Joshua Garnett Interview at UA Game

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Joshua Garnett (2012 OL Football Recruit) recently did an interview with ESPN at the Under Armor All-America Game.  It's not paywalled and you can find it here:

Overall, he is a really well-spoken young man and his intelligence and maturity were definitely on display. 

To show he is having some fun with the recruting process, he went to registration in a Michigan shirt (discussed ad naseum here) but conducted the interview in a Stanford shirt.  He didn't bring any Notre Dame gear.  Read into that what you will (preferably nothing).

The interview shows that Michigan is definitely still very much in contention and he even names us his (slight) leader. 

Some of the highlights as they pertain to Michigan and in general (emphasis mine):

Reporter: "What's the best and worst part of the recruiting process?"

Garnett: "The best part is meeting guys like Isaac and Eric Magnuson. Guys you would have never met before if you wouldn't have been a big time recruit... The worst part is telling the coaches that you aren't coming to the school and losing those bonds that you've built over the last year."

Reporter: "Your final three: Michigan, Stanford, Notre Dame?"

Garnett: "Yes."

Reporter: "Why those three?"

Garnett: "They all three have a legacy going for them.  Stanford with the academics, Michigan with the Big House, and Notre Dame with the tradition.  I think a lot of the schools, especially Michigan, I have a lot of pals who are there and going to be playing for Michigan.  So definitely all three are schools that I am going to be looking at very hard just because of the companionship that I've built with the players and the coaches and the football program right now."

Reporter: "There seems to be a perception, I don't know if it is right or wrong, that Michigan is the team to beat for least among the reporters that are covering the process.  Is that a misconception or is Michigan maybe slightly ahead of the other guys?"

Garnett: "Yeah, it definitely wouldn't be a misconception. Yeah, it definitely woud be hard to say no to a big time school like that, especially when you have guys like Eric Magnuson, now in the Army game right now, Kyle Kalis is out there.  When you have three big time lineman that could come in there right now...could come in and compete with each other and build those friendships and compete with those defensive linemen coming in...and Ohio State is bringing in some guys... So, you definitely have a good match up in three or four years.  All those linemen that have come out of Michigan and really the legacy and going to the Big House with 115,000 people waving those pompoms and you're going 'Big Blue' and 'Go Blue' and so it's definitely hard to turn down especially with all those friendships you've built."

Some general comments:

On goals for the game: "Want to ball out for the game....Want to show some of those reporters...some of thos analysts that on ESPN and Scout that maybe they did some things wrong a little bit and look at those rankings a little bit...We're coming here to have fun and work on our skill sets a little bit."

Then, somewhat contradictorily on in regard to rankings, "They're really not important to me.  I don't care where I am ranked."  "I think it is funny to see what lists people are on.  I don't think rankings are as important to me because you still have to come out and perform."



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Obviously very bright, articulate and eager to study. I was especially impressed by his body language. He exhibited some behaviors relating to stress (e.g., biting his lips--a self-soothing behavior) that are natural when being interviewed (i.e., he was nervous). Yet his answers were well-thought out and he was able to recall relevant information (players names, what he'd seen on film). If that translates onto the field, he's a player that could thrive in high-pressure games like The Game.

Wherever he goes, he's a young man for whom I will root. It would be very convenient if that were with Michigan.


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out in Cali? Maybe a bit creeper, but I read the comments under Sam Webb's column, and his mother posted with a Pasadena location (very nice and flattering things in support of her son)

Pasadena's not close to Palo Alto, but closer than M


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Now: Garnett says Michigan is his slight leader
1. Garnett takes his Stanford visit and is impressed but not blown away. In interviews he lists Stanford with as his slight leader or tied with Michigan
2. As the initial reaction of the Stanford visit fades and Garnett analyzes his option he sees that his future may be brighter at Michigan.
3. Brady Hoke uses his in home visit with Garnett an reminds him of why he listed Michigan as his leader in the first place.
4. Profit


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I like everything about this kid.  While all 3 schools are good and have their advantages, the possibility of playing not only with Maguson but Kalis too, is not lost on him.  Sure sounds like he loves the Big House and hates Ohio too.  This kid feels Blue to me, all though I hate "Big Blue".  Can we somehow eliminate this from any and all M related lexicon please?  With that, Happy New Year BlueBloggers! 

Look Up_See Blue

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This kid really knows his stuff, he's a very sharp young man.  If we get him there will be epic match-ups against ohio down the road with their d-line recruits coming in.  That is if they resist tattoos and cars and don't violate their probation.


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Michigan has as much if not more tradition than ND.  We taught them the game fergodsakes.  They modeled their stadium after ours.  Why do so many people in and out of the media think ND has any more tradition than Michigan or that they should be held in any higher esteem than us?  It drives me crazy.

Is all the attention ND gets because it's a "catholic" school?  Or is it because they are independant?  ND is such an arrogant little place.  Yes, they have a long histroy in football for such a small school, but they haven't been good for or really relevant for 25 years!  God, just go away.


January 1st, 2012 at 3:07 PM ^

winning multiple NC's and heisman trophys and it is mostly based on that era.  While UM has been good for a long time, the last time we were that dominate was in the 40's. 

Amazingly the ND myth carries on despite their being pretty crappy for the last 20 years because NBC, Rudy, Catholics, etc. 


December 31st, 2011 at 11:32 PM ^

Academics (undergraduate)
Stanford: 5/5
Notre Dame: 4.5/5
Michigan: 4.5/5
(all undergraduate institutions are world-class; Stanford's advantage isn't significant)

Football Tradition
Stanford: 3/5
Notre Dame: 5/5
Michigan: 5/5

Stanford: 3/5
Notre Dame: 4/5
Michigan: 5/5

Totals (assumed equal weighting of aforementioned metrics)
Stanford: 11/15 - though I'm sure geography plays a small factor
Notre Dame: 13.5/15
Michigan: 14.5/15 <-- aka the right choice

Seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again, I'm a homer.


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The part I like best is that he talks about the D-line class that Ohio is bringing in this year, and he relishes that competition.. I hope he makes it to M, and then I look forward to the epic battles in the trenches in coming years.

Charlie Chunk

January 1st, 2012 at 10:43 AM ^

1)  Michigan helmets have wings

2)  Michigan has 115,000 screaming fans at every game

3)  I like A2 and it's not in the middle of nowhere

4)  I like the coaches

5)  I can get on the field early

6)  I will look good in a maize and blue uniform

7)  They have a tradition of preparing guys to play pro ball

8)  Great school

9)  The "winningest" program in football

10)  Play against good teams every week

11)  Program is on an upswing

(Feel free to add more)



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Somebody needs to inform Mr. Garnett that it's possible to get a pretty damn great education at the University of Michigan, too.


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I remember reading somewhere that Garnett is looking to prep for and get into Med School while playing football during Undergrad. The fact that he has eliminated Washington from his list says that he doesnot care about academic rankings as much as everyone thinks.

U of Washington Med School is ranked no. 1 in the country for family medicine and 8th in internal medicine; Michigan is #4 and #6 in those categories. Stanford does not show up in top 10 in those categories, but is ranked 5th, ahead of both in medical research. Notre Dame does not have a medical school.

I think Hoke needs to arrange a U of M Med School tour for Mr. Garnett soon

True Blue Grit

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must-get for Michigan.  He is SUCH an impressive young man.  Very articulate and intelligent.  He's the kind of player you'd LOVE to have speaking to the media at press events for the team.  Hope you Go Blue Mr. Garnett and join the Michigan family!