Michigan Starting QBs since 1969 Sporcle Quiz

Submitted by Yostal on September 23rd, 2009 at 8:05 PM

Hello again.

Given the success, or relative success of yesterday's Sporcle quiz featuring Michigan's coaches led me to create another quiz, this one on Michigan's Starting Quarterbacks since 1969.

I will note that I tried to give people a hint by naming home towns. I will also note that if the year has a star by it, it means that the quarterback started as a replacement for an injured or ineffective regular quarterback. So please, play away and note any fixes that need to be made.



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....but somehow missed "Wingin" Wangler, Griese, and Navarre. I had a total mental block on Navarre's name for some reason. Maybe it counts as "selective memory."


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If you enjoyed the quarterbacks quiz, let's try the Michigan Touchdown Leaders since 1949 quiz.

(Why 1949? Because it's the extent of the Michigan Statistical Archive's records.)

This includes rushing TDs, receiving TDs, interception TDs, fumble recovery TDs, and kickoff/punt return TDs. They were all added together and the top 40 are on the list. Years played are included to try and help. Sadly, Ronald Bellamy underachieved and just missed the list.


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Gerald White – 19 (12 rushing, 7 receiving)
Stanley Edwards – 18 (14 rushing, 4 receiving)
Gil Chapman – 17 (10 rushing, 4 receiving, 3 returns)
Dennis Franklin – 16 (all rushing)
Brandon Minor – 16 (14 rushing including 1 this year, 2 receiving)
Bob Perryman – 15 (14 rushing, 1 receiving)
Garvie Craw – 14 (13 rushing, 1 receiving)
Jim Pace – 14 (11 rushing, 2 receiving, 1 punt return)
Mel Anthony – 14 (all rushing)
Fritz Seyferth – 14 (12 rushing, 2 receiving)
Don Dufek sr. - 14 in 1949 and 1950 may have had more in 1948. The statistical archive is not complete at least through the end of the 60s, so not all of Dufek's show up there, but if you check the Michigan record book you will see he led the team in scoring in 1949 and 1950 with 9 tds and 5 tds. The other totals I listed are all from the archive but some of them from the earlier years may have a few more than show up in the statistical archive.


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Larry Cipa (Bo's 1st qb to play the position in the NFL) started one game in 1973, Franklin was sick and missed the Oregon game (just coincidence that it was Yom Kippur).
Mark Elzinga started one game in 1975 (Leach's freshman year).
David Hall started one game in 1983 (injured Steve Smith? i don't recall this) and Russell Rein started 2 games in 1984 when Harbaugh was injured.


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I'm REALLY ashamed that one of the ones I missed was Demetrius Brown..... because he was QB while I was in school! ACK!!!!

To punish myself, I'm going to drink only 5 beers instead of 6 at tailgating on Saturday.