Auburn pay for play

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But McClover says there were money handshakes from boosters at other football camps too. At Auburn for a couple hundred dollars and at Michigan State. All the schools denied any wrongdoing. And things really started heating up a few months later when he went to Ohio State for an official visit where schools get a chance for one weekend to host prospective athletes. McClover says there were money handshakes from alumni there too. About a thousand dollars. And something else to entice him.



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This may be beyond the statute for OSU, but it does serve as a character check for the university.  It's not like it is inadmissable or anything.  I'm sure the smell of taint wafting from Columbus will just serve as chum in the water for the NCAA.  That, or it will serve as another obstacle that they cannot hide from, no matter how desperately hard they try.  Either way, things are mounting up to be really, really bad for OSU.


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NCAA rule 32.6.3 Statute of Limitations: Allegations included in a notice of allegations shall be limited to possible violations occurring not earlier than four years before the date the notice of inquiry is forwarded to the institution or the date the institution notifies (or, if earlier, should have notified) the enforcement staff of its inquiries into the matter. However, the following shall not be subject to the four-year limitation:
(a) Allegations involving violations affecting the eligibility of a current student-athlete;
(b) Allegations in a case in which information is developed to indicate a pattern of willful violations on the part of the institution or individual involved, which began before but continued into the four-year period; and
(c) Allegations that indicate a blatant disregard for the Association’s fundamental recruiting, extra-benefit, academic or ethical-conduct regulations or that involve an effort to conceal the occurrence of the violation. In such cases, the enforcement staff shall have a one-year period after the date information concerning the matter becomes available to the NCAA to investigate and submit to the institution a notice of allegations concerning the matter.
Part C of the rule may leave the door open for the NCAA to pursue an allegation made after the standard four-year period has expired.


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my friend just texted me the link to that story. The MSU and OSU things were minor details in what I've read. But it did get me thinking. When that Yahoo!Sports story on OSU came out, didn't someone say that they said they had two more stories coming out and one was supposedly a Midwestern school that finished high in the rankings last year?


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5 years there, if you know what I'm saying.

EDIT: Although this particular player appears to have been around before Dantonio was at MSU. Which, I mean, if he's saying John L. Smith cheated, then JLS must have really sucked at cheating, because I don't really re-call him ever getting big recruits.


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That was during the Bobby Williams years.

Bobby always had really talented teams, but he couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag.

John L. Smith, as criticized as he was, really cleaned the MSU program. MSU still had some off-field issues under JLS, but it was nothing like the out of control stuff that went on under Bobby Williams.


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Rampant drug addiction, players who didn't respect coaches, numerous broken curfews at away games, boosters/agents too close to the program...

It all ended for Bobby when he basically admitted that he had lost control of the team. JLS came and, although he gave MSU terrible football, he absolutely changed the program for the good.


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I was at MSU for the end of the JLS years, and while the team may have been better than under Williams in terms of staying off the police blotter, they were not saints.  Lots of drunk driving/MIPs and dorm fights, if memory serves me right.  Probably nothing worse than most colleges, but I know of at least one case where a couple of football players beat up a hockey player badly enough that the coaches had to openly acknowledge it in the press.


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That's mainstream press attention.

Should be interesting -- wonder what RichRod will have to say if, as I've read in the paper, is on the Real Sports panel.


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Bodog will have a running line on the likelyhood that OSU gets the death penalty? I mean if what these guys are claiming is true, in conjunction with what's already gone down....yeeoooowww.

david from wyoming

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They very well could get the biggest non-death penalty punishment. It's not out of the question they get hammered hard. But SMU took cheating to a whole different world. It's not fair to compare any program to SMU who had written contracts with players to pay them.


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While your spelling of Wilford's disease does seem to be more commonly accepted, phonetically he sure as hell sounds (to my ears anyways) like he's saying die-a-beetis rather than die-a-beetus. 

If I knew how to embed I would, but take a listen for yourself!

Regardless of the spelling, I think we can all agree he's an American treasure and I only wish my username and avatar were half as cool as Brimley's.