FSU fans already talking trash about Michigan

Submitted by Decatur Jack on December 8th, 2016 at 12:57 PM

Okay so to be fair they started talking smack about us immediately after the bowl was announced, but I wanted to give it a couple days so I could collect some gems. Like most of our opponents, they don't appear to think much of us.

http://www.seminoles.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211339590 http://www.tomahawknation.com/florida-state-football-fsu-noles/2016/12/…

Orange Bowl Bound: Noles to Beat Michigan in South Florida
Jim harbaugh likes "the white pony and spear" tradition of FSU. Man, I just hope we are able to kick his nards in and shut the clown up for awhile.
Harbaugh is annoying, seems whiny
Does Michigan have a tradition, other than getting beat by their rivals? Lost what 13 of last 15 to Ohio State? Harbaugh 0-2 vs his biggest rival now, 1-1 against MSU. Couldnt get it done with 40+ seniors on the roster. No division titles, no conference titles, no national titles. Please keep hyping him up media. Going to enjoy watching them lose the next couple years.
Who the F*ck you calling a pony?!?
Michigan. won’t. win. Mark. My. Words.
I'll take FSU speed over Michigan 'physicality' any day
I also think FSU’s defense could not have asked for a better match up.
Their reasoning - they beat UF 41-7 last year.
I don’t think they understand how much better the Noles are than UF.
Dalvin Cook… In the Orange Bowl? In his hometown? In front of his Family? For the last time in Garnet and Gold? LOL that’s just plain comical They just gave up 200 yards on the ground to OSU.. But they are going to silence the best back in the country… I can’t wait…
Saunders is the exact guy who can kill their defense.
i think we win the game. great point. people acting like michigan are world beaters on defense. i still question the competition they faced.
The game is in Florida, but our players won’t be distracted by that while Michigan’s players will be basking in the humidity for the first time in months, in other words, vacation mentality. I just think we’re due and we’re riding a winning streak while Michigan is doing the opposite. I like the way it shapes up. I’m predicting a Seminole victory all the way!
'Consolation game' for Mich...wow
So we’re supposed to be their whipping bitches because they got robbed at a chance at the playoffs..boo effin hoo … If Jimbo can’t motivate his squad for this bowl….
Please excuse me …my wife (though an avid ’Nole) was born in An Arbor and her father, his father, his wife and all his other children and seemingly all their lineage since pre-biblical times are Mich alums… need to beat the crap out of Mr. 9 million and kick his milk-drinking ass to the curb… ha ha .. whew… had to vent… feel better…
Mother in Law (typical doctor’s wife): "…and did you know that Michigan has the most affluent alumni in all of college football…and no academic monies are spent on the athletic program and…"
… on and on and on and on…Anyway, you get my point. LOL
i know and can relate to the attitudes of U of M alum. majority of them think they better than everyone else. you had to be there to experience it. i was just listening to detroit sports radio (on podcast) host mike valenti talk about entitled michigan fans and why nobody likes them.
That QB….
Man, our defense will feast on him.
I know one thing.
Michigans uniforms are god awful, I’ve never liked them.
We should also remember, we don't lose to UMs any more...It just doesn't happen.
Boom baby
I’ve watched UM play a few games this year and have no doubt the Noles can handle this. Heck, my other school (Iowa) beat them. Love this matchup.
Jimbo is pretty good at beating UM teams at Doak South.
You know, Jimbo asked for this game
You have to believe he likes this match up to specifically ask for Michigan.
We must beat harbaugh I'm tired of him already.
Perfect game for us to up our status for the year and going into next year.
25th anniversary of 51-31 at the Big House
