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17.02.11 Practice Units
In determining the first permissible preseason practice date, an institution shall count back from its first scheduled contest, one unit for each day beginning with the opening of classes, one unit for each day classes are not in session in the week of the first scheduled intercollegiate contest and two units for each other day in the preseason practice period, except that the institution shall not count any units during the preseason when all institutional dormitories are closed, the institution's team must leave campus, and practice is not conducted. Opening Day of Classes
The "opening day of classes" is defined as the first day of classes as listed in the member institution’s official catalog. Required freshman orientation is not considered to be the opening day of classes for the academic year. (Adopted: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/91)
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Just curious is that from your source in the AD, or just a guess. Really appreciate the info you bring.

My first thought was that since the NCAA banned two-a-days last month, Harbaugh is using the extra week to spread out the 29 practice sessions. Heck I remember hearing that they held a three-a-day last year. I just figure since that rule is from 1991, Harbaugh would've exploited it a long time ago if he saw an advantage.


This was a recommendation of the NCAA Sports Science Institute and will be implemented nationwide, with schools able to begin preseason practice one week early to replace the two-a-day practices.


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Yeah, the two-a-days are gone and so is the 4 hour practice in fall camp. It is now 3 hours in the fall with a mandatory rest period. The rest period can include team meetings, team meals, etc. You can get a 4th hour in, but it must be no pads, no contact, or a walk-through.

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Fall practice can begin when 3×√8 3 times exceeds ∆(9/13)+007, unless Pierce Brosnon is 007, in which case the inverse of the above equation is then in effect. With the exception of odd-numbered seasons which immediately follow a leap year, of course.

Like I said, quite simple.

(disclaimer: I do not have a Master's degree in calculus; however, I am staying at a Holiday Inn Express™ tonight)


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It's alright, someone will come along and ask when Tool is appearing at The Palace, or pissibly simply tell us when Tool will be appearing at The Palace. Actually, it could be that we'll find ourselves discussing how you express a certain seedier aspect of your pet's anatomy, or it could also be.....oh, shit, June and July are not going to be pretty, are they?