2010 Recruiting: Terry Talbott

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Huber Heights, OH - 6'3" 245


Scout 3*, #41 DT
Rivals 3*, #61 DT
ESPN 3*, 75, #97 DT
Others NR
Other Suitors North Carolina, Wisconsin, UCLA, Michigan State
YMRMFSPA Grant Bowman or Scooter Berry
Previously On MGoBlog Commitment post. Tom interviews Talbott. FNL takes in a Wayne game.
Notes Brother of CB recruit Terrance Talbott.

Also 2008 highlights exist.

Terry Talbott is the older and much larger of the Talbott brothers. Born nine months and one day(!) before his brother Terrance. For a detailed psychoanalysis of the naming process there check Terrance's profile, or you can just take the mother's word on it:

"I was crazy in the hospital. They had me medicated up when they asked me for a name. Terrence just came out."

Thus are legends born. Terry, the elder, ended up a half-foot taller and close to a hundred pounds heavier. He's fortunate. My younger brother is currently 6'4". I am not.

Anyway, despite Terry's massive size advantage over his brother his relative lack of it compared to, say, Will Campbell is the main drag on his recruiting rankings above. You can either look at pictures in which he looks more like a tight end than a DT or listen to any of the many evaluations that mention the word "tweener," but the story is the same. ESPN's version($):

Talbott plays a little out of position in high school as a defensive tackle. In college he could be looking at a move to defensive end though he could still project to tackle. If he stays inside he will need to add serious bulk to his frame. Looks on film to have the build to be able to add more good size. … While build wise a move to end may be a better fit, long term skill wise staying at tackle may be better. … Talbott is a solid prospect, but a bit of 'tweener position wise right now.

When not talking about his inconvenient size, the evaluator praises his "ability to explode off the ball" and criticizes various technique issues with his hands and lowing his head. The word "adequate" pops up more than once, which is never a good sign, and the 75 rating he ended up with makes him the third lowest-ranked recruit in the class (Ray Vinopal and Courtney Avery are lower). Rivals's Greg Ladky caught a game during his senior year:

PERFORMANCE: He made a couple of tackles early, sprained his ankle late in the second quarter and played through obvious pain the rest of the way. While he wasn't as productive as he was in Week 1, he perhaps was more impressive due to his effort playing through an injury.
STRENGTHS: He's quick off the snap and has the eyes and recognition skills to finish plays.
WEAKNESSES: He does not have ideal size for a defensive tackle or the best frame for a defensive end. I would rather not call him a "tweener" because I think he is good enough to succeed at either position and "tweener" is often construed as a negative term. Talbott just doesn't have the eye-opening size that other elite defensive linemen have.

More of the same there, with Ladky's assertion that he doesn't want to use "tweener" unconvincing given the rating he ended up with.

That's the downside. The upside is his ability to get into the backfield. As a high school player he is crushingly effective. His coach:

"He's very big, very explosive and has a great change of direction," Minton said. "He's got an uncanny ability to get to the football and control the line of scrimmage. He creates a new line of scrimmage."

Ohio football observer Duane Long on Talbott's performance at OSU's camp:

Huber Heights Wayne defensive tackle prospect Terry Talbott has come in and put on a show. … Notice how often he does not use his hands. Needs a lot of work. He is just beating his opponents with elite level explosion off the ball. I have not heard measurables listed yet but the words "physical specimen" are being thrown about. We are kicking around a lot of names right now with the camp but I am not going to be surprised to see this one as the next Buckeye offer.

Meanwhile, his Scout scouting report mentions a high motor, excellent work ethic, and coachability. In a Rivals article($), an opposing coach who runs the option declares he "couldn't imagine" attempting to run an offense in which you'd actually have to block him, declaring "You'd need to dedicate two or three blockers on every play just to have a shot at defending him." Talbott is compared to Spartan DT and fellow Wayne HS alum Jerel Worthy, who you may remember tearing through Michigan's offensive line last year en route to freshman All-America recognition. Michigan State currently lists Worthy at 292, FWIW—Talbott has a long ways to go if he's going to get there.

In addition to all this, this blog's own Tim took in last year's Wayne-Princeton game, a 21-4 Wayne victory, and came away impressed:

Talbott was the Warriors' defensive MVP, e-fact. He was constantly in the opposing backfield, whether he was lined up at tackle or end. He was a quick penetrating type, and even when the Vikings started trying to counter against that (eventually), he was harassing QBs, forcing running backs into his teammates, and generally being a disruptive force. He doesn't have the biggest frame in the world, but there is certainly potential to add some mass and be a quick-penetrating "SEC-style" (ugh, shoot me) defensive tackle when he arrives in Ann Arbor. Trust me, he may be a little underrated because he's a tweener, but I think this kid is an absolute steal.

That combination of explosion, potential, and effort saw Terry pick up offers from Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, UCLA, Arkansas, NC State, Kentucky, and "a couple of other Big Ten schools" by July. Michigan hadn't yet pulled the trigger. When Michigan did, it didn't take long for the brothers to reciprocate. By August both were committed. Terry had a late flirtation with North Carolina, but stuck with Michigan and his brother on Signing Day. The Fax of Destiny is pictured above. I like to think whoever took it said "fax for the camera, baby."

At Michigan, Talbott steps into a situation where there are just two NT/DT types on the roster who will be around after what will presumably be a redshirt year. He has potential if he can add weight and maintain his quickness, but the skeptical rankings above seem about right to me. Adding 50 pounds and still being fast is quite a trick.

