Michigan offers five star safety

Submitted by myblueheaven on January 22nd, 2012 at 9:45 AM

It appears that Michigan has thrown its hat into the race for 2013 recruit Su 'a Cravens a 6'2 210 pound safety from out of Murrietta CA. Cravens, who is a five star prospect (according to rivals), runs a 4.5 40 and is considered an elite safety who could also project as an outside linebacker at the next level. Cravens scored 19 total touchdowns on offense and collected 96 tackles, 11 sacks and three interceptions on defense to earn a spot on both the ESPNHS All-American second team and the ESPNHS Underclass All-American team . Already he has offers from top programs all across the country including USC, Stanford, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Florida, Nebraska and Michigan are the latest to offer. 

Here is a link to an interview with Cravens by ESPN espn.go.com/blog/high-school/football/post/_/id/4465/get-familiar-top-2013-talent-sua-cravens 



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that Brady Hoke's recruiting style is to offer lots of 5 star and high 4 star prospects very early -- so many that it seems like he is giving all of them offers.  I assume there are a lot of good reasons to do so, including the reciprocal reaction that these kids have in favoring the programs that show that they believe in them early on, even the highly touted recruits.  Also get immediate feedback if there is interest.  Maybe it is something coaches do and I hadn't noticed before Brady Hoke, but it sure seems effective.


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What you described sure beats the hell out of the "Wait until our biggest rival offers a kid then immediately show up on their doorstep" approach. 

I don't think we fully appreciate the era that we are in.  Our three biggest rivals all have complete douchebag coaches that make it easy to hate.  What can they say about Hoke?  The worst they've got is calling him Fred Flintstone.  Dude is likeable.  Urban is a douchebag that neglects his family.  Dantonio is a douchebag that interrupts people and has a masters degree in scowling.  Kelly is a purple douchebag.  We've truly been blessed...


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Unfortunately 17 year olds can be pretty dumb, I know I was at that age.  Charlie Weiss pulled in huge recruiting classes and he may be the one person in college football with literally no redeeming characteristics.


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Weis is supposedly well respected in the NFL ranks and has all kinds of contacts there.  Weis was able to recruit because he could honestly tell kids "I can get you drafted".  I mean the man found Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen work.  Even if he didn't get a lot of wins in college, he was a legit pipeline in to the pros for those kids due to his contancts.  


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I believe a read over at Rivals where he has a great relationship with the coaches who were recruiting him at San Diego St. He said that Michigan would get on of his official visits. As long as I have the right kid this info is 100% correct. If I don't, well then just know that some where out there we have a great shot at another 5 star, which is nice.


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In the world of college football, Greg Mattison is a rock star based on what he did with the 2011 team.  If he continues the trend into 2012, then Michigan starts to be more and more a magnet for talent like this.  I'm not saying it's lock we'll get that kid.  But our chances are better with Mattison than without.