Elijah Hood visiting next weekend

Submitted by gutnedawg on February 14th, 2013 at 12:02 AM
#12 overall on rivals is supposed to visit after going to ND next week. Confirmed by Tremendous on 247



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ND just picked up 5* Greg Bryant...

Alabama has picked up like 10 4/5* RB's over the past three classes, and they will do it again this year...

Big players go to big time schools regardless of the commits from a year before.

turd ferguson

February 14th, 2013 at 12:47 AM ^

If Hood is a high school junior, he was probably born around 1996.  Elijah Wood probably got famous right around that time.  When that happened, do you think Elijah Hood's parents looked at each other and said, "You've got to be fucking kidding me"?


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With the understanding that Saban obviously does some shady things, I was listening to ESPN radio last week and they had an interview with him regarding how he has managed to have so many high level running backs and still gets them significant carries.  He stated his approach has been to recruit kids and be up front about the fact with running backs it is a benefit to them to have a lower number of carries and still have the opportunity to be "featured' in the offense.  

One of the key points made was that he focused his message around how keeping down the total carries decreases their wear and tear and extends their opportunities at an NFL career.  Running back is one of the shortest longevity positions in the NFL and he focuses on the impact playing 2 or 3 yrs in college at 30-35 carries per game has vs 15-20.  He stated their experience has been positive for both kids who are teams players as they understand keeping someone fresh, and it has kept focus for kids who are more individualistic as they can understand how it benefits them in the long-run.

I just thought it was interesting, and how it has led to them keeping that stable going.  I always thought that was a weakness of sorts with how Carr often seemed to favor and almost guarantee carries or time to his more senior players and want a single feature back, and think this is something that would help address that.  

The Wolf

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I have seen this in articles with Saban and other D1 coaches several times now. I am (obviously) a nobody, but that argument carries a lot of weight with my thinking. ESPECIALLY, when you have the ability to use such a system, which is appears that Michigan is in the midst of (hopefully) creating right now. I wonder how it could be anything but a benefit.