The year in MgoTopics: January - June

Submitted by Tacopants on December 30th, 2009 at 3:16 AM
Since we're coming up on the new year and all, and I only have boring things to do, I'm going to attempt to recap the year for us.  If you feel as though I left a particularly important topic or board thread off, feel free to post it in a comment and I'll add it in.


5 - Will Campbell re-committed to Michigan, and there was much (slightly  creepy) rejoicing.  Also, first mention I can find of the "Rich Rod recruits 3*s meme")  Slightly ironic that it comes on the day a 5* commits.
7 - Tom VH interviews Tate
9 - Everybody hates Fox broadcasting the MNC game. (seriously, there are more topics than I want to link to)
12 - Brian is compared to Drew Sharp.  Hilarity ensues.
16- GERG! floated as a name, then commits on the 20th
19 - 7 people decided to comment on Tom VH's Cullen Christian interview
22 - I missed the lovefest, and am sad that I'm not Enjoy Life's friend
25 - Conboy and Tropp commit a crime
29 - It's been an up and down month for basketball, but we lose to OSU and are 4-5 in conference.  Tourney aspirations are dimming.
30 - Possibly the first mention of BLACK UNIFORMS!!!, but certainly not the last.


2 - Refs screw us over twice in the same day.  My hatred of Jim Burr grows
4- Signing day.  We lose 2 DTs, gain Q-wash and Jeron Stokes, Adrian Witty and Denard Robinson
5- WLA takes over Mgoblog
6- Tim and Paul are guest posting.  Baby Seal U is announced as a game, the people are unimpressed
12- Dex helpfully UFRs the Ohio State game from November for those who were misinformed
13- Who's your favorite obscure player?
16- Threet   transfers
23- We, uh, lose to Iowa in OT
25- Somehow, there are 299 comments in the Maker's Mark boycott post.
27- We proceed to beat Purdue.

Liveblog is a curse meme lives on strong throughout this month.


2- Seriously guys? 70% of Mgoblog votes against having a liveblog for the last game of the basketball season, against Minnesota
3- Brian realizes he is a harbinger of bad luck
4- Remember Craven Morehead?  He's banned.  Oh, the simple days.
8- There is a counter petition to the petition to get night games.  In other news, people believe that online petitions are noticed.  Also, MAIZE JERSEYS!!!  And people think that MSU is fraudulent and won't do well in the tourney
12- DG commits
16- Basketball makes the tourney
19- And we beat Clemson!
23- then lose to man-child Blake Griffin and OU.  People discover Poole1dan and make fun of him.
25- Spring practice has begun, Hockey bracket is posted,
27- We lose to the zoomies.
28- Speculation on Denard starting starts
29- Oh hey, I found the a classic McFarlin thread.
30- Just so you know, Diclemeg with -1635 points as of posting, thinks Denard will start at QB, and stakes his reputation to it.
31- To help you cope, Coner drops some mad rhymes


7 - I didn't attend the inaugural Mgotailgate at the spring game as I was far too drunk, but here's the plan
9 - Hello: Evan Metrics
13- Tate drops bombs in the spring game
15- Greg Paulus is seriously considering playing quarterback in college.  Hey, another McFarlin thread!  Also, people seriously hate the thought of Greg Paulus.
19- Somebody mentions USC's lack of institutional control.  Way to be 8 months early, and use U$C.
20- Barkavious Mingo vs. Iris Macadangdang in the name of the year
24- Backlash against new posters commences
30- Drew Dileo commits, people are not happy.


5 - McFarlin is banned.  This thread is entertaining.
11- Brian addresses the bitching and overall creepyness.  Anton Scalia bashes Ohio State
18 - "Douchey Mgoblog Users" reminded us to stop talking on our cell phones when ordering sandwiches.
21- People haven't gotten word that online polls won't get us a night game.
25- Mgopoints are halfheartedly introduced.  I start planning my mgopoint retirement fund.

May was kind of a slow month.  I didn't link to the variety of small fights about oversigning, stars, etc.


1- Kelvin and Kevin Grady come back into the fold
3- I include this link only because of Brian's throwaway line at the end: "Daily continues murdering Detroit papers, this time landing an extensive interview with Toney Clemons"  Sadly, the Freep just sat on their interview...
10- WLA vs. GBMW blogfight escalates.  Topic had GOOD MOTOR but FAILS to resolve CONFLICT PEECEFULY.  Also, every month must have the requisite 3* recruit post.
29 - Tim Hardaway Jr. commits to michigan
30 - Mgoblog's secondary USA soccer craze comes to an end with a loss in the Confed Cup to Brazil

Another slow month.  Hopefully I'll get the 2nd half of the year up sometime tomorrow.


Magnum P.I.

December 30th, 2009 at 11:01 AM ^

Great post. I had never heard of MGoBlog before July, and it instantly became my go-to M sports source. Getting the "back story" here is really interesting. Like looking through an old family photo album. [Sniffle, sniffle]. Oh, come on in for a hug.


December 30th, 2009 at 11:04 AM ^

So much has happened, and so little that matters. Nice recap. Part of me wishes I would have just waited to read this and learned another language or something with all the time I would have saved.

Huntington Wolverine

December 31st, 2009 at 4:53 PM ^

I really enjoyed rereading that thread and imagining how it would've developed differently had voting comments up/down had been instituted at the time. I especially love that Brian chimed in halfway through and said that he would leave it up despite banning the troll because of the enjoyable one-liners.