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Brian August 8th, 2008 at 1:57 PM


This whole QB situation intrigues me. I think of Newsome as a "Black Tim Tebow" and I hope he can live up to that title. It seems to me that Forcier does not care about a QB situation and feels he can outshine who ever else hes going up against. I must admit but I do not know very much about Beaver but anyone who runs a 4.5 at 6'4" is not bad in my book. In an ideal world, would you rather have Newsome backed up by Forcier or Newsome backed up by Beaver? If Forcier does decide to come to Michigan, which wouldnt surprise me, would you think that they would try to convert one of three or would you expect one of them to decommit?


I don't think there's any way Michigan crams three quarterbacks into the class. If Forcier commits, someone's out the door. IMO, that would mean Newsome had decommitted first. But we can take a trip to Fantasy Fairyland, where Notre Dame has twenty straight national championships and Michigan State didn't blow a late lead against Michigan that one time, if you want. In Fantasy Fairyland, Forcier commits and the three recruits duke it out with Threet and Feagin for the starting job in 2009. Of those five players, only Forcier (shortish, smallish) and Threet (Lurch) don't project to another position. Feagin had DB/WR offers from LSU and Miami. Beaver has a WR offer from Texas. And when Newsome was going through his period of poor performance at camps, you could just feel the recruiting gurus begging for a move to linebacker.

In an ideal world Michigan would take all three and then have one transfer out in a couple years after getting beaten out, but that sounds distinctly sub-optimal for that recruit, and all of the guys looking at Michigan are extremely clear that they consider themselves quarterbacks. Beaver grew up a huge Texas fan and wanted to go there, just not as a wide reciever.

As to who I prefer between Forcier and Beaver: that's moot, IMO. Beaver's sticking and will be one of the QB recruits in this class. The choice, if there is one, is between Newsome and Forcier. I've made it clear that Newsome is my guy, no offense to Forcier and his ridiculous completion percentage.

Why is there so much concern/publicity over the lack of an experienced QB at Michigan. Just four years ago a second string QB named Chad Henne, who no one had even heard of, started for the Wolverines and went on to win the Big Ten.
Aside from gameday experience (which cannot be practiced or replicated) Michigan has, at worst, a 5-star QB recruit and a 3-star "athlete" who happened to run and pass a lot in high school. To me this doesn't seem so bad.
Besides, if you are overhauling and entire program like Rodriguez is, wouldn't you almost want "inexperience" at QB as opposed to deprogramming someone who would have to unlearn the old system?
Does this make sense or am I just trying to see a silver lining?
Richmond, VA

There was a huge difference between the quarterback situation in 2004 and the situation now. In 2004, Michigan had three top 100 players duking it out: a redshirt sophomore who was the #4 QB when he was recruited, a redshirt freshman who was the #5 QB, and a true freshman who was the #3 QB. Henne, in particular, could have gone to any school he wanted. Whoever comes out of that mess ahead has already beaten out some serious competition and is likely to be at least all right. Also, they were big tall strong pocket passers in a system for big tall strong pocket passers.

This year, Michigan has a four-star (not, unfortunately, a five-star) guy who was the #9 QB his recruiting year, a walk-on, and a three-star freshman who was mostly recruited as a defensive back or wide receiver. The one guy the recruiting services liked is a big tall strong pocket passer in a system for Pat White or Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick.

So, yeah: you're just looking for the silver lining.


I just got back from Moe Sport Shops and they have just recieved a shipment of new adidas jerseys--more #1, and now #10 and #4. Given that the athletic department decides which jersey numbers should be made, this looks like Brandon Minor will be given the first chance at running back this fall. In 2005, Nike made #3 jerseys (Grady), but they were still making #20, plus I think they started making them midway through the season after Hart was injured and Grady was carrying the ball regularly; given this it would seem that Minor will get the starter's job against Utah.

Kepp up the good work!

--Brian I.

Just FYI, and another indicator this season is going to be a weird one: they're making jerseys for guys (#1) who don't exist.



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Yeah, I was wondering who #10 was so I googled for Michigan's roster.  I was thinking it was Threet but wasn't sure.  It is. 

I discovered that Rival's roster for Michigan doesn't actually have Threet on it for some reason.


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Actually this is sort of related to a question I asked on the forum. Beaver, Newsome and Mike Jones have all said they want to enroll early, but with the scholarship rules/accounting it seems like Michigan may only have room to allow one or maybe two to do that. If Michigan can only have one early enrollment and they have to choose between Newsome and Beaver, wouldn't that effectively kill their chances to land both? Not only that but wouldn't it probably kill their chances of landing any other 4-star or higher QB for 2009?


August 8th, 2008 at 3:35 PM ^

you're asking if not allowing both QBs to enroll early will kill our chances of keeping both of them? the answer is a definitive no. it's all moot anyway as both beaver and newsome will be enrolling early.


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Grady is #24. #3 is Brown, and I think Feagin is wearing it today. Fuck if I know what number he;ll be wearing in a couple days.

West Texas Blue

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People just aren't to give up on the Forcier/Newsome thing. Forcier had his chance, Beaver beat him to it, and there's nothing else to say. Taking another QB is dumb, because it takes away another schollie in a year in which we still haven't pulled in any true DEs and need another CB or two. Also if we take 3 QBs, that ends any chance of taking a QB in next year's class, in which we'll miss out on Devin Gardner and Robert Bolden, two highly regarded dual threat 2010 state of Michigan prospects. Tate Forcier is not coming to Michigan.


August 8th, 2008 at 3:58 PM ^

Alternatively, Forcier is coming and Newsome is not.


People keep going back to the Tebow-Leak OMG thing, but Leak was an old man and Tebow was a freshman. If they had both been recruits at the same time, they wouldn't have both gone to UF.

There is no possible world where Forcier and Newsome come to Michigan. It isn't happening. 

Blue in Seattle

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What was so great about John Navarre? Did he even play an exhibition game in the NFL?

Looking through the athletes selected, SI pulled choices from many sports and from a long period of time.

For all the true team sports the athletes selected were not only involved in a National Championship, but were the key to attaining the championship.

A notable exception was Desmond Howard, and the Heismen Trophy is an award given by Sports Writers. So they've already said he's the greatest once.

Navarre never learned to look off his receivers. Yes strong arm, but he never seemed to be that smart about his decisions.

I think many of the people he threw the ball to play in the NFL though.


August 8th, 2008 at 5:37 PM ^

Not sure if you were in school at the time, but by his senior year, Navarre for Heisman was an ironic joke T-shirt that many people on campus (myself included) wore proudly (I still do).  I think Cannibal is playing to the sentiments of that group of people.  If he is serious, than wtf? is probably the best response.



August 8th, 2008 at 6:00 PM ^

The biggest problem with the Henne-in-2004 comparison is that Henne performed really, really well for a first-year starter (let alone a freshman). Most of our new QB starters in recent years have been considerably worse.  Also: the fact that Henne had one of the greatest WRs in school history to throw to helped a bit. 

Electron Erectshon

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