I love this match-up.
Our defense matches up very well with their offense. They have a pro-style system and an immobile mediocre QB. They don’t really have any real scary skill position players either.
Defensively they are very good, but we still have Dalvin, and I don’t think they’ve played against an offense as dynamic as ours.
How many times has Michigan had to defend Dalvin Cook this year? Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! That’s RIGHT! They HAVEN’T!! OH, YEAH! CAN’T WAIT!! Show ‘em Dalvin…., show ’em who shoulda won the Heisman! Can’t Wait……
Michigan is going to score 34? That sounds a bit high.
When the dust settles after the 2016 season, I want my Noles at 10-3 with a big Orange Bowl victory.
I hope their whole team gets the flu the night before
Michigan has a very good defense but they haven’t seen Dalvin Cook. We will be able to get after a QB who isnt a dual threat. Hopefully Derwin James plays this game
Cook is gonna….
Have a game for the ages.
150+ and 3 TDs.
Sort of a homecoming for him, and he will want to prove he should have atleast been invited to NYC.
Will further boost his draft stock.
they don’t have more overall talent than we do…. no way. They are overrated IMO, especially that do it all player they have, whose name I refuse to mention in the Heisman race. If he makes it to NYC and Cook doesn’t…… then wow
the facts are Michigan has sucked the last few weeks.
I agree that our biggest challenge is going to be on the offensive side of the ball. You said that you don’t know how we’re going to manufacture points. Well, we do have the best RB in the world (college or pro IMO). lol We do have 2 or 3 WRs and TEs that will play at the next level. We do have the best young QB (arguably) in CF. We also have one of the great offensive minds in CF on the sidelines.
I believe that at the end of the day, it’ll come down to plain ole athletic talent. I think FSU has the better athletes and that’s why we’ll win.
Despite Vegas Line, Seminoles Should Soundly Beat Wolverines in Orange Bowl
Talent on their defense?
You are wrong when you say they have the best corner tandem, and you’re wrong by a lot. We just played a team that has 2 CB’s that are better than Peppers (who everyone loves but is essentially a safety at the next level). Tabor and Wilson are high first round draft picks. UF has an outside shot at drafting 4 guys in the first round on D (with Maye in the second). Michigan has one guy going in the first round, Charlton/Wormley as second day guys (think assignment sound, high IQ/experienced, low ceiling players) and Lewis.
to be honest there’s nothing that exciting about UM
OSU also had plenty of guys open against ‘the vaunted UM defense’
Agree that UF’s CBs are superior to Michigan’s.
Screw ‘em. I’ll take FSU by whatever. We win. Period.
Michigan is ranked 2nd in total defense and FSU is ranked 24th in offense. But how many elite offenses has Michigan faced?
I’m not as concerned about their offense because it’s not anything to rave about.
Cook is gonna ball out.
Last game in G&G, in his hometown, against a top defense, probably mad he didn’t get an invite to NYC, wants to prove to the country he’s the best back…..
Yep Cooks gonna have a monster game. You heard it here first.
I wonder if Michigan fans realize Florida and Florida State are two different teams
Florida State 33 Michigan 28
Winner gets DPJ. So guess that means he'll be a nole haha
Best part of beating Michigan will be seeing Harbaugh cry. fuck that guy for real bruh GO NOLES!!!
Peppers is most overrated player in CFB
Noles 43, UM 14
Harbaugh is scared of our defense
Florida State already using expected Orange Bowl win over Michigan for recruiting gains
So funny that Mich fans think that cuz they beat UF last year they can beat us? thats cray
Is there any worse fan base in college football than Michigans?? Go Noles baby crush those motherfuckers
Dalvin Cook, 300 yards vs Michigan.
Jimbo will prove yet again that he is the superior coach
Hope DPJ is watching #Noles



