Lemonade From Lemons--(Fantasy Roster 2008-2014)

Submitted by LKLIII on July 14th, 2016 at 6:58 PM

Inspired by the fluff ESPN All-Century Michigan team---

We all know that our program was a veritable tire fire from 2008-2014, but we also know there were true individual gems to come of that period as well.

If you could compile a full 2 deep roster of players from that era to field the best team possible, what would that roster look like?  Would you just go for raw talent, or would you consider scheme & cohesiveness as well?

EDIT:  And you can include current players on that roster, but they must be that player circa 2014.  i.e., if you're including Jake Butt, it's gotta be 2014 Jake Butt, not the July 2016 version.



July 14th, 2016 at 7:29 PM ^

QB: Denard

RB:  Toussaint 

WR: Gallon

WR: Hemingway

TE: Butt

OT: Lewan

OT: Schoenfield

G: Omameh

G: Glassgow

C: Molk



DE: Graham

DE: Clark

DT: Martin

DT: Van Bergen

LB:  Ryan

LB:  Morgan

LB:  Mouton

CB: Lewis

CB: Warren

S: Wilson

S: Kovacks


P: Mesko

K: Not sure, Don't really want to put Gibbons on here. 

KR: Stonum

PR: No Idea


July 14th, 2016 at 7:44 PM ^

QB: Denard
RB: Denard
WR: Denard
WR: Denard
TE: Denard
SL: Denard
LT: Taylor Lewan
LG: Taylor Lewan
C: Taylor Lewan
RG: Taylor Lewan
RT: Taylor Lewan

DE: Brandon Graham
DT: Brandon Graham
DT: Brandon Graham
DE: Brandon Graham
LB: Brandon Graham
LB: Brandon Graham
LB: Brandon Graham
CB: Brandon Graham
SS: Brandon Graham
FS: Brandon Graham
CB: Brandon Graham

KR: Brandon Graham