Michigan '13 NBA Reunion

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Trey Burkes first game back in the league for the Knicks tonight came against Nik Stauskus, Caris Levert and the Nets. Tim Hardaway Jr is also back, but sat because NBA. NYK won 119-104. Trey scored 5 in 8 minutes, Nik was scoreless in 7 min, and Caris had 20 and 7 rebs in 30 min. He in particular has really been playing well. Will be fun to keep watching both teams and see if those guys still have the same chemistry together.



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I think the drug test failures did him in. Don’t get me wrong, I smoke everyday yet still maintain my life well and handle my business. But if you’re an nba GM, and you’re looking for an undersized center who can’t stretch the floor to nba 3 point range, you’re probably gonna go with the guys without the drug test failures. It’s not that he’s really a bust, but couple the drug test failures and the injury issues, not many teams are willing to give guaranteed contracts on a guy who might not even get to play for u if he gets hurt or fails another one. Like I said earlier I’m the last person who would say “weed is the devil!” lol, but yeah the combo of the tests and injuries sullied his rep around the league quite a bit. I have no clue what he’s doing with his life now, but if he played well overseas for a year or 2 he’d get another legit shot. Hope it works out for him

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Idk, I thought he could've played PF in the pros. Had high energy, could shoot a little, good distributor, could run the floor. Just seemed like he would have been able to take advantage of some players who couldn't match his energy. Was way wrong about that


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Knicks fans seated next to us were excited to see Trey join the team. He spent a good amount of his time on the bench seated next to Hardaway. Whenever Trey made a play Hardaway was the first one up from the bench cheering. At one point Trey was guarding Caris and Nik was covering the 2.
The game ended with the three of them on the court. They gathered together and spoke briefly. Hardaway was still at the Knicks bench and missed it. Good to see them together though.


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"The numbers don’t tell the story of Burke’s outing. He made his first shot, notched five points in eight minutes with two assists. But he penetrated in all the nooks and crannies, pushed the pace and had the offense humming when he oversaw the Knicks’ lead climb from three to 11 points in a matter of three minutes."


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Not sure who you’re talking about but it doesn’t matter cause you’re wrong. Two of them were lotto picks coming off PoY seasons and the other 2 were also first round picks and are actually the better pros than the lotto guys. They can all get a degree whenever they want