Best Place to Watch UM Football in AZ?

Submitted by jfactor22blue on May 19th, 2010 at 5:48 PM

I've lived in PHX/Scottsdale for about 5 years and it's clear that there are a ton of AZ people on this board, OSU has taken over way too many bars in this town....Have you found any good Umich bars to watch the games?




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Class of '06 here.  It's funny, I've heard it and said it before.  It must be due to the domain name and e-mail address.  I can say U of M all I want, but I need to bear in mind that U of M could mean Univ of Missouri, Minnesota etc.   Same with folks who say "Tech" when refererring to Georgia Tech.  If you're not in Georgia, "Tech" could mean Virginia Tech.  (and vice versa)


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Hey, fellow AZ Wolverine Fan! I live in East Mesa, but before I moved that far east, I always went to the Upper Deck in South Scottsdale. The guy that owns it went to MSU, but they have fans of both universities there watching the games on the big screens. They have several HUGE screens, so your game of choice will be visible.


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I am glad to see that my wife and I are not the only ones to use "East Mesa" or "Northeast Mesa".

 It is our code for:

NOT one of the many trailer parks or other areas of Mesa you may have seen on "Cops".

To the topic -- In my area it is hard to find sports bars that even serve breakfast for the early games, those that do are filled with Buckeyes or geriatrics from Iowa.  I have settled for the big screen at home - the fact that no one complains at all the swearing is an added bonus.


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Be sure you have proper paperwork on you at all times.  If any law enforcement official happens to be a Buckeye fan, your ass will end up in Mexico.


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Since you went there... I'll go there.

Why don't you read the bill, instead of regurgitating what you heard on the news:

For those that don't remember, some of the terrorists that flew planes into the World Trade Center were in Tucson, AZ learning to fly planes. They were here illegally.

If you think that the bill shouldn't exist because of possible discrimination... then I suppose officers shouldn't carry guns because somebody might get shot. How about a little faith in those that try to keep everyone safe day after day. If the officer breaks the law, take them to court and get them out of their uniform because they obviously don't deserve to wear it.

If a person has a drivers license from any state of the union, they will not be questioned about their legal status. You see, you have to be an American citizen in order to get a drivers license (except maybe in Utah).


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Upper Deck sucks IMO.  For starters, they put Michigan and State in the same bar.  The seating isn't all the good and gets crowded at times.  Plus the only two times I have been there was to watch The Horror and OSU last year. 

There is a BWW's in Gilbert/Chandler area that is owned by a Michigan fan that might be nice. 

I am stuck down here in Tucson, anyone else live down here?

Zone Left

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A lot of Wolverines hang out at Chaparral High School. Just don't buy beer for the enormous D-1 recruit with the unspellable name, that'd be a recruiting violation.


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im in scottsdale and for the games im not flying in for i usually hit up zipps or goldies.  good food and tons of tv and always a few michigan fans.  i also get BTN at my house so that is a plus for those early games

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They put the UM alumni upstairs in this "loft" area, with tiny screens and everyone spread out all over the place. Just horrible. The president of the Phoenix UM alumni, even though he is otherwise a nice guy, really needs to have someone take that microphone out of his hands so that he would stop disrupting the game with all of his banal chatter.

Half Moon was a much better place, and easy enough to get to from all over the Valley (just off the 51), not sure why we don't use it anymore.

I am in N Scottsdale, anyone know of a bar that would be better?


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Upper Deck sucks.  Do you want to watch the game with MSU, ND, VT and GT fans.  Me either.  I'm in N. Scottsdale, 101 and Hayden.  Early games I go to Temple Bar (thompson peak and Bell) for breakfast.  Zipps on TP and FLW always has a group of people from MI.  good to watch Wings games there too.


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My buddy Cook, lives in Scottsdale. He is from Dublin, OH and is a very, very obnoxious OSU fan. I will send you his address, please show up at his house and demand he put on the Michigan game.


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I live in Chandler, and I'm pretty sure my neighbor is a Buckeye. Just moved here last year, and haven't found a good football bar yet... the trick is finding somewhere that a) will show the game b) will be open at 9AM and c) isn't owned by Spartans or Buckeyes. I'd be down for an MGoBlog gameday at one of the local establishments though.


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I'm moving out to the Bay Area, but for the guy who's stuck in Tucson... there was a good showing of Michigan fans at Fox & Hound up by Foothills Mall last fall. that's your best bet, in my experience.


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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings
MCQUEEN (#3194)

1475 W. Elliot Road
Gilbert, AZ 85233-5101
Phone: 480-813-9464

They have Michigan gear on every wall. About a dozen regulars (more depending on the opponent) every game day.

Ohio State fans are usually only there during the Michigan vs tOSU game.