Florida gulf coast knocks off Georgetown

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Busted bracket be damned, one less top seed in our region



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"Whte men CAN jump"

I thought it but you wrote it........Hey.....if time permits one of your previews would be cool if  (when) Michigan advances.  I liked them cause they were less analytical and illustrated more of the personal "backstory's" of our opponents.


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when I saw the alley-oop in the final couple of minutes.  I was cringing when he tossed it up because it looked like a clear turnover, then suddenly Hops McWhitey jumped off a trampoline or something and almost stuck his whole arm down the cylinder.   Holy crap.  I've watched it 10 times and I still can't believe what I saw.



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Davidson, Ohio, VCU, and Florida Golf Coast.  Teams that have knocked the Hoyas out of the tourney in the last 5 years.  Thompson is a worse tourney coach than Bo Ryan.


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that, which might or might not include you. Being Black and thinking that it's part of your duty as a Black person to advance the cause of your race is not racist, as a lot of Thompson's white friends understand: 


There's a good USA Today piece by a guy called Jon Saraceno on the same topic, if you care--or dare--to google it up and challenge your own preconceptions. 


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it might change your sense of the guy. I'm not a fan of him myself, but "racist" doesn't begin to cover who and what he is, and if you're as thoughtful as you sound you probably don't want to be throwing such an epithet around--at least not inappropriately.

I happen to have an adopted Black daughter myself, so that doesn't quite get you into heaven. :) As I'm sure you have figured out. . . 


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to be blessed with children, regardless of their color.                                                                                                                                         read the saraceno article and it fails to address thompson's express and outspoken racism.   his time at G-town coincides with my time to pay attention to such things.   i'm not saying he's the devil, just a racist who wraps his racism in terms that are acceptable to some, not to me.   and never forget how he screwed up the olympic team (including his racist picks) when he had more talent available than anyone in the galaxy. 


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but you've got to present the facts. I'm fairly conversant with the charge, having had two friends who went to G'town, and having sorted through it in a good dea of its considerable complexity at the time. He's a guy who figured haters were gonna hate and he was going to huff right back at them--I was always cool with that myself. Have a great rest of the night. 


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over the years and note their race.  he had NO caucasians on his team for years.  not even as bench warmers and he didn't even bother to recruit white kids for years.  i don't think he had a single white kid on scholarship since the '80's (he retired around 2000).  allen iverson, one of his most prized recruits prior to going to g-town was a convicted felon for....starting a race riot in a bowling alley.   and then there is the banner thompson hung in '75 with the N word on it.                                                                      


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You call it racism, others call it recruiting and empowering. John Thompson didn't just recruit black kids, he recruited under educated and poor black kids, and he did so for 2 reasons: 1 to give them the chance that others wouldn't, through an education and through basketball. 2ndly, with these kids, he was able to easily create an atmosphere of "us against the world," which was a very successful strategy for his teams. I find it no different than Coach K's strategy of recruiting well educated and well spoken young men (which ended up creating teams that heavily consisted of a lot of white guys) which I don't find racist. You seem to forget John Thompson lived through and became a successful professional during a time where he dealt with prejudice unimaginable to your petty concept of what racism is. To me, as a black man, to call how he recruited racist, is a very narrow minded understanding of who he was and what he was trying to do.


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if he recruited based on race then he was racist which is defined as making decision based on race.   i'm not saying he never did a good thing or that some kids didn't benefit wonderfully by being in his program.  i'm only saying he's a racist and he would tell you the same.  i'm colorblind and much like MLK, i'm pretty sure that's not a 'petty concept' or 'narrow minded' understanding of racism. 


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a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Tell me where in the there does it insinuate that racism is attempting to help some of the most downtrodden of your own race overcome their predicament that they were placed in because of the actual racism minorities in our country were a victim to.  Where?  Because I'm not seeing it.  John Thompson didn't recruit based off of a superiority complex.  He didn't turn his nose up at white players, he just chose to extend his hand to black ones that no one else really cared to.  His recruitment of blacks was not due to their physical and mental traits compared to whites, but their socioeconimic situation, which is not racist. 

Look here guy, you can try to twist what Thompson did any way you'd like to justify your dislike of him, and I'm sure you'll respond back to this post with some other flawed rationale for why what he did was racist, but the fact the matter is you are very confused about what racism is, and that's that.


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He would have recruited poor white players for an "us against the world mentality" too. But he judged them solely on the color of his skin. That's textbook racism.

If he was really only worried about "poor, inner city youths" he wouldn't have recruited prominent international players. Apparently those scholarships weren't better off "empowering" American youths if it helped him win more. So his morals were...flexible.

His biggest crime is probably still abandoning his team to make a political statement. There's lots of ways to do it without ditching the players you're supposed to be looking out for first. The Team, The Team, The Team.

But he did get his institution to master nepotism though, so he's got that going for him.


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My bracket is blown to bits, more red than green at this point, however I like another top seed out of our region.

Now if only KU can lose to WKU tonight.