Michael Barrett trending to Michigan!

Submitted by jbibiza on January 23rd, 2018 at 1:44 PM

Crystal balls and twitter looking very Blue for committment tonight.



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I get that you don't want to pay for access. Neither do I bc I don't value it. 

But neither of us knows anything about their financials or data supporting their decision to charge for this. 

Perhaps it's a bad business decision; perhaps not. 

Running a business is hard always, and online businesses increasingly have to make difficult choices around monetizing the creation, aggregation, and distribution of content. It's expensive, and online ads don't support the entire operation of these kinds of businesses.

I don't see why a reasonable business choice would disgust anyone. I doubt they're printing money, and access to CB picks is not like access to bread/water/other essentials, where price gouging can be disgusting.


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It will not be 'unexpected' with Barrett. Kid looks like 4.5 stars but is probably being rated lower  based on being just a QB (or based on stupidity). Offensive player of the year in a tough Georgia division and led the #4 team in the state. Stud!


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He is coming in here as a Football Guy.

They are saying he can play wildcat QB, Slot Receiver, RB, and could even play in the secondary.  I doubt he will play QB outside of the occasional Wildcat look.   Let's hope we run it a little better than we did when Jabrill was running it. 


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BTW, I ate at Zingerman’s for the first time after touring campus this morning. I thought it was pretty good.