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11/20/2010 - 6:55pm Pfft

That's not negative a billionth points, this is.

Game. Set. I can't start threads - damn it.

11/04/2010 - 12:41pm That game

is still one of my all time favorites. They just couldn't stop him. What a beast.

11/04/2010 - 7:21am How about

Wish List:

Denard's arm fully recovered, regaining his earlier season accuracy and commences a Denardbombing run on Illinois' secondary.

Hopkins trucks some fools, doing his best impression of Minor RAGE, running for over 200 yards.

A win.

11/01/2010 - 8:49pm Yeah...

Sorry about that, FA, my bad. I was drunk and distraught and jibberish is what came out.

10/30/2010 - 11:29pm McGloin

is better than Sheridan and he had some serious talent surround him. He played smart and Royster blew up more than we expected him to.

10/30/2010 - 11:27pm Luck

He's got the fire, we all saw what he did with the defense when he fired them up and had them make a crucial stop.

But the series of unfortunate defensive casualties may be too much to overcome for him. I mean, he has to build it from the ground up and I don't know if there is time for them to improve before even the most ardent RR supporters lose patience.

09/13/2010 - 3:30pm Good choices

So many good selections so far, but personally I was most pleasantly surprised to see James Rogers and not in an "OH GOD NO!" type scenario. I noticed him make a couple of plays that I didn't expect given the apocalyptic talk about our secondary. Of course, given my frenzied (drunk) and uneducated (more drunk) watching of football, I may have missed deficiencies in his performance.

09/12/2010 - 1:04pm Light Brigade

Half the Light Brigade was slaughtered - about 300 were killed, wounded, or MIA. The other 300 survived.

Anyway, the key difference between that Brigade and the Lightspeed Brigade is Dilithium. I melded the poem to my own purposes and did not intend for the original meaning of the poem to be preserved.

The Irish defense was weaker than the Russian cannons.

09/10/2010 - 4:48pm Probably on the travel squad

He's probably going to ND which would mean he was the backup instead of Devin Gardner. That would be good news for him.

09/10/2010 - 1:05pm +1


09/09/2010 - 10:10am Yeah

but I don't think we need the suggestion of some sort of impropriety. The truth is less damaging than the imagination of the enemies of the U when it appears they are trying to hide something. Putting it out there seems less shady.

04/13/2010 - 5:53pm SC2

Having had a chance to play the beta extensively, I'm pretty psyched for the release. It feels a lot like the original, but with some nice changes. I can't wait until the game goes gold, but I'm glad they are doing a lot of balancing of the units.

03/31/2010 - 12:12pm iPhone vs. Droid

I completely understand why the iPhone appeals to some people. It is a sharp phone, but it never felt right for me. The phones are about the same size, but the Droid screen is larger. That wasn't the selling point for me though - a tech spec pissing contest can help you differentiate, but they are both great phones.

To me, it was down to how it felt in my hand. How intuitive the OS was for me. The Droid just felt better and seemed more natural to me. I'd give them both a spin and see which feel like more of a fit for you.

I've heard negative things about the AT&T network in town, but having never used it, I can't say if it is accurate or not. So far, Verizon is solid, even in my half-basement.

03/30/2010 - 12:28pm It is never the hardware, always the user

Well, I'd love to give the phone the credit, but hardware is hardly ever to blame. I cite incompetent user error on this one.

03/29/2010 - 11:18pm Posting on my new droid.

Posting on my new droid. Mgoblog is surprisingly navigable.

03/29/2010 - 11:18pm Posting on my new droid.

Posting on my new droid. Mgoblog is surprisingly navigable.

03/29/2010 - 7:30am So I did it

I bit the bullet and bought two of these bad boys for me and my wife. They'd actually sold out of them at the local Verizon store, but I get to pick them up today. The cool thing was that the local store was able to give me a better deal than I was able to find online for them.

Also, Placentasaurus, if you could hook me up with an invite to Google Voice, that would be sweet.

03/28/2010 - 12:56pm Thanks!

Wow, guys, thanks for all the great tips and info - very helpful. I just found the Droid for $19.99 + $30 activation on wirefly, so I think that may clinch it!

03/28/2010 - 11:56am Google Voice

Yeah, I was reading about that, sounds like a really cool service. I may take you up on that invite if I end up picking up the phone - from what I'm reading in this thread, my likelihood of buying is tipping from 90% to 100% pretty quickly.

03/28/2010 - 11:53am Thanks

Sounds like a good tip, I'll keep that in mind if we don't like the call quality.

03/28/2010 - 11:50am Nevermind

I am reading about rooting right now on one of your helpful links.

03/28/2010 - 11:48am I'm not familiar with rooting

I'm not familiar with rooting an android phone. What are the benefits and the risks?

Just in researching it a little, I've already seen a very positive community which is exciting. My wife and I are both considering picking up Droids and she was complaining that it didn't have a "check-list" program and in 30 seconds I was able to find a checklist app for free for it.

I'm like half a second from pulling the trigger, I just figured if there were any mgoblog users who HATED it, it would give me reason to pause.

03/28/2010 - 11:36am Cursed

For all the hypotheticals on why a business on that corner should be able to find success, I am convinced that that building is cursed. Businesses there have been failing and rebooting since I was in school ten years ago.

03/06/2010 - 6:43am Christmas

My brother in law bought me that for Christmas. Seriously. I won't wear it but my wife loves it on account of the warmness.

03/01/2010 - 1:24pm ?

There is a + 1 button?


02/05/2010 - 10:53am +1

+1 for such an apt G.I. Joe analogy

02/03/2010 - 9:37am Weird

Your girlfriend is your Mom? Oedipal much?

12/30/2009 - 5:26pm Also

It needs the inspirational music to go with the highlight reel.