December 8th, 2016 at 1:02 PM ^

So a bunch of FSU blogs and commentors posted pro-FSU material.  Is this supposed to be surprising?  I read here that FSU is going to get its ass handed to it and will be lucky to keep their QB alive.

Every fanbase talks trash.  It's a big reason fanbases exist; to talk shit about everyone else.


December 8th, 2016 at 1:03 PM ^

God their tears are going to be so very delicious.

Also, was there some sort of crime spree involving people dressed in Michigan colors kidnapping childrens puppies that I don't know about?  This insane, irrational hatred no matter the fanbase is getting old.


December 8th, 2016 at 1:03 PM ^

I actually like the guys who run Tomahawk Nation quite a bit, but the FSU fanbase at large has more of a "Florida Man" contingent than UF does, and more of a superiority complex than the Domers, and that's saying something.


December 8th, 2016 at 1:48 PM ^

...in a game in which they looked like they didn't belong on the same field as Alabama. Also, playing in an NC game is a far cry from winning it, especially when you lose as badly as they did. FSU has also produced two recent Heisman Trophy winners and played in the first three BCS National Championship games, winning the 2000 game. ND is not on the same level as FSU. 


December 8th, 2016 at 1:54 PM ^

Truthfully, theirs is a little different from ND's.  Domers think it's their right to be good.  Noles think they always are, and when they lose it has nothing to do with the other team.

Wait til we beat the schnot out of them - the only thing it'll prove to them is that their team just didn't show up and that was the one time out of ten they'd lose.


December 8th, 2016 at 2:02 PM ^

We also haven't had an undefeated regular season in 19 years, so what does that say about us?

By your logic the Fab Five and the 2013 basketball team didn't win it all, so those teams accomplished nothing and we should basically just ignore that they ever existed.

I would rather you just say, "I hate ND more than FSU."


December 8th, 2016 at 2:03 PM ^

Actually yes, I do think it's sensible to argue that we have a few things to accomplish before we can be considered elite again (what makes that easier to swallow for me is that we have one of the top coaches in the game and are well on our way to accomplishing those things). 

And yes, I do think the Fab Five are overrated and get much more attention than they deserve. 


December 8th, 2016 at 2:25 PM ^

Be considered overrated?  They got beat, but it doesn't mean they were overrated.  In 1993 they were ranked 3rd to start the year and made the championship game, so they were actually underrated.

Michigan State was ranked 12th this year and ended up 3-9, that is an example of being overrated.


December 8th, 2016 at 3:59 PM ^

Because they didn't win either of them. The Fab Five is often called the greatest recruiting class in the history of college basketball. If that's the case, then in failing to win a championship of any kind, they didn't live up to the hype. That's the very definition of overrated.

Also, they were actually ranked 1st to start the '92-'93 season, not 3rd: http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/michigan/1993-schedule.html


December 8th, 2016 at 1:05 PM ^

That's a lot of optimism for them. A lot of fan bases like to discount our defense but I'm not sure they realize how a months time to prepare is going to be a huge advantage for us. Our coaching staff has shown to be great when we have extended time to prepare.

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December 8th, 2016 at 1:14 PM ^

are cherry-picked, to be honest.  I was reading responses on both of their major blogs after the matchup was released.  There is some of the above, but more or less, I saw a lot more, "Should be a good matchup," "good draw for a bowl game," etc. than I say of this stuff.  Most of them really did not know much about us. 


December 8th, 2016 at 1:06 PM ^

My favorite comment was the guy saying we don't have the best CB tandem in the country... Because Peppers isn't that good... and really he will just be a safety in the NFL. What position does he think he plays at Michigan?


December 8th, 2016 at 7:25 PM ^

I am a little worried, actually. Haven't seen much of FSU. But they do have speed.

Cook will be the best RB we've faced all year, and I believe Francois can run, too. Where Michigan has been less dominant defensively this year is on longer, sustained drives, especially later in the game- that's where they begin to look more ordinary.

I hope Michigan's offense- especially OL and WRs- show up and display that physicality they were talking about. I'd like to see Darboh and Chesson show up big time, fighting for the ball- that's something we haven't seen enough of this year, especially the last month of the season.

Should be a good, challenging game.


December 8th, 2016 at 1:11 PM ^

a thing about our players when he says "they don't have the best corner tandem. we have played against teams with 2 corners better than peppers" like god damn you better have played against a team with 2 corners better at playing corner than our linebacker especially in the acc.