Etc.: Terry on his younger brother:

"If I'm down, he'll pick me up," Terry said. "If he's down, I'll pick him up. In football or not, I'm his big brother. I'm going to be on his side if anything's wrong and see if he's OK. We'll keep going through the good times or bad times."

Why Grant Bowman? Bowman was an active, effective three-tech defensive tackle despite checking in at just over six feet tall. By the time he was flitting around NFL practice squads and the World League he was up to 290, but as a recruit he was considerably smaller.

That's the Michigan connection, but a more recent and perhaps more accurate comparison is with current West Virginia senior DL Scooter Berry, who was a 245-pound fullback recruit back in high school and now pushing 290. Berry redshirted and then was an instant starter despite his lack of size. As a sophomore he was second-team All Big East; his junior year was marred by a shoulder injury. Fun biographical fact: Berry is the half-brother of legendary bust Jason Gwaltney. And yes, he's in that infamous picture.

Guru Reliability: Just less than high. Consensus on his ability, but apparently no combines.
General Excitement Level: Moderate. If Talbott was Warren Sapp's size he'd be Warren Sapp but the reason Warren Sapp is Warren Sapp is that people Warren Sapp's size don't move like Warren Sapp. Deep breath. Anyway: it's a tough choice between Talbott's ability to crush competition ranging from good high school opponents to various D-I prospects at Ohio State's camp and the idea that he's a 6'3"-ish defensive tackle who may need to put on 50 pounds to play consistently in the Big Ten. Will Talbott come out the other end of the Barwis machine anything like the player he went in?
Projection: Obvious redshirt on both size and technique grounds. Will probably mostly watch his second year as well. From there, could be one of those very good college players with no real NFL future—see that entire Bowman-era DL—or could fade away due to size limitations.



July 8th, 2010 at 3:34 PM ^

I'm not an OB but I've heard of some women ovulating while they are still pregnant.  The thing is, 40 weeks is considered full term, and that is actually 9 & 1/2 mo's, which means Terry - Edit: I mean Terrance - would have had to be premature, or the other thing.  That makes sense considering premie babies tend to grow up to be smaller than full-term babies.


July 8th, 2010 at 3:24 PM ^

...too confusing with the names, but why couldn't Terry Talbott's YMRMFSPA be Terrance Taylor?  Why couldn't Talbott add 40-50 pounds to a frame that's 3 inches or so taller than Taylor's?

Who's to say he can't keep his agility intact while he Barwisizes?


July 8th, 2010 at 3:41 PM ^

Is the 6'3" 245lbs the consensus we are working with on his size?   Because Rivals has him listed an inch taller and 10lbs heavier than that, and those numbers were from about a year ago.  I suppose we'll find out soon when the fall roster comes out (anyone know about when that happened last year?) but it's possible he's in the 260's during his RS season and makes his way up to the 270's or knocking on the door of 280 by his RS frosh season.  That's still a little undersized for a DT, but not by a whole lot. 

It will be interesting what he looks like after a full year of Barwis.

EDIT: I just checked Scout, and they list him at 6'3" 260lbs.  So there is a little disagreement on the height, but both sites have him weighing it at 255-260lbs. 


July 8th, 2010 at 3:41 PM ^

Why are we trying to get 50lbs on a kid with "elite athleticism"?   I think this kid is pegged for the RVB position on the line and would be ideal at about 270.     I think Brians been beaten down the last couple of years, we need more optimism.    I appreciate the realism approach in the OMG Shirtless world, but we need a pick me up.    5-7 is as much realism as I can stand.      I say Reggie White for a ceiling and for a floor Tim Jamison.......


July 8th, 2010 at 4:00 PM ^

Well, he might be playing the spot RVB played last year, but probably not the one RVB will play this year.  The biggest reason?  We have a lot of guys at that position right now, and not nearly as many at the DT spots.  If Terry played DE, he's be battling LaLota one year ahead of him, Jibreel Black and Kenny Wilkins in his class and Chris Rock in the class below him, all for one position.  However, at the 3-tech DT spot, there is no one in the class above him, one other guy in his class (and maybe zero if Ash grows into a NT) and no one yet in the class behind him (but that will likely change). 

Terry's ideal weight will depend a lot on what is actual weight is now.  If he comes in at 245, you might be right, but if he shows up at 260 (or more) then he'll probably out grow the DE spot by his second year of eligibility, and based on the other guys we have for the DL spots, let's hope he does.


July 8th, 2010 at 3:51 PM ^

This is the kind of kid Iowa and Wisconsin turn into effective upperclassmen that give us all headaches. I'm glad we've got him on the roster.

Marley Nowell

July 8th, 2010 at 4:10 PM ^

Solid offer list including Butch Davis @ UNC.  And the word "explosive" was used several times.  They should at least be better than the Massey brothers.


July 8th, 2010 at 5:42 PM ^

The UNC offer is what impressed me as well. Carolina's 2010 defense is chock full of future NFL players, at least according to the NFL draft prediciting type guys.  I think that their coaches probably have a pretty good eye for defensive talent.


July 8th, 2010 at 4:31 PM ^

If Talbott was Warren Sapp's size he'd be Warren Sapp but the reason Warren Sapp is Warren Sapp is that people Warren Sapp's size don't move like Warren Sapp.

Love it.