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EDIT: Not sure why it's formatting this way. Wortking on it. I've read a couple comments asking on why Miles and Brandon would wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) to get together and from the looks of it, the schedule has a lot to do with Les being in town (Dallas) to speak for the AFCA coaching conference. As a coincidence, the conference is a mere block away from my office and while walking in from the parking garage, I spotted wayfinder signs and a schedule of events for today. I believe most of the assistant coaches in the country attend these events, so I did a little more snooping and found some of the bigger names in attendance or speaking (which I am in no way inferring they are candidates for the coaching position: Sunday: Gary Darnell (Former Texas A&M DC and Western Michigan HC) Glen Mason (and his hot wife) Monday: Mark Richt (Georgia) Bo Davis (Texas) Mark Dantonio (Michigan State) Mike Gundy, (Oklahoma State) Barry Alvarez (wisconson AD) Fisher DeBerry (Air Force) Tuesday: Les Miles (LSU) Bret Bielema (Wisconsin) Panel Discussion (Bowden, Tomey, Seals, Wyrick) Wednesday: Paul Chryst (University of Wisconsin) Mark D'Onofrio (University of Miami Fla) Randy Bates (Northwestern University) Philip Montgomery (Baylor University) Tim DeRuyter (Texas A&M University) Bill Blankenship (University of Tulsa) Here is the rest of the schedule.… Hopefully Dave finds a diamond in the rough.



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I take much pride in being the inventor of the CC tag.  But, as much as it pains me to say it, CC is no longer necessary.  What else are we talking about on 6th day that DB held the world hostage?

Otherwise, great post and thanks for the info. 


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Per emails sent out to MSC and DB as well as many highly influential alums from Rich Rogel, the plane in Baton Rouge is owned by him and has been leased for the past month and will continue to be leased for another two.
<br>He had no understanding of why his plane was in Baton Rouge, and has apologized for this mixup with the higher ups.
<br>No online source, as I was told this in a casual conversation I had with an alum who is in Ann Arbor for speaking obligations. FWIW, he also expects a coach announced Wednesday afternoon but that seemed more speculation than the plane info.
<br>Regardless, we can discontinue our pursuit of that planes travel arrangements if we hadn't already. Wasn't sure where else to put this as I have no ability to post a topic.


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And given our UM confirmed info that Brandon and Miles will be meeting on Tuesday, maybe we can all focus on other, less important things like work and family until Wednesday morning, and then let all the usual craziness continue? 

And in more important news?  


And of course, a kitten:


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As many of you know, Jon Gruden is calling the National Championship game tonight for ESPN Radio - alongside Ann Arbor resident Mike Tirico FWIW (nothing). Likewise, Gruden's name has been mentioned by relatively trustworthy sources - according to Brian - for the job...

If Gruden was actually interested in this job, and DB was interested in announcing that he was our new coach, there is no way that a decision would come before the NC game because ESPN would never let an active coach call a game - HUGE conflict of interest (not that that's stopped them before). 

I can think of no reasons why they would be delaying a decision on any other coaches if the decision has been made. But no news is good news for the contingency hoping Gruden takes his talents to A2.


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On the sidebar of what they will be talking about next, they had "Miles to meet with Michigan". After a few minutes of waiting to hear what they had to say, it came down to the next topic on the list and all of a sudden it was gone.   Maybe they felt they didn't have enough confirmation in order to discuss and had to pull.  The suspense continues..


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11:30 and the M to talk to LM is on the board again, maybe they'll play it this time.

EDIT: 1139est SC just broke the they heard from the Detroit News that LM to talk to UM, so sources talking to sources, please keep Herbbie away this time.