FYI: Joe Kerridge will eat you

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Edit: I admit it never crossed my mind that some of you would view the "muscle" photos as somehow being sexual in nature (I'm just not wired that way I guess). I doubt that ocurred to Kerridge either when they were originally published (these pics are all from Google, not anyone's private social media account). My thoughts upon seeing them were that he's a hard worker with an NFL build (and not just a Big Ten build), which is why they were included. I must say I also find some of the homophobic comments and slurs in this thread pretty disappointing.

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IMO Kerridge is one of the more under-appreciated players on the team. He's an incredibly hard worker and could be highly effective in a Harbaugh offense. 2015 is his senior year and I wouldn't be shocked if he made a 53-man roster somewhere next year. See first post in this thread for some video. 



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Here's an example from the Spring Game of how Kerridge could be used in a Harbaugh offense. Harbaugh loves sending his blockers in motion to confuse the defense. Stanford was deadly was this approach against Virginia Tech in the 2010 Orange Bowl.

Direct link to play:

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Here's the video of his 52-yard run on the fake punt v. Maryland (at 0:25)

And here's his 17-yard reception against Indiana. Nice hit on the defender at the end.



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If you're talking about the spring game clip, watch how when he motions to the right, he fools at least 3 defenders into expecting the play to be to the right. Stanford did this all the time under Harbaugh with multiple blockers to devastating effect. I expect we'll see a lot of that this year. Go watch some of the highlights from the 2010 Orange bowl to see some examples. Shallman also got at least 5 extra yards because of Kerridge's downfield block, even though the play was successful before that block. And in any event, you can imagine how having a blocker in position downfield like that could be important against a defense that is in better position, hence the "how he could be used in a Harbaugh offense" 

carlos spicywiener

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things on personal social media accounts are generally considered private. Please, debate me further on this. Should be entertaining.

Judging by your post below, I guess you think anyone uncomfortable with this has strong homophobic tendencies? What if I told you I'd feel equally uncomfortable if someone posted bikini pics of the women's soccer team off Instagram?


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"Social media accounts are generally considered private." Nope, not going to bother "debating " you on that one at all. Not only are you wrong in the realm of common sense, you're wrong in the legal realm as well. But I am absolutely certain that in the small, confined realm of someone who says "f*ck it, I'll be that guy, GAY!" that not only are you incredibly right, you're also incredibly funny. In that special realm of yours.

carlos spicywiener

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I can smell the tears from here. Keep fighting that good fight against the jerks of the internet.

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This whole "let me show everyone I'm the straightest guy in the room" schtick has got to stop. While making a thread about it might be a little much, there is nothing wrong with 'mirin. And no, it doesn't make you gay. Dude is jacked, and I have no problem admitting it. It's impressive.

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