AD Salary Listing-DB 13th Highest Paid

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So I came across this article in The Tennessean.  The article originally came from USA Today.  

Here are the 13 highest paid Athletic Director's in collegiate athletics.  I'm not very surprised to see some private schools in there.  However, considering how bad Vandy has been at Football i'm surprised to see Vice Chancelor Williams as the highest paid-granted Vanderbilt has been very good in Men's/Women's Basketball and stellar in Baseball.  If I was Hoke I would wonder why an AD is making more money than me?…

1)Vanderbilt (Dave Williams)  $2,560,505

2)Florida (Jeremy Foley)         $1,545,250

3)Louiseville (Tom Jurich)      $1,427,704

4)Texas (DeLoss Dodds)       $1,095,756

5)Ohio (Gene Smith)               $1,058,546

6)Wisconsin (Barry Alvarez)  $1,040,800

7)Oklahoma (Joe Castiglione) $975,000

8)Notre Dame (Jack Swarbrick) $932,232

9)Duke (Kevin White)      $908,659

10)Tennessee (Dave Hart Jr)   $750,000

11)LSU (Joe Alieva)                   $725,000

12)Navy (Chet Gladchuk)          $712,742

13)Michigan (Dave Brandon)  $700,454








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Notice that Pitt isn't listed either. It's some kind of loophole in the FOIA act that Pennsylvania has; PSU and Pitt are both classified as "state related" instead of however most state's classify their schools.

This came up a few years ago when PSU wouldn't release Paterno's salary (and resolved when the press realized they could FOIA the state pension agency instead of PSU itself).


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Likely will.  DB is certainly one of the newest ADs on that list.  Some of those guys' salaries are higher because they've been on that job for a while.  Where DB's salary compares once he's been our AD for 10-15 years will be lot higher, I'd guess.


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A don't care if he's coaching the field hockey team, seling programs and mowing the lawn too - 2.5MM for the fucking VANDY AD is nuts. I want to negotiate to sell something to the guy he worked his contract out with.  That dude seriously overpays.

If the final Jeporday answer was "He is the nation's highest paid Athletic Director and he's not even close to #2" I could have 100 answers and "Who is Dave Williams" would never show up.


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I think you're missing my point.  I dont care what Vandy pays its AD and God Bless Dave Williams and his negotiating skills.  I'm just laughing at them cause paying somebody over 1MM MORE than then next highest person in that position to run Vanderbilt's vaunted athletic department is hilarious. 

I think A-Rod's agent is even impressed with that one.


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as well. Ignore that is says "AD" as his title. They are also paying $2.56 million for:

1. Vice Chancellor for University Affairs

2. General Counsel and University Secretary for Vanderbilt

3. General Counsel and University Secretary for Vanderbilt Medical Center

4. Fully Tenured Professor of Law

If you add up how much each individual position would get paid at another private university, I'll venture a guess it would be well in excess of $2.56 million.

I don't claim to know a whole lot about much, but this one is simple. No qualms with his salary from me.


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Ah, my bad then, not yours (it's tough when we use the same abbreviations for people and departments). I do agree that educational inflation is probably not a great topic here. The first place people will point to is an elected official, whether it's a regent or political figure.

Your point is definitely valid, though. At EMU their general fee is assessed at $24.40 per credit hour, and part of that goes to athletics. Compare that to $727.35 per credit hour of tuition for underclass level classes. Obviously that's not ideal, but the brokest AD in the country is collecting about .5 credit hours per semester to partially support the AD. It's the other fifteen that are the bigger problem.


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No way the OP could have known, but there was a board topic on this about a month ago:

Some of the posters in that thread had some insights into the Vanderbilt situation, such as this post from chitownblue2:

"Vanderbilt doesn't have an AD or a formal athletic Department. The man they list is in charge of  a department that includes the Greek System, the Hospital System, and all sports.

In addition, he's the school's General Counsel, a tenured professor of law, and a Vice Chancellor."


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not only is it obscene that Tom Jurich is paid 40% higher than his peers at Texas and OSU but Rick Pitino is the 2nd highest paid hoops coach (and has delivered putrid results in 10 yrs) and Charlie Strong was given a $700k raise (from $1.6 to $2.3 million per year) with a LIFETIME 9-10 record as a head coach.

No question that the UofL athletic dept is running amok.


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Where do they get the money? All that Big East football money that Pitt, Syracuse and WVU are running away from? They won't be able to sustain that for very long without some major donations. You can only play so many Wednesday night games a year.

Mr. Yost

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Just so everyone knows, this topic and link was already discussed about a month ago. I'm not going to go bat-shit crazy like most people do because someone didn't search or because it's a repeat topic.

What I'm posting for is because there is some good information in that thread. I work in athletics administration and a few of us got some good discussion going for those that are interested in this topic.


In the end...the biggest cry on there is not Vanderbilt...who's not getting paid to be the AD. (I can't believe that poster earlier couldn't wrap his head around this fact...), it's not Louisville's AD who is widely considered in athletics to be one of the 3-4 best AD's in the country (Florida's Foley also is always on that list...Gene Smith, like it or not is too).


The biggest surprise? NAVY!

I mean what does that guy have to do? His football team can go 6-6 every year and no one gives a shit. He's a millitary school so he has crazy support. He gets a lot of breaks on living expenses because he works at Navy. They have amazing facilities...I mean check out their football fieldhouse ( And he gets to live in Annapolis, Maryland one of the most beautiful cities in the country!

The guy has it MADE! Low expectations, free everything, great living, and he gets paid a BOATLOAD!

Mr. Yost

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It was after White had struggled with a couple football coaches. He was on his way out. And talks. Plus, too much pressure for most at ND.


As an aspiring AD, I'd never work at ND. Those people are crazy. I'd rather work somewhere where I can enjoy it. It's not like being a player where you want to play at the best schools (unless you're Shavoderick Beaver). To me it's like how I'd never want to be President of the U.S. desire to have that much pressure, stress and half a country hate me when I'm truly never in complete control of the decision being made.