Antonio Kinard Qualified

Submitted by His Dudeness on December 23rd, 2010 at 10:55 AM

Antonio Kinard qualified for the University of Michigan and will join the class.



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Many plus ones to you, sir. Convey congratulations. I am so happy for someone who put in the hard work to qualify and to join Michigan. This is such a tremendous reflection on Antonio, and is worth a "star" to me. This in itself is a statement that he is the right kind of guy and will be a great fit for the wolverines. Please encourage him to enjoy this Christmas gift, and to keep at it. Guys like him who give 100% over time are great, and pay huge dividends to the program. With all he has gone through, I'm sure Antonio realizes what a blessing this is, and that he is not "entitled" to anything.


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Antonio talked to the coaches about a week ago, and they apparently told him that if he passed he was in for this class. Take that fwiw, because sometimes the message gets mixed around and isn't always 100% the case.

With that being said, he only needed an 800 to qualify, and he got a 940. He hasn't talked to the coaches yet today, but he's trying to get a hold of them later in the afternoon. 

I don't want to say he's definitively in this class, or that he's not in this class. I'm not really sure yet.

If he is in this class, he will enroll in January.


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Am I the only person who worries about the public school system every time I read about a kid struggling to score an 800?  Many of these kids seem intelligent and must have at least had their butts in a classroom for four years.  You think they would accidentally learn enough to score an 800.  Whether it is poor test taking skills (which can be improved) or poor prep from their schools, that is really sad.  I bet they had someone working with them on improving their 40 times, how much harder is it to quiz them on vocabulary words?

- Edit for whomever is negging me - I am being critical of the schools, not the kids.


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You are way off base, Gordie.  The only thing I ever said about dreads is that I don't like to see them sticking out the back of helmets.  I have spent many years working with kids in both school settings and in shelter settings, and I can tell you that many of the problems they face are because of failures of others.  You read the story of someone like Shawn Conway and then hear that he can't qualify for a college scholorship and it should bother you.  Most of the kids who end up not qualifying give up or for whatever reason never make it back to the school they were trying to get into originally.  There are some kids with bigger issues that would probably struggle to pass these standardized tests even with extra help, but I think a majority of them would do fine with better preparation from their schools. 

OMG Shirtless

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This is what Gordie Bell was referring to:

UMDad: It bothers me that if I am walking back to my car from a Tiger's game and there are two white teenages walking one way and two black teenagers walking the other, I am more concerned about the black teenagers for no other reason than that they are black.

Now obviously the context is different, and UMDad clarified what he was saying, but this is what Gordie Bell was referring to.


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"The only thing I ever said about dreads is that I don't like to see them sticking out the back of helmets."

Why not?

Your posts often seem thoughtful, but in all honesty, writing something like that makes you look like a Family Values type that has plagued Rich Rodriguez.  You aren't really Kurt Wermers, are you?


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Of course he can have a preference.  That (and straw men) aside, dreads are one of the many things used to beat RichRod over the head, so it's hard not to sometimes question their use in posts here.

- - -

Aside: I don't clearly see what Christmas has to do with MGoBlog posts.


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Did you see Suh drag a guy down by his hair in the Lion's game?  That is why I don't like to see it hanging out the back of their helmets.  I wouldn't want to see a hooded sweatshirt sticking out either.  I do have a little old fashioned streak in me but I can write it off to college kids being college kids.  I have a cousin with a ring in his eyebrow, and a friend with a ring on the middle part of her nose.  I think both look ridiculous and make fun of them all of the time, but all in good fun.


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I realize that UofM is PCU, but give me a break.  I said that Tate Forcier seemed better at reading defenses than Denard Robinson and that Denard seemed like more of a runner than a QB.  Denards success as an overall QB has proven me wrong on many of my reservations about him as a QB, but I think there is still some argument about his ability to read defenses and pass the ball.  I still think Tate is a better passer, but now feel that overall we are better with Denard at the helm.  Suggesting that a white kid might me better at something than a black kid does not in any way shape or form suggest racism unless the assertion is that it is BECAUSE one is white and one is black.  I was insulted then when it was suggested and I am insulted now. 


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Even with the threat of being a very dangerous runner, Denard Robinson's reading of defenses has been suspect.  I don't think it's a stretch to agree with UMDad's assertion that Robinson lags behind Forcier in that area. 

Forcier threw 4 interceptions this year (and 4 TDs), but in my opinion, he reads defenses fairly's just that his arm/decision making doesn't always cooperate.  Additionally, teams KNOW that when Forcier is in the game, he's more likely to throw than run. 

So anyway...if you're looking to crucify UMDad, you're probably just looking for someone to crucify.