Jim Harbaugh presser now I’m

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I absolutely think they can be worse. But they still deserve a shot IMO unless all their hype was bluster. Hudson would probably be worse the next couple weeks. But by week 9 or 10? I think he could potentially be much better. He’s strong and athletic. Obviously there’s more to it than that, but I think he deserves a lot of snaps next week. 


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I think they need more communication on the line and with cadence. A couple times they seemed out of sync and Shae was clapping his hands and seemed more focused on just getting the play off than calling hot reads or audibles. First game in a loud environment will cause that. I assume Harbaughs thinking the line and QBs will gel and be better with experience.


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I absolutely expect that Hudson, Stueber and Mayfield are worse.

HOWEVER, unlike Runyan and JBB who after all these years are finally close to their Michigan ceilings, I expect that Hudson, Stueber, and Mayfield are very far from their Michigan ceilings and that their improvement, whether or not it happens, is our best path versus MSU/PSU/OSU.