Michigan vs. OSU [open thread]

Submitted by Mr. Yost on November 28th, 2015 at 11:29 AM
#8Ohio State
12:00 PM ABC
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI

30 minutes out...people can start posting their pictures from the game and reports from pregame. I'm sure a chat link/live blog will be posted as well...


And here come the Michigan Wolverines! pic.twitter.com/QNFIUFiWvr

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Cool thing to come across Twitter:  Ispheming just had a kid score a TD in the D8 game for the fourth straight year.  Ozzy Corp has now scored a TD in 4 different state championship games.  What a cool record.

Mr. Yost

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  1. Bandwidth may be an issue...be patient, hitting "save" over and over isn't going to help anything. Just copy your post before you hit it. Hit save, and if it doesn't go through, hit back and try again 30 seconds later.
  2. No 2nd Half Thread if/when we're winning in the first half - "there are 2,000 posts...blah blah blah" is not an excuse. Play like shit and start a new thread, pronto.
  3. If you're watching with loved ones...now is the time to kiss them and say "I'm sorry"
  4. If you're at the game, cheer louder than you ever have in your life. It should be silent after the victory because you have no voice - don't worry, Buckeye tears sooth the vocal cords

Mr. Yost

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My story about Michigan Football:

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Three Cheers for Chili
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