25 years ago today

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It was 25 years ago today, that Bo Schembechler declared "A Michigan Man will coach MIchigan!!"   Bill Frieder was gone and six games later Brent Musberger was on the floor with Bo telling him that he had to hire Steve Fisher now.

What a legacy



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I don't think Bo knew what he said then would morph into what it became.  Frieder had openly accepted another job before the season was over making him no longer a MICHIGAN MAN. I doubt Bo intended for it to become no one without a prior connection to Michigan can ever coach here again. Hell Bo had no prior connection himself.


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Indeed. When Bo was hired, his only "connection" to Michigan was being on the opposing sideline, on the coaching staff at OSU and Northwestern.

I think it's the former football players who wouldn't shut up about a "Michigan man" being the coach during RichRod where that term really took on a life of its own.

Haywood Jablomy

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Excellent post. Your arrow up, sir. Where it went to hell in a hand basket is when Billy Martin was sea sick and MSC hit the bottle a bit too hard, stuffing a round peg in a square hole. I replied to the post that says Bo didn't mean you had to have Michigan ties and it is not the number it says I'm replying to. This happens all the time. Anyone else?


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The Eastern European communist bloc started to crumble as mass demonstrations in Budapest, Hungary persuaded the communist regime to negotiate political power with non-communist parties.

rob f

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because it ended up well.

It was only in the following years that it all went south, but 1989 and the National Championship run remain special. 


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The correct quote is "I don't want somebody from Arizona State coaching a Michigan team, and I want that understood. A Michigan man is gonna coach Michigan."

Bo's definition of "Michigan man" was quite clearly "A man who is employed by the University of Michigan."  It doesn't mean anything beyond that.

Naked Bootlegger

March 15th, 2014 at 1:25 PM ^

Context is everything here, so thanks for the entire quote.  Bo obviously didn't want someone who already had one foot out of the door to another institution coaching UM.   And the rest, as they say, is history.

snarling wolverine

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Depending on how you're defining it, I think we've had two.  If you mean "From WV and considers it home," that would include Yost and RichRod but not Beilein.  If you mean "Employed at WVU at the time we hired him," it includes Beilein and RichRod but not Yost.




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I believe Frieder grew up in the Saginaw area and in fact went to Michigan, so on one level, it doesn't get much more Michigan than that. I know he has said in interviews though that he was a little frustrated with the direction of the program and was unsure that Schembechler would be behind basketball they way that Frieder believed he should be. It seems like there was a little tension there, from what I understand. I could be incorrect though. 


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No you've got it.  Frieder was under some amount of pressure to perform in the 89 Tourny given our early exits from 85-88 and it was no secret that he and Bo didnt exactly see "eye to eye" on a lot of things.  Rumor had it that Bo was NOT happy about the various extra-curricular "activities" that 80's era Michigan basketball seemed to enjoy partaking in and that caused a high degree of tension between the two.  Couple that with Frieder's feeling that Michigan would tilt even MORE towards football with Bo as AD and you have the recipe in place for a regime change.

FWIW Frieder's departure marked the end of Michigan basketball coaches leaving for a "better job" somewhere else.