Courtney Avery out 2 weeks Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

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Coach Brady Hoke announced Monday that senior defensive back Courtney Avery will miss two weeks after receiving arthroscopic knee surgery on Saturday.

Hoke said the procedure was done to clean up some cartilage in Avery's knee, and noted that the senior is in good spirits and will "be back soon."

With Avery on the shelf, sophomore Jarrod Wilson will get the nod at free safety. Blake Countess and Raymon Taylor will be the team's starting corners.





UPDATE:Avery, who was on the verge of becoming the team's starting free safety, was asked specifically if he'd be back for the Notre Dame game on Sept. 7. But right now, he's not sure.

"I hope to get back as soon as possible," he said.


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It seems to me there have been a whole lot of injuries this fall, I wonder whether it's a product of the intensity the coaches stress at practice, or if it's just bad luck. That being said, Avery will be back for a full week of practice before the Notre Dame game; assuming he can stay in shape, this shouldn't hit us too hard.


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Unlike pros who by agreement can only be pads X% of the time, college coaches have no such restrictions.  Frankly I am surprised there are not way more injuries in college considering these are growing men at 175-300 lbs flailing at full speed against each other with body armor.  I don't think the injuries are in greater proportion - they are just more serious injuries and to players higher on the depth chart this last year.  The guy everyone speculated broke his hand no one is talking about since he is not on the 2 deep.  So if that knee had happened to 3rd guy on depth chart rather than Jake Ryan... well the same # of injuries.  It just fell on a different guy and we are not talking about the injury rash. 


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Danny Spond (starting OLB) is done playing. He had one too many debilitating migraine headaches. 

Will Mahone (3rd string slot) is out with a high ankle sprain. Should be back by Michigan game.

Doug Randolph, true freshmen LB, is out for the season with a shoulder injury.

Backup DE Tony Springmann is out for the season with a knee injury. 

S Nick Baratti was vying for a spot in the 2-deep. He's out for the season as well.

As it stands, the starting RG Ronnie Stanley is out but should be back this week. 


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"It's definitely frustrating," said Avery, who will be on the sideline Saturday when the Wolverines open the 2013 season against Central Michigan (3:30 p.m., BTN). "This is my senior year, I wanted to spend every second I could out there on the field with my teammates."

I can only imagine how frustrating this is for him. Hopefully, he is back on the field in a couple weeks as scheduled so he can indeed spend as much time as possible out there in his senior year. 


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ND's offense isn't good. I'm not that worried about missing Avery for that game. The passing game on both sides of the ball is definitely their weakness. I think we're going to win before the final minute this year.


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My girlfriend is an ND alum and big football fan, so I end up talking to a lot of her ND alum football fan friends, and I'm pretty surprised at how much they absolutely loathe Tommy Rees. Sure he has been turnover prone, but the last time he was a regular starter was his Sophomore season. He was thrown into the fire pretty quickly as a Freshman, went through a coaching change, and I don't think really had time to develop the game skills around his solid arm. He performed pretty well in spots last season and now he is going into his Senior year with experience and the skills to be a solid performer. Yet, they all act like the season is over for them because he will be the starter. I have a feeling people are going to be surprised by Rees. Hopefully not until after he plays Michigan though.


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I think it's funny how much they hate Rees. I mean, I get it. He turns the ball over more than he should. He drunken kicks cops. But the best part is the fact that he just won't go away. Even when they found a new QB who took them to a Natl Title game, somehow they still end up with Rees as their starter the next season. He's like the ND football equivalent of bed bugs.


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I like Avery but knee and back problems are an awful combination.  Hope he recovers and is able to contribute this year but not at the expense of hobbling around 30 years too early.


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Avery was a real surpise for me at safety, and as a captain. Hopefully that means he's taken that next step. He was always a good zone CB so hopefully that will translate into multiple picks playing centerfield. Lets hope he's good to go by the ND game.