With last Bball Home game over, will Crisler Work begin in earnest?

Submitted by StephenRKass on February 27th, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Now that Michigan has finished all regular season home games, will Crisler Center renovation begin in earnest?

Obviously, Michigan will be using the PDC and perhaps the floor at Crisler throughout the NCAA tournament. But I'm wondering if the builders can start ripping things out in the concourse area, since the team can access the PDC directly, and Crisler through the PDC tunnel? The answer to this question partially depends on whether or not Crisler will be used for any other sports. Mgoblue says that women's gymnastics uses Crisler. If so, that would hold things up. I don't know if anyone else will be using Crisler's spectator seating for the next 6 months.



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Next gymastics match against Georgia is going to be at EMU convocation center.


My guess was it was moved there to accomodate construction at Crisler.


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I received my season ticket renewal package last week with the new seating arrangements and from the sounds of it, they are starting right away. PSD's are half off for next year due to construction. Plus while leaving the game Saturday, they were already clearing memorabilia from the showcases on the concourse.


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Going to be new for next year. It is going to be like football. Upper level has no PSD.

Champions box- $7500

Court side- $6000

Club- $750

Victors- $250

Valiant- $100

Blue- $50

These are all doubled per seat for the 2013/14 season


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Who is going to pay over $7k for the right to buy basketball tickets?  At least in any number. We've gotten better, but we're not exactly a national power yet.  Heck, we couldn't sell out all the Big Ten games when the Fab Five were here...and now they expect to fill out whole sections for 5 digits? Hope some of those sections are in in the single digits of seats.  That's crazy.


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From the MGoBlue:

The expansion will add approximately 63,000 gross square feet for new fan entrances, additional retail spaces and ticketing areas, as well as a private club space.

The renovation will improve seating for people with disabilities and provide expanded and renovated concourses to allow for an increase in restrooms, concessions and other fan amenities. All seats throughout the arena will be replaced.

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As soon as the game ended it was cleaning and move out time. People were there cleaning Crisler til atleast 2 am. They had a cleaning crew come in to de-trash the sections and sleep them. The bathrooms were emptied and concourse concessions removed all of their stuff. Crisler is 100% closed. The players will only be practicing on courts in the William Davidison Player Development Center. They are tearing apart the concourse as well as the court. There will be a brand new court. They are breaking the court into pieces to give a piece to all previous Men's and Women's players. It is a pretty sweet gesture. All the banners that were hanging (Honored numbers, Big Ten champs, National Champs and even the Gymnastics banners have been taken down and put into storage. I've seen a good chunk of the design pictures. They look amazing. I'm really excited for all of Crisler Center to be done.

In response to the question below about players practicing. The Men's team tends to practice on both. There are 10 hoops in the PDC and 8 on the main court when the bleachers are pushed in. They tend to use both at the same time. It works great having so many hoops to practice free throws. 

If there are any other questions, I'd be happy to help answer any I can.


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I guess if the Bball team functioned for years with just the Crisler Floor, they can manage for for several weeks with just the PDC. I wasn't sure, because I could see the construction team focusing on the concourses for the next month, effectively leaving the floor available to the team for practices through however long an NCAA run might occur, then shutting the floor down once that was finished.

If they cleaned up and packed up immediately after the Purdue game, it indicates a clear intentionality to get going right away with all the interior work and exterior work. I suppose it is a lot easier if there are no constraints with the building being used at all.

I knew Women's Gymnastics was close to being done for the season, and wasn't sure whether the mgoblue listing was accurate or not (there is at least one March date listed in AA after the Eastern Michigan date.)

What I also didn't know was whether there were any concerts, university events, or private rentals of the arena, all of which happened in the past on an occasional basis. This may have changed since my time there.

Two questions:

  1. Do you know of and can you provide a timeline for demolition, renovation, construction, and completion?
  2. Do you know of and can you provide a link to the design pictures you've seen?


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The other women's gymanstics meet in March will be held at Cliff Keen Arena, where the men's team holds its meets.

Design photos of the second phase of the renovation can be found here. The renovation is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.