that earlier

To be honest i always expected this kids recruitment to blow up. He is the real deal and would be a great weapon for our future offense along with Shane.

02/02/2012 - 7:41pm Well

Then i want a second opinion.

02/02/2012 - 7:13pm i had actually forgotten about all the raps that he did.

does anyone have a link or know if they are still on youtube?

02/02/2012 - 7:05pm Wish the best for his family

So tragic to hear stories like this when these kids have been blessed with so much.

02/02/2012 - 6:05pm Personally

I don't really see how that is insulting or even original. You would think that he could come up with something better, after all he is supposed to be the savior of ohio.

02/02/2012 - 5:55pm excellent work once again.

Couldn't have asked for more in the offseason. With your comics and all the great recruiting info being passed around this will be a short and sweet offseason.

02/02/2012 - 4:05pm That

Especially now that he feels like he has something to prove after him and Lucas did all that talking last year. Wasn't he the one that said "I am not going to lose to them again" after the first loss last year?

02/02/2012 - 3:52pm i couldn't agree more.

Especially after we beat a healthy MSU team twice last year. I look forward to us mopping the floor with them for years to come.

02/02/2012 - 3:35pm well in all fairness...

losing your most valuable player to injury is a good excuse. Our team would be in trouble without Burke, Hardaway and Novak.

02/01/2012 - 9:58pm I keep thinking

David dawson

01/31/2012 - 4:58pm i feel like a lot of people forgot about him

but after missing on Grant, he is someone i wish the coaches would have made a hard play for.

01/31/2012 - 4:54pm Who are you?

and why do you know things?

01/31/2012 - 4:24pm I hope it's a Center

Because we don't have anyone who can play center.

01/30/2012 - 7:33pm ESPN article

confirms he has been Assistant Coach since 08.