M wrestling beats Northwestern 30-9

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Michigan’s #4 ranked wrestling team beat Northwestern 30-9 today on BTN.  Impressive victory by Micic at 133 pounds beating the #1 ranked 125lb wrestler who moved up for this match.  The losses were all fairly disappointing, Parris and Pantaleo continue to be a bit up and down and Amine seems to be getting worse as the season goes on.  That said, Pantaleo had a tough match up, hope he has a good Big Ten tournament to help that seeding come NCAAs.  Micic is the real deal, it will be fun to watch him in the tournament.  


Hwt -- #16 Conan Jennings (NU) dec. #6 Mason Parris, 7-5  [NU, 3-0]
125 -- #15 Drew Mattin (U-M) pinned Matthew Vinci, 4:04  [U-M, 6-3]
133 -- #1 Stevan Micic (U-M) dec. Sebastian Rivera, 10-4  [U-M, 9-3]
141 -- #6 Kanen Storr (U-M) major dec. Alec McKenna, 13-5  [U-M, 13-3]
149 -- Shayne Oster (NU) dec. Malik Amine, 8-3  [U-M, 13-6]
157 -- #3 Ryan Deakin (NU) dec. #5 Alec Pantaleo, 11-9  [U-M, 13-9]
165 -- #7 Logan Massa (U-M) major dec. Tyler Morland, 16-4  [U-M, 17-9]
174 -- Reece Hughes (U-M) pinned Braxton Cody, 1:18  [U-M, 23-9]
184 -- #20 Jelani Embree (U-M) major dec. Brendan Devine, 16-5  [U-M, 27-9]
197 -- Jackson Striggow (U-M) dec. Zack Chakonis, 10-5  [U-M, 30-9]


Also of note, this is Michigan’s third match on BTN in three weeks, which is three more than the hockey team I believe.  I suspect this is a continued point of frustration for Brian.



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The Micic/Rivera match was the highlight of the duel.  Kudos to Rivera for taking the challenge of wrestling up in weight.  Micic has a lot of strong performances of late, he's the favorite (right now) for NCAA among a crowded field.

I have my issues with BTN too (show more hockey).  But they, to their credit, have done a good job on the wrestling front this year.  Typically 2 duels a weekend.  They aired (and fairly heavily promoted) PSU/OSU also on Friday night.

FYI: Michigan will also be on BTN next weekend.  Rutgers, Sunday, 12 PM (ET).

East Quad

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See you still aren't getting points. 

I didn't go to Hopjack's over the weekend.  I suspect that I did try Founders Backwoods once.  The KBBA is a little smoother at 8% instead of the 11%.  I will try it again, though.

Woods Wholesale Wines seems to carry KBBA in Michigan.  Since they are in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, I will bet you can find a 4 pack in GR. 


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When I was a wee lad, Iowa was the be all for wrestling. I’m glad to see UM surge. Every sport that does well reverberates in HS practice fields/courts/rooms across the country. There are no minor sports. 


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Pantaleo looked gassed at the end of his match.  I hope He gets fully recovered from the mono.  

It sure looked like he was affected by it at the end of the match. He had control right up unti the last minute.  


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I take it you don't watch much UM wrestling to be surprised by Malik losing a match. Nothing against the kid as he's been a multi-year starter for the program; however, he is an average NCAA wrestler. On the other hand, his younger brother, Myles, is a two time All-American and is currently ranked #3 in his weight class at 174 lbs. It's much more surprising when Myles loses a match.