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I'm going to Columbus for the first time this year and I was wondering if there are any places to park where your car is guaranteed not to get messed with. Is this even really that big of a concern? I do drive a car that makes it very clear I am a Michigan fan (even if I took off my UofM bumper sticker I'd still have one of those little great lakes ones, a Detroit Zoo membership, Michigan plates, and its an electric blue Ford), and am a little worried based on what everyone tells me about being in Ohio. Are there any parking spots where people have had good experiences? I've thought about renting but that seems like a hassle. I'd be willing to pay a fair amount of money to know my car will be safe. Thanks!



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and it is GREAT. It is  at a building called Franklin County Board Arc West and the address is 250 W Dodridge S. It is a mile north of the stadium and a nice gentle

pleasant walk through an area on the other side of the river from the stadium and

most of campus. 

I learned about it on MGoBlog and I promise it is a winner. By the way, I have gone to

every game we have played there for over 40 years and never had a real problem. Go,

enjoy, and win!


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If you're into the free stuff, south of the stadium about a 20 minute walk, there is a east-west street called King. All the streets south of there are free neighborhood parking and it will be largely empty for the game weekend due to thanksgiving. He majority of students who live there are from Ohio and will be home. Source: I lived there for 4 years of medical school.

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You must park by the time you get to Toledo and über the rest of the way. If you will be wearing Michigan gear then be well armed and stay alert and beware the mullet head zombies of Ohio.

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How about backing your vehicle into the parking spot ? 

This way they wont be able to see the license plate or bumper stickers unless they go behind the car  .  Just back it up as much as you can to a vehicle already parked behind you .

In Ohio they have plates on the front and back by law. But this is Ohio. I dont think they will be smart enough to figure out or even pay attention to a missing front license plate .

Just my thought on the subject . Lots of other good advice already presented. Good luck to you and your car .


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Find the nicest hotel in Columbus (maybe a Days Inn)? Park there. Take an uber. Trashy people are likely to stay away from a nice hotel.

Or park in a corporate lot a few miles away and uber. People won't be working in corporate jobs then, but there will still be a couple of random cars around, so you should be fine.

Alternatively, rent a car and get full coverage.

Jack Hammer

October 11th, 2016 at 4:49 PM ^

Assuming we are both undefeated, I plan to go to The Game as well.  It will be my first visit to the toilet bowl.  I am going to wear as much Michigan shit as possible and not back down from anyone.  It doesn't hurt that I have no fear of physical harm and a pain threshhold that would make John Rambo blush.  Bring that shit to me.


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when he was announcing 'the game' down in columbus.  i was but a lad then, but i still remember hearing the quote as we watched the game and thinking, 'oh man, can you say that on t.v.?'   as ufer was doing the opening remarks to the broadcast he commented:

'ladies and gentlemen, there are 84,000 fans here in ohio stadium.  10,000 maize and blue supporters, and 74,000 truck drivers!'



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Its not that bad. My brother and I made our first trip down there for the '06 game. I wore my Michigan #1 jersey. All the abuse we received was verbal. No physical harm to body or car. I was 21, maybe I was naive and lucky? We walked all over by the stadium, again all abuse was just verbal. In a way I was disappointed.


October 11th, 2016 at 4:53 PM ^

Park on Berkshire Road near North Star Avenue.  You will see a Michigan flag hanging from a stone house on the south side of the street.  You will find shelter there.  

Then, it is a 1.5 mile walk down North Star to Guilford Avenue and up the walking path to Woody Hayes to Hell's Gates. 


October 11th, 2016 at 4:57 PM ^

It's far, like 45 min walk, but my parking garage (in cbus) on Hubbard avenue and high street is expensive and somewhat monitored. If you plan on making a day of it, I would park there, $20 a day, and back in. There are lots of restaraunts and bars in that area, the short north.


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When I went a couple years ago, I just made sure to park my car at a place that had an attendant the entire time. Only another buckeye local can fend them off from your car.


LIke others have said, the people are definitely unpleasant, people will yell and berate you no matter how much you mind your own business. But if you mind your own business and don't talk shit to anyone, you should be ok. Although we didn't win when I went ... that could be a whole different shitstorm .. I'd suggest getting the hell out as soon as the clock ticks 0 either way.




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Went down there years ago.  Stopped off at Metro airport for a rental call.  Took out FULL insurance.  Well worth it.  Parked on the Golf course and when I got back the antenae was broken off; the car was keyed, and the windshield was smashed.

Oh yeah.  Get a car without Michigan plates.


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Their debauchery serves their intended purpose. How many stadiums in the country intimidate the other team's fans? Others may boast about creating a home field advantage through crowd noise, but OSU intimidates other fans from even coming to the stadium.

What people outside of Columbus do not realize is that even rational people in Columbus think this is the way football is everywhere. I live just north of Columbus and took friends to AA for The Game a few years back, they were flabberghasted at how polite everyone was to them despite their OSU jerseys.

That being said, I wore my UM jacket to 2 years worth of MBA classes and never had a real problem. I went to The Game with Seth a few years back, the worst we got was a few threats and swears. Don't respond when they yell  at you, and you will be fine. If you don't get spit on, or a beer dumped on you - consider yourself lucky.


October 11th, 2016 at 5:47 PM ^

Park up at Ackerman as suggested... this spot is close enough and your car most likely will not get damaged... dont have Michgan plates or anything Michigan.  Its great you are playing well but this will most likely be your worst time to vist Shoe ever ... honestly the crazy's are waiting for you... it will be bad initially for you, really bad for you if the Buckeyes win and really really bad for you if the Buckeyes lose... good luck


October 11th, 2016 at 5:51 PM ^

And for my first two years living down here I was about a mile from the shoe. Park in Upper Arlington, which is a neighborhood about 1.5-2 miles away. Make the walk. You'll have nothing to worry about since that's a pretty rich area.


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When I was a student, we went down for the 1996 using borrowed Ohio plates (stopped at the house of one of the people I was with, a native of Maumee) on my car, and no visible Michigan gear inside the car and that seemed to work despite the fact that borrowing plates is frowned upon from a law standpoint. 

A few years later, we switched cars at their house. Ever since then, the few times I've gone, I basically park at lots where there is security and an attendant and walk since most of them seem to be some distance away. Haven't run into issues beyond eggs and keying. Fortunately, the car that was keyed was paid off and I have a cousin that does paint and body work. 


October 11th, 2016 at 6:09 PM ^

You don't need osu memorabilia if you have a rental. If you take your Michigan car, no one will touch it if you have some visible osu stuff in whichever window is facing out. I'd echo the person that said park in upper Arlington, it's a short uber ride from the stadium, quick access to the freeways and a safe neighborhood. Expect to have some things yelled at you, but I wouldn't think anything harsher than that unless you invite it. Don't expect to go to bars unless you want to get harassed. Even osu students dislike the blacked out Greeks that dominate the bar scene on gamedays.


October 11th, 2016 at 6:16 PM ^

We've reserved our car rental and made a note Ohio plates. Was going to buy a parking pass for closer to the stadium but reading all this stuff now hesistant...


October 11th, 2016 at 7:06 PM ^

Not kidding. Rent a car. You need to show nothing on the outside they hints of being a Michigan fan. You can park near the stadium. I keep a low profile until I leave my car. I don't wear a hat or any Michigan identifying marks until I park. Otherwise no one will let your car merge, may not let you park, and just general hassle. So prepare to get vibes. Rent a car. Park. Then gear up. Go blue.