How could 2014 be better?

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I will start this off by saying I am a little perplexed with why 2013 is looked at as such a failure. I have read all the reasons, but personally I feel there was a lot of good, a lot of heartbreak, and a lot of bad; nothing worse than other years as a whole except many people lost faith in Michigan's main sport that we thought was turning around. 

With that said, I truly do not believe how I could have imagined 2014 getting off to a better start. So without re-hashing everything that everyone reading this post already knows, my question is this: 

If I asked you as the ball dropped on New Years to describe the perfect first 9 days of Michigan sports in 2014, what one thing would you have changed in your most optimistic dreams from what has become reality?





January 10th, 2014 at 12:27 AM ^

Minnesota and Nebraska games being more convincing wins and less nervewracking. Hard because they were on the road but still should have been very possible (free throw shooting, etc.)

Still I'm not complaing 2014 I love you!!


January 10th, 2014 at 12:54 PM ^

And don't forget the win over Notre Dame.  For me, that's the most important rivalry game for Michigan (the one I want to win the most).  I get the impression that about 15-20% of the Michigan fanbase shares that view.  That win also tied the modern ND-Michigan series and gave us the opportunity to win it with a win on the road next year. 


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this.  For the record, I still consider 2013 a pretty good year.  Recency bias makes it suck, but Trey Burke + Final Four banner is not a bad year for a fan.  That said, I'm having absolute daydreams of being the first team to knock Wisconsin off, and taking Sparty on their home court.  I think it's nigh impossible to beat MSU away this year, Payne will go to work on our centers, but it would be awesome if it happened.

Mr. Yost

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I'll hold off on saying 2014 is the shit until December 31st. However, we're off to as good of a start as I could've ever hoped for...but let's not get ahead of ourselves. None of this means shit if MBB doesn't continue winning and if we don't have a great year on the football field next year.

Plus Hockey

Plus part of a shitty 2013 was the Michigan pro the Pistons need to make the playoffs, the Tigers needs to win the World Series, the Red Wings needs to get to a Stanley Cup and the Lions need to win a game in the playoffs...or better for each of those teams.


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I want to see a tough Michigan team every game.  We can complain about our road wins but 2-0 in big ten is huge!  Being one of the five youngest teams in NCAA and winning on the road.. never a bad thing.  The football team needs this kind of guts 

Prince Lover

January 10th, 2014 at 2:06 AM ^

We've been so close on 3 separate occasions that we were less than a week from closing when the deals have fallen apart. We are again scheduled to close on Tuesday. If we actually make it, 2014 would go down in history as the best year ever. Free hummers for all!!! (Ummm, not by me, I meant by professionals)


January 10th, 2014 at 2:38 AM ^

I believe we should have pulled Lane in as the OC. Not that Nuss isn't a winner but if DB is so hell bent on establishing a Saban-esque program, Lane was (well still is at this point) the best pick. Yep, he's an #%^ rabble rabble and who knows, maybe DB did reach out...I'm simply restating the obvious - we have the resources and brand to get the very best and IMHO Lane > Nuss until hopefully proven otherwise as an OC.

Go Blue & best of luck to Nuss!


January 10th, 2014 at 10:40 AM ^

How'bout we stick within the framework of the post and leave it at that!  Again, it was just my thoughts on what could have been an even better kickoff to 2014 - signing Saban's leftovers vs. recuiting the guy Saban wants as his next OC.  I'm totally ok with the upgrade my friend. Sorry I failed ya guy!  Respectfully, Swamy!


January 10th, 2014 at 7:18 AM ^

Lane is a known cheater. Can we say that out loud? Nick, um, bends the rules at a minimum.

Hypothetically, let's assume Nuss is a straight up guy*. Could it be that Nick wanted him to bend the rules beyond his comfort level and Nuss pushed back? Nick allows Nuss to find another job (per reports) with Lane in the wings coming in to "consult" for their upcoming bowl game. Not sure why Bama hasn't announced Lane's hiring yet - I think its a done deal.

(* I believe he is and that Michigan had plenty of time to vet him in their hiring process)


January 10th, 2014 at 10:54 AM ^

My take is that the Alabama's offense became a bit stale for Nick.  The guy is relentless about continuous improvement over there.  Instead of standing still, he started looking to shake things up a bit which put Nuss on the stand.  Nuss's response, you know what Nick if you're not thrilled with my services I'll put out a few feelers and look around a bit.

Voila, there's our next coordinator!

I agree with your sentiment on bending the rules...I think you stated that rather nicely.  I'd say it's more a "win at all cost" environment.

Happy 2014!