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I definitely thought this was board worthy. However I recently talked to Michael Jocz, who informed me of his acceptance at Michian, and his plan to walk-on to the football team. He said he's talked to Hoke numerous times about his plans and that he intends to be there for fall camp.

Michigan's truly getting a quality kid here: he has a 4.0 gpa, and a 32 ACT(!). He plays WR/TE for Novi, and at 6'4, 190.. you can make a case for playing both.

He was named ALL KLAA division team by max preps, and i've embedded his highlight video below. Wish him luck!



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Yeah, looks like his hands are solid and he's got good concentration.  He'll be nice practice for guys to cover someone with height.  Meanwhile he could see the field perhaps on special teams.  I think his chances to see the field on offense are contingent on gaining 50 lbs over the next 3 years.

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After watching so many clips of our defensive and O-line recruits - It was pretty cool watching some offensive skill position highlights. Love the smarts, love the commitment to the TEAM! Good Luck!


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weight is correct. I ran track with Mike in high school...I'm around 180, and he has at least 25 pounds on me. He's pretty fast too. Definitely not elite speed, but he could turn into a solid tight end if he puts on another 20 to 30 pounds.


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I am reasonably new to the board, so forgive me if this was meant to be an MGoInsideJoke, but I believe you are missing a 'g' in 'Michian.' Great info otherwise.


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I proud! I like that 32, repping the Novi academic exellence. But seriously, congrats to him, and have fun running into a Novi student at least once a week. We (well they now, I am gone) are numerous in ann arbor!

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Read a random post on the board and there is about a 50/50 chance Magnus will show off that amazing stick up his ass.


Why do you insist on commenting on everything?  Just let it go man.  Comment on the original post if you feel the need to get your name on every thread on the board.  I'm sure we would appreciate your critique of the young man's game.