12/26/2009 - 8:06am the blanket with sleeves

I got a Michigan snuggie. I think it was a joke, but my wife was excited because she wants to wear it.

12/17/2009 - 10:35am U of M Catering Rules

Different buildings and rooms have different amounts. A couple rooms in the league are very reasonable, though I think they require you to use Michigan Catering.

We choose to go to a different site but used U of M catering anyhow. They were damned professional, some of the most affordable options we looked at and they helped with stuff they weren't even supposed to, like setting up and putting out flowers. They showed up with like an army of people to bring in the food and prep and then left 3 or 4 to refill stuff during the reception. The food was fresh and good too.

Consider them if you are looking for catering. Don't consider Zingerman's unless you're catering for 4 people. Though you can go to Zingerman's and try their food if you're looking for catering and it is really good and free. Probably my favorite wedding prep trip.

12/15/2009 - 3:11pm How about?

The Bigger 12

Take that, smaller, more rural 12!

12/07/2009 - 6:21am agreed, insectosaurus FTW!

agreed, insectosaurus FTW!

12/05/2009 - 9:24am Dark Knight Returns

It has been a while, did Dark Knight Returns feature a panel with Batman holding a sniper rifle. Because that was awesome.

12/05/2009 - 9:23am Sin City

Like Sandman, not exactly a single work, but it is hard to go wrong with any of those stories. I read the all after seeing the movie and I was not disappointed.

12/05/2009 - 9:21am V for Vendetta

I loved the movie but I found the graphic novel of V to be almost unreadable. I simply hated it. Hasn't happened with any other graphic novel/ movie adaptations, but I read Watchman before it was a movie.

12/03/2009 - 3:27pm Lowes. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Lowes. Bed, Bath, and Beyond was Sunday.

11/30/2009 - 7:34am LCD TVs

If you're in the market for an HDTV, Best Buy, Sony Style and Amazon have a couple deals going on offering a free PS3 or blueray player with purchase.

I watched the Wisconsin game at a friend's house on one of these 46" Samsung and while not a terribly good game, it was one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. Except when Bret Bielemas' head game on the TV and it was three feet high - yikes!

Anyhow, some of these deals are better than others, particularly with the Sony. I've read reviews (c-net) that rate the W series the same as the XBR, so buyer beware:………

11/23/2009 - 7:36pm Title is misleading

I was expecting there to be some sort of use of He-Man mythology to help me understand Michigan football. Instead, I got charts.

I miss Battle Cat.

11/20/2009 - 9:51pm When was the last time we had

When was the last time we had a regime change that left some players feeling disgruntled? Once the allegations (sour grapes) are out there is the NCAA's responsibility to investigate them.

RR can't control what ex-players allege about the program. They're obvious pissed and feel they were wronged, so they mouth off.

If I say you attacked me - the police are going to investigate, but the act of investigation doesn't say anything about actual guilt or wrongdoing.

11/20/2009 - 9:23pm Guess what?

Investigation != guilt

11/20/2009 - 7:11pm What?

No. Just no.

They're idiots because they don't recognize the situation we're in or because they think it should've gone another way.

Guess what? Rod isn't going to run a pro-style offense. He doesn't have a whole lot of use for Ryan Mallett. This is the situation we're in and given those parameters - he's doing fine. Calling for his head before he has even started to get the personnel for his system is ridiculous.

A) People who don't like him all want him to be fired.
B) Firing a coach who hasn't had adequate time to put together his team is stupid.

A + B = C) People who don't like him are stupid.

11/20/2009 - 1:58pm Funny

I never thought of that hype video as a prediction of this season. I thought of it more as encapsulating that feeling when things are working versus when they are just falling apart. I still think of that song whenever Michigan is doing well.

Sports wouldn't give us the enormous highs of victory if we didn't also take the terrible lows. I would never give up the elation of winning the Notre Dame game so I didn't have to feel like this every weekend during football season. I think that is what makes us all crazy - that we don't give up despite all evidence suggesting we should.

And as much as I've tried mentally tried to crush it, I still harbor the hope that we could win on Saturday. It still lives, a cursed seed in my heart. Hope - I hate you, but I can't live without you.

11/17/2009 - 7:03pm If you pick your wife well,

If you pick your wife well, she'll watch the games with you. Mine gets almost as much into the games as I do.

11/17/2009 - 7:00pm Everyone murder people.

Everyone murders people.

11/04/2009 - 6:23am 1997 and rose colored glasses

Reminds me of != is as good as

Obviously the Big Ten is crap this year.

Maybe I simply recall too strongly our bowl game that year and how easily it could've gone the other way, but I remember some of those games feeling closer than the score suggests. I remember relying on defense points when the god-child was on our team. I also remember not expecting a national championship that year. We just seemed to keep winning. So far, Iowa has managed to do that. As bad as the Big Ten is, I wouldn't be surprised if they went undefeated in the regular season.

09/29/2009 - 12:37pm Video examples

This is hugely informative, especially with the video examples. I'm not great at visualizing, but the video examples make it incredibly clear.

09/26/2009 - 8:38am Michigan's line

I liked it better when I thought you were saying Michigan's line was -205. But then I realized it was typo. Dang.

Good read, interesting thoughts on the weekend.

09/23/2009 - 11:05am Other Teams?

While these numbers have issues as mentioned by smarter people than me, I'd be interested to know what OTHER teams numbers look like. What did Carr era teams scoring look like? Bo era? What about Tressel? Meyer?

I'm not sure that they have any significance in terms of conditioning, I simply find them to be interesting numbers.

09/17/2009 - 5:21pm Latin

Speaking in dead languages is not a good way to make friends.

09/06/2009 - 2:59pm Yeah

Though, I'd like to have the tragedies be less relevant this year.