Dhani Jones Takes Awesome NYC Storm Pic

Submitted by Corey on July 19th, 2012 at 8:49 AM

...and it blows up the social medias.


A photo taken by former Giants [Ed-C: MICHIGAN] linebacker Dhani Jones made waves through twitter and was retweeted and posted by thousands of users. He was on a plane above Queens, NY as he was landing at LaGuardia airport when he took the photo from 10,000 feet. On instagram, he wrote "#stormcoming #nyc #isolated I've never seen a storm so concentrated. The power of mother nature!"



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Not only does Jones have a great eye, he seems to be one of those people born with an angel on one shoulder and a leprechaun on the other.  May the wind be always at his back.


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When I flew into NYC on a beatiful fall afternoon 2 years ago I couldn't help myself...I had to violate the "stow electronics" rule. Had to get some bad ass pictures of the skyline. Sorry if we all go down and die people. I need this for my Facebook when I'm dead.

oriental andrew

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They'll usually look the other way if you're just taking a few pictures.  I've taken pictures of several cities on approach/take-off.  Plenty of NYC - Citi field, Flushing Meadows, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Midtown skyline, etc.  And also "violated" the rule into at least a dozen other cities. 

This is a truly impressive pic, though. 


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that storm yesterday while brief, was pretty intense.  i can usually see midtown from my office in the financial district and even when its rained hard i can still see the silouhettes of the empire state building through the rain and clouds. But yesterday i could not see even a few blocks north, let alone any sign of the midtown skyline.


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Great photo by Dhani, and a tribute to the power / weirdness of nature. It could be just the quality of the photo, but it almost looks as if there is a little convection in the rain - I am guessing there was quite the wind associated with this one.

In the linked article, someone got a pretty good shot of the shelf cloud coming in as well - it's always rather eerie, to me anyway, to watch those roll in.



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It was a wet microburst, a localized column of descending air due to either atmospheric density differences in an overly saturated airmass, or significant evaporative cooling. They occur in the initial downdraft of a thunderstorm (convection), last for seconds to a few minutes, and can produce intense radial straight-line winds. They are especially dangerous to low-altitude aircrafts.


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let the plane approach for landing in that weather!  I bailed out of a meeting yesterday because hailstones were reported, and then I heard on the news that lightning hit a building right where I would have been going and part of the masonry fell.  Of course the storm brought the temperature down from 100 degrees to 77, so it was worth it.

The news broadcast showed a picture of a rain tunnel over the water, but Dhani's photo is far more artistic.  Gawjus, as they'd say over there in Queens.