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Not going to get over excited about Harrison visiting this weekend, but this was the first article I’ve seen written that starts to question how much of a “lock” Harrison is to OSU. It seems like if he was going to pull the trigger to OSU it would have been by now, which is getting me a little more excited for a big game this weekend and what it could do for recruiting purposes. 





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Since you seem to want a brief overview (fair enough) I’ll try and give one. 

Noting concrete about what’s going on, but they seem to believe that the longer he holds out, the less chance OSU has. They mostly talk about if they should take another DE if he doesn’t commit. 

The fact that they are bringing this up and even discussing it gives me hope that they might have some inside info that he is leaning away from Columbus. 

Hope that is helpful. 


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"It seems like if he was going to pull the trigger to OSU it would have been by now" People keep saying this, I remember they all said that about Will Campbell back in the day and a few others. Some kids just like to wait.


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Sam Webb said the same thing a week or two ago. Longer it goes the 'better' for us but it comes down to if he wants to get 'away' for college or not. If he does, he likely comes here. If not then he stays in Columbus. 

I am not optimistic OSU loses out on an elite kid right in their backyard though.

Chalky White

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This doesn't come down to wanting to leave or not. OSU has lost the #1 player in Ohio every year for what seems like a few years now. It comes down to whether or not his parents will be out of work and their She Shed mysteriously burned down the day after he commits. His parents aren't stupid. They want him at OSU. He wants to go to Michigan.


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Eh, I don't think this is as big a deal as the fact that about a week ago one of their "insiders" on 247 started talking about how his game film wasn't that impressive, he was ranked so high based on athletic potential, he wouldn't be that upset if OSU didn't get him, etc.  At that point, I mentally reset my odds to one-third each for Michigan, Penn State, and Ohio State.


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Well, I would be in OSU's camp here-that he is over-rated. He is very good and has a high ceiling. But there is film out there that calls his athletic ability into question. And relative to this, I think that he would benefit the most by coming to Michigan-this is totally unrelated to partisan bias...I simply believe he would have a better chance of moving past all this drama and develop better if he were to come to Ann Arbor. Psychologically this kid is repeatedly getting run through the wringer...and it has to be hell for a 17 year old.


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Karlaftis is the one that's most college ready right away, Harrison has the higher ceiling. The biggest loss is the one right out of our own backyard, that is Logan Brown a position of real need that is going to Wisconsin instead. Unfortunately we need to secure our own backyard still yet


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Maybe I'm just projecting what I want or whatever, but I noticed that he thinks that his future might be inside, which is Mattison Country. For whatever reason, I just think that switch might bode well for Michigan. . .

4th and Go For It

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Would be a terrific addition the class. Feels like there is a number of top guys we are in a three horse race for right now. Hope we can keep winning and show these guys we are in conversation every year again. Winning begets